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  1. WeeGee

    Zelda And Link

    We'll probably see something along the TP part of the timeline, I'm pretty sure Link diggities Zelda in ST, so it couldn't be in that timeline. Also, Link DOES kiss Zelda in AoL, but there are two Zeldas in that timeline too, so therefor, in that timeline, it will happen.lol I'm so confusing...
  2. WeeGee

    Skyward Sword: Majora Before the Mask?

    Majora's Mask was worn by a devilish ruler who wanted to destroy the Goddesses. You'll notice a lot of phallus in the stone tower area of the game because the Goddesses were unwanted in Termina.
  3. WeeGee

    Link's House!

    Nintendo should put sidequest DLC in the wii shop channel.
  4. WeeGee


    In the classic, the wand was one of my favorite items, and the SS does everything the sword in the classic does, so... What was your point?lol. JK. I see your point, but it was done before well, doing it again couldn't hurt anybody. We aren't debating over whether we should have a wand instead??
  5. WeeGee

    What Would Happen if Link Was Not Caucasian?

    Why bring up a dead thread? No zombie threads D: I also think Nintendo should make Link customizable. Like what hair he could have and what skin he has, and earrings, etc. One thing you all forgot is that Hyrule is a European-esque country in northern parts of whatever world Zelda lives on...
  6. WeeGee

    BGM Skyward

    I want orchestrated music that sounds to epic to be true, pretty much the Zelda version of music.
  7. WeeGee


    Probably will be like the Dominion Rod or Magic Wand from the classic. My school parking lot says, "Hail Satan" on the ground in chalk. Can you fix it for me? I don't want to hail Satan. nono.
  8. WeeGee

    THE Skyward Sword

    I think that it will probably work the same way the sword upgrades in ALttP worked. I think probably the sword will just change color, or something of that sort.
  9. WeeGee

    Idea For a Dungeon (Don't Laugh)

    This reminds me of the weird shops and activity buildings from OoT and MM. I think it would be nice to see these return.
  10. WeeGee

    Your Favorite Zelda Game

    Dude, LoZ is gettin more votes. Sweat. Giving credit where credit is due >;D
  11. WeeGee

    Idea For a Dungeon (Don't Laugh)

    lol Ridiculous idea, I must say. Sorry.lol I guess it's a fine concept because everybody fancies it, but pretty lame, actually. But hey, it's not like I came up with anything better. But what would be cool for a shadow dungeon would be that the boss would be Dark Link and he fights you like in...
  12. WeeGee

    Release Date is Further or Sooner Now?

    They would not do that. The game was already pushed back. It was supposed to be a Holiday release.
  13. WeeGee

    Twilight Princess Darkhammer Bringin' the Hammer Down!

    Here's what I did in my first play of the game: Hookshot above him and when he gets under you and looks up your man skirt, drop down. Something stupid will happen resulting in you getting the chance to attack his tail. You will notice you can't hurt it, so run to the otherside of the room and...
  14. WeeGee

    Twilight Princess Old Man in Twilight Princess

    You know how you visit castle town and there he is, he wants your money, and says it's for charity...Is it really for Charity? What do you get from him in return? I'm going through my second play through of TP, and just noticed this now.
  15. WeeGee

    A New Skyward Sword Trailer?

    Probably some gameplay from the beta. We won't see an actual trailer until the game is close to release...
  16. WeeGee

    BGM Skyward

    He's talking about a video on youtube. I remember watching them, they weren't that good, but what clips are you talking about? The video you guys posted on the homepage didn't have any music from the game.
  17. WeeGee

    BEFORE Skyward Sword?

    Watch it be Link's gay lover -.-
  18. WeeGee

    Do You Want New Jumping Animations in SS?

    I can't understand your logic... You don't care about animations but at the same time you care about animations? We already know Link will have new jump attacks, it was in the Demo. If you searched youtube as much as I did to find demo vids, you probably should've seen it. I also don't...
  19. WeeGee

    BGM Skyward

    I'd like to see something new about skyward sword already. Nintendo needs to release a new trailer with new music in it for our viewing and listening pleasure!
  20. WeeGee

    Prices and Versions?

    Nintendo would be stupid not to make limited edition with a Master Sword WRP, a book with various concept art and official artwork with a story about the game, and a little Link Guy for your Action-Figure pleasure.
  21. WeeGee

    Zelda Insults

    Hey bokoblin, your mom's a moblin and your dad's a deku nut! I just Majora's masked your sister last night and it was like the time I deku-sticked your girlfriend, f-word-er xD
  22. WeeGee

    Skyward Sword Demo?

    I think it would be wrong to not make a demo of the E3 sandbox. We all want to feed our hunger for the game, I don't understand how that will turn us away. I played the L4D 2 demo for a year until I finally was tired of limitation and bought the actual game, which was ten times better than the demo.
  23. WeeGee

    Release Date is Further or Sooner Now?

    I have a strong feeling that it will release in December or January. I doubt it's release will be close to the 3DS and OoT 3D. I also know that this is off-topic, but my points are 666 D:
  24. WeeGee

    BEFORE Skyward Sword?

    Dude, you are one huge butt-hole -.- I think that the friend will be lost at the beginning of the game.
  25. WeeGee

    Best-To-Worst Zelda Games List

    I can't call you sane for calling TP a new OoT. TP was a great game but failed on the Zelda standards. It was something new though, I'll tell you what. 1. Legend of Zelda Because it is non-linear and challenging. I like the feeling of arriving in a land being destroyed by a malevolent being who...
  26. WeeGee

    Skyward Sword Demo?

