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  1. HylianHero

    WW-Wii U The Wind Waker HD :No Cut Dungeons; No Master Quest

    This is a really good point, and it reminds me of something I had quite forgotten until now. They did explicitly say that this game was to "tide us over" until Zelda Wii U. This makes me feel better.
  2. HylianHero

    Shadow Triforce?

    It's most likely just an allusion to the Dark World. It could however, be a representation of how the Triforce grant good and evil wishes.
  3. HylianHero

    General Zelda Messin' with Gravity

    It's a great idea, especially for Zelda. I feel the series would do a great job with such a mechanic.
  4. HylianHero

    WW-Wii U The Wind Waker HD :No Cut Dungeons; No Master Quest

    A little piece of my heart shattered when I saw the title said The Wind Waker HD, and not The Wind Waker U. I knew when I saw that that the only significant details between the games would be the HD. I completely understand their reasoning for doing it, but still, I really wish they had added...
  5. HylianHero

    A Link Between Worlds Why Are People Worried?

    It's not hate it's, as the title of the thread says, worry. Even I'm worried a little bit about this game. I don't really have a reason to, but I can't shake the feeling. I guess my major worry is that the game seems to be skirting the dangerous line between a remake and a "second quest" when...
  6. HylianHero

    [SPOILERS] New Ways to Battle + New Pokémon Released!

    It sounds like you could very well take them out one at a time, but only if they are significantly weaker than you. This was said at the developer's roundtable at E3 and from that last sentence, it sounds like they are designing the horde battles so that they will be extremely difficult without...
  7. HylianHero

    [SPOILERS] New Ways to Battle + New Pokémon Released!

    Ugh, I actually am not looking forward to the horde and sky battles. The triple and rotation battles were pointless enough, but sky and horde sound even more ridiculous. I honestly don't see what sky battles offer that's different, besides a different background and a restriction on which...
  8. HylianHero

    Fairy Type

    Just new info, in a Q&A with the developers, when asked why they created the new type, they said that the dragon type was too strong and they wanted to balance it out. It seems that the entire purpose for this type is to weaken dragon pokemon. Source: Details from the Pokemon X/Y developer...
  9. HylianHero

    Fairy Type

    I think that they are both "fantasy" types, so like a fairy (a stereotypical force of good) would prevail against a dragon (a stereotypical force of evil). But I think they could have done other better advantages for fairy type. I really don't like that the dragon type will be weakened, I...
  10. HylianHero

    General Zelda 3D Zelda: Does The Beetle Render The Boomerang Useless?

    I would so much rather have the beetle than the boomerang. The beetle was, as the OP said, Link's most versatile tool, possibly ever. The beetle was used in ways in which the boomerang could never be used. The beetle represents the best of SS to me: a fun, intriguing item, controlled by WM+...
  11. HylianHero

    A Link Between Worlds Zelda A Link Between Worlds E3 TRAILER

    I am so happy right now. This game looks like it's going to be great.
  12. HylianHero

    A Link Between Worlds The Legend of Zelda: a Link Between Worlds!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAluniNRibs&feature=player_embedded You can't even comprehend how happy I am that the title was not a pun on the drawing mechanic.
  13. HylianHero

    General Zelda Superbosses

    It's a great idea for Zelda. As you've pointed out, most of Zelda bosses are transparent and easily dealt with, but these super bosses could balance that out by offering a high difficulty boss that you wouldn't be required to fight. That way you could keep the main quest easy for Nintendo's...
  14. HylianHero

    General Zelda Looking It Up Vs. Figuring It Out

    During my first few Zelda games, I looked up everything. Since then I made an oath to myself that I would figure everything out and that's what I did for the rest the games. Concerning how to enter Jabu-Jabu's Belly, I can't remember where I had heard it, but when I first played OoT, I knew...
  15. HylianHero

    Skyward Sword Hero Mode - How Many Times Has It Claimed You?