    I know, we all got a message saying they would consider it, they still better be considering it.lol
  27. WeeGee

    Spoiler Hylian Shield?

    No, we don't know if the game explains the origins of Hyrule. Actually, we should know it doesn't. It's the origins of the Master Sword (Wow, I'm not going to lie, that story sounds lame :( but I don't care for the story at all actually. I'm for game-play and non-linearity.
  28. WeeGee

    Skyward Sword Demo?

    Are they going to do it? I know this thread may come off as pointless, but there was a dead thread about sending an e-mail to Nintendo asking for a SS demo DLC, and I wanted to know if there was any news on it besides they are considering it?
  29. WeeGee

    Is It Official That Skyward Sword is Getting Orchestrated Music?

    I think they are. They better.lol
  30. WeeGee

    New Shield Bash Movement?

    I'm not one to talk, but this thread is pointless.
  31. WeeGee

    Do You Want New Jumping Animations in SS?

    If you are aware of Link's new flip attacks, then you would definitely think that they will give him jump animations.
  32. WeeGee


    MInecraft is a great game that reminds me too much of Zelda.lol. It's a survival game where you build shelter to survive monster attacks at night and the animals are there to refuel your health and make armor. They spawn in random areas and sometimes drop off cliffs and die, or drown themselves...
  33. WeeGee


    It's funny how a lot of you get pissed about Link turning into a rabbit because you don't want the hero of the game to be a helpless animal.lmao. I doubt Link will transfoooooooooooooooooorm (SMG Joke) in the game. If he did, I would be pissed. Nintendo keeps recycling that too much at that...
  34. WeeGee

    Do You Think There Will Be a Weather System?

    Every little bit helps. So probably not.lol. But It would be cool if they did make it rain or foggy for no reason in the main-fields.
  35. WeeGee

    Good Game or Not

    I don't think I will ever be loved by anyone as much as Zelda loved Link in that game.lol It was fantastic. The characters really touched me in places.... Like my heart.
  36. WeeGee

    Spirit Tracks Stuck in Basement of Snow Blizzard Tower

    I know this is no help, but please don't flame me for it, I just want to give my two cents: I was stuck in the same part of the game (well.. Not the same exact part, but with the bell things) and came to the walkthrough on the site. I don't think the Walkthrough was done though (Something was...
  37. WeeGee

    Spoiler Hylian Shield?

    I think maybe you should look this up on the forum. It was already discussed, so that could help you... (I don't know if you can even search this forum... Other forums I use, people get flamed from bring stuff up that was already discussed)...I could be wrong here :P The Demo we saw is just a...
  38. WeeGee

    Things That Were Just Horrible Ideas in the Zelda Series

    Magic containers? I don't understand? Do you mean Magic Bar a.k.a. Magic Meter?
  39. WeeGee


    I think prediction the villain is just dang ridiculous. Nintendo is going to make a new one, none of the others fit the job.
  40. WeeGee

    What Would Happen if Link Was Not Caucasian?

    I'm not gonna lie, if Link was Black or Eastern (Arabic/Asian) you probably wouldn't have heard of the games. Games where the main character isn't White don't gain popularity too much, if I'm not mistaken. I can't image playing a Zelda where Link is dressed like Osama Bin Laden. Not only would...
  41. WeeGee

    Spoiler Zelda is Becoming Way Too Linear

    Telling by the style and architecture of SS, I doubt it will be too linear. Probably OoT and the original mixed together. Decent exploration and decent storyline (On Zelda standards).
  42. WeeGee

    Would You Like to See a Wii Ware Zelda Title?

    I hope they don't make Zelda WiiWare, the game would be incredibly easy and short. I do hope they make the SS Demo DLC for Wii Shop Channel.
  43. WeeGee

    There Are Too Many...

    There are too many Toon Link n00bs There are too many MM fans There are too many newbies to have yet played the old school There are too many TP ***s There are not enough Zelda games :P
  44. WeeGee

    Water Featuring in SS.

    I think we will see water temples and underwater bits because I think that since there are gonna be Zoras, you gotta do water.
  45. WeeGee

    Toon Link Vs. Link?

    I personally want Toon Link to die, but he is my most used character in Brawl because he's so cheap and nobody know.... Except for those who read this...teeheeI think that the best looking Link to date is either TP Link or LoZ Link..
  46. WeeGee

    Your Favorite Zelda Game

    It's nice to know that 5 other users on this site haven't forgot what Zelda is really actually about. Although I am seriously physicked that MM is raping OoT. MM is my second favorite game and seeing it surpass something completely overrated is extremely motivating.
  47. WeeGee


    I think that this is a great question, but I also think that it is pointless and time consuming to find a sheath for the sword. I wouldn't mind if Nintendo just told the sheath to go un**** it's self and have Link just slide the sword in his belt like most people do. I also don't understand why...
  48. WeeGee

    7 and a Half More Months Till Skyward Sword Comes Out?

    There was some rumor going around that it might actually release this holiday or early 2011, so I just think our best bet will be January or February. I think Gamestop is wrong. I don't even like Gamestop, they are overpriced and should suck my balls. Excuse my language, but it's true.
  49. WeeGee

    Will SS Be the Last Zelda Game?

    lol. THIS. IS. The best answer to a question I have ever gotten in my entire life!
  50. WeeGee

    Is Zelda Skyward Sword Being Un-Original

    They didn't know how until they experimented with Wii Sports Resort. WSR was also just to show capabilities of WMP. They wanted to do it before WSR but were unable to do it because they didn't really know how until WMP and the WSR were released.
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