    Lol, I'm in the same boat- too many to count.
  16. HylianHero

    General Zelda Replacing Koji Kondo

    When Koji Kondo dies...there will be no replacement. In fact, he should probably start experimenting with cloning techniques now, so that we will have another Koji Kondo by the time the first kicks the bucket. Surely I loophole will be created in the International Law preventing human cloning...
  17. HylianHero

    General Zelda Best 3D Zelda

    Twilight Princess. It's not necessarily the best 3D Zelda, but it's my favorite.
  18. HylianHero

    Game Help Classic Zelda Games: Which Would You Recommend?

    I say that you should play ALL the Zelda games.
  19. HylianHero

    General Zelda Geographical Consistency

    I think it is ridiculous to stifle Nintendo's creativity by demanding to have the same Overworld for every game. Because that is what some of you are asking for- the same Overworld- every game. If Nintendo keeps making good Zelda games, I could care less if the geography matches up.
  20. HylianHero

    WW-Wii U What Dungeon Would You Like?

    There should be an Ice or Water dungeon added to get Jabun's pearl, as that's the place in the game I feel is so desperately in need of a dungeon.
  21. HylianHero

    General Zelda How Do You Compare/Contrast Zelda Games?

    I don't have a mathematical formula for analyzing how good a Zelda game is. I try not to make any lists comparing how good the games are, because I don't think I (or anyone) can make any claims to having a definite, indisputable list of Zelda games in order of greatness. I have a list of how the...
  22. HylianHero

    General Zelda Multiple Hubs

    I think having multiple hubs is a great idea. It would add content and depth to the game.
  23. HylianHero

    General Zelda Removing Heart Containes

    I would love to have a game with only heart containers, where the heart containers not in main dungeons would be in optional side-dungeons that would have their own bosses and everything.
  24. HylianHero

    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Instrument

    It's such a cop out answer, but I have to go with the Ocarina of Time:P
  25. HylianHero

    General Zelda Princess Zelda: Young or Old?

    This. When I first read the thread title, I thought like very young child Zelda or elderly Zelda. I would love to see an elderly Zelda in a game. I think it would be awesome to have a Zelda game with the OoT time gap on steroids, where you get to see a kind of SS Impa change in Zelda's age...
  26. HylianHero

    General Zelda Which Game is Deserving of a Sequel?

    I think either TP or SS needs a spiritual successor/sequel. TP2 would err more on the spiritual successor side, with a number of references and the same concepts and game style, almost like TP was to OoT. It would have a story dealing with the Twili or maybe Ganondorf. And SS2 would more of a...
  27. HylianHero

    Skyward Sword How Would You Improve The Sky?

    These are great suggestions. A while ago I said this: Sorry JC, I'll also be ignoring your request:sweat:. I say there are two main things that need to be changed about the sky. Large and complex islands are something that if it had had, I would have been able to overlook the Sky's other...
  28. HylianHero

    General Zelda Changing the Origin of Link

    Wow, we need to have a Twili or Sheikah Link.
  29. HylianHero

    General Zelda How Do You Feel About The Concept of "Time"?

    I think Zelda has done a fairly good job with the concept of "Time". To me, it feels like the series has done a great job of incorporating a time-something into almost half of the games without making it feel repetitive or conflicting. The way time is used is different in each game, and never...
  30. HylianHero

    Timeshift Stones/Ocarina of Time Theory

    Not sure about SS Link making it, but I think that more likely than not, the Ocarina of Time is made out of Timeshift Stone. I mean, HH even went out of its way to note their similarities twice, suggesting it strongly and all but confirming it.
  31. HylianHero

    Timeshift Stone Theories?

    Following up on Beauts' Timeshift Stone/Ocarina of Time thread, what do you guys think about Timeshift Stones? They are possibly one of my favorite gameplay mechanics, and it surprises me something like them hasn't been utilized in a Zelda game before, given that Zelda games seem to be...
  32. HylianHero

    General Zelda Least Favorite Temple Element

    My least favorite is probably Forest, not because it is a bad theme, but because it has never been well utilized in a good dungeon in any Zelda game.
  33. HylianHero

    General Zelda Gimmicks

    For some reason I always think of gimmicks as a technical or gameplay aspect that dominates a game, not really an idea that dominates a game, but I just that's just from playing too much Zelda, which Nintendo uses to showcase their consoles' little gimmicks. I'd say that as far as my...
  34. HylianHero

    Spoiler How Do You Feel About the Adult Timeline?

    If PH and ST came out first and then TWW, I would look on the AT as having redeemed itself with a great game for two OK ones. But the way it is now makes it look like the timeline just goes downhill from the TWW. Don't get me wrong, ST and PH are great games, but for Zelda...let's just say TWW...
  35. HylianHero

    Ocarina of Time VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 53!

    The Gerudo shooting range is the best!
  36. HylianHero

    Spoiler Which Game Executed It Better?

    I vote for Skyward Sword. As Cfrock notes, overall Zant and Ganondorf in Twilight Princess are better villains than Ghirahim and Demise in Skyward Sword. But despite being better villains, the master-servant villain relationship was executed better in Skyward Sword. In Twilight Princess, the...
  37. HylianHero

    General Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 52!

    If the villain I chose didn't exist, I would choose Zant in a heartbeat. But, the title of my favorite sub-villain can only go to the one the only Ghirahim! :ghirahim:
  38. HylianHero

    WW-Wii U One Thing to Improve This Game

    I'd have to say that I have three major gripes with the Wind Waker. First, the combat. Throughout the game it stays tremendously easy. The parry system, where you basically get to pwn an enemy before they even attack, felt broken in a game that already had easy combat and didn't need to made...
  39. HylianHero

    General Zelda What Story Element Are You Least Forgiving Of?

    I'm pretty forgiving of Zelda story-lines. Overall I enjoy them, however bad they can be. I don't think there is one game whose story I can't forgive above the rest.
  40. HylianHero

    General Zelda Thoughts Towards the Zelda Series?

    It's my favorite game series ever. Enough said.
  41. HylianHero

    Skyward Sword What Do You Think of the Goddess Harp?

    The design of the harp is very cool, and the way Zelda plays it and the harp songs themselves were absolutely great. And the way the strumming harmonized with the background music was a great idea. But when it comes to way the harp was executed in gameplay it missed so bad. Just strumming back...
  42. HylianHero

    Hero's Shade Controversy from OoT to MM to TP.

    But the sword the sages use to execute Ganondorf is obviously magical and very powerful. When it runs through him, it leaves behind a enormous glowing scar, a magical wound, that remains on Ganondorf even after he reconstructs his body several times and when he transforms into Ganon. It is no...
  43. HylianHero

    Twilight Princess Anyone else Hate the Forest Temple?

    It's pretty bad, but for a first dungeon, it's one of the best. It is dull and doesn't have a lot of challenge, but it makes up for that with cool scenery, a good dungeon item, and interesting bosses.
  44. HylianHero

    Carpenters in OoT and MM -The Same Guys?

    I think they are just the "same" people in a different universe- same as everyone else in MM. I don't see any reason why they would be the same, but other characters wouldn't.
  45. HylianHero

    General Zelda Hardest to Easiest Zelda Games?

    As you've said quite often, Zelda is meant for casual gamers. And casual gamers aren't really super good at video games. Now you personally might be, but you seem to be taking how difficult Zelda is for you and saying, "Well if it was it easy for me, it must be easy for everyone else too."
  46. HylianHero

    General Zelda Ideal Introduction Length and Composition?

    I really liked TP's introduction. It's a bit lengthy, but is ideal for me.
  47. HylianHero

    General Zelda Satisfying Endings

    Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess. Skyward Sword's ending is beyond satisfying for me. I just feel so fulfilled and, well, satisfied, like a true hero completing an epic quest. But Twilight Princess goes even beyond that. The epic battle against and death of Ganondorf combined with all...
  48. HylianHero

    General Zelda Hardest to Easiest Zelda Games?

    Hardest 1. Adventure of Link 2. Legend of Zelda 3. A Link to the Past 4. Skyward Sword 5. Majora's Mask 6. Link's Awakening 7. Ocarina of Time 8. The Wind Waker 9. Twilight Princess 10. The Minish Cap 11. Spirit Tracks 12. Phantom Hourglass 13. Four Swords Easiest
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