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  1. Kupsacker

    Breath of the Wild Zelda U As a Four Swords Game?

    I will pitch my Wii U out the window if the Zelda U game that Aonuma's been hyping so much is a Four Swords entry.
  2. Kupsacker

    WW-Wii U Preorder from Gamestop

    Yeah, that's what I meant. Sorry if I wasn't clear.
  3. Kupsacker

    WW-Wii U Preorder from Gamestop

    What are your guys' thoughts about preordering from gamestop? I'm kind of skeptical about what they might do to it, or take out of it. They have a reputation of taking manuals out of some games and stuff, so I don't know if I'm just worrying too much. I hate them as a company but I do want my...
  4. Kupsacker

    Top Ten Final Smashes in SSBB

    1. Beast Ganon (Ganondorf) 2. Great Aether (Ike) 3. Light Arrow (Zelda/Sheik) 4. Triforce Slash (Link/Toon Link) 5. Zero Laser (Samus) 6. Critical Hit (Marth) 7. Super Sonic (Sonic) 8. Wario Man (Wario) 9. Volt Tackle (Pikachu) 10. Negative Zone (Luigi)
  5. Kupsacker

    Project M Vs Normal Brawl

    Project M is silly. I tried it out with my buddy and we agreed that they overcompensated for what the creators deemed "bad" characters.
  6. Kupsacker

    Smash Bros 4 - Can We Finally Get a Decent Link?

    I don't think any character in SSBB is right out bad. They all have their ups and downs, but it all comes down to how familiar the player is. When I first played, I kicked butt with Ganondorf, Zelda, and Link. Then I found out they were bottom tier list characters, and had the revelation that...
  7. Kupsacker

    Smash Bros 4 - Physics More Like Brawl or Melee?

    Yeah, I like Brawl's physics, which are more realistic (if you could call it that).
  8. Kupsacker

    Breath of the Wild The Sheikah In Zelda Wii U

    Personally, I want them to involve Sheikahs more in future games, especially considering how much of a staple Sheik is. Perhaps they could have a co-op with a second player being a Sheikah (or Zelda transformed to Sheik). They were talking of rethinking Zelda being single player, so I think...
  9. Kupsacker

    General Zelda Which Game Era Do You Want to Live in

    I'd like to live between OoT/MM and TP, because that's a whole century where there's no occult nonsense going on!
  10. Kupsacker

    General Modern If You Had To/Could Date Any Zelda Character, Who Would It Be?

    I'm going to be different and say Hena, I like her personality and I like fishing so, yeah.
  11. Kupsacker

    Complex Sword Maneuvers

    Not only did I love the addition of the hidden skills, I want more! I don't see why someone wouldn't want Link doing more badass techniques and maneuvers than just generic hacking, stabbing, and slashing.
  12. Kupsacker

    Game Help Twilight Princess

    You have to have completed the City in the Sky to go through the Cave of Ordeals completely. (You can go in whenever but you won't be able to finish unless you have the Spinner, Ball and Chain, Dominion Rod, and Double Clawshots)
  13. Kupsacker

    General Zelda Zelda First-Person Feelings

    I'd be fine if they threw it in, just as long as it's optional and I can play normally.
  14. Kupsacker

    Games You Hate but Everyone else Love

    Conker's Bad Fur Day. I really don't get that game.
  15. Kupsacker

    General Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 44!

    15-20 actually. It's weird to think that I never even thought of playing Zelda 2 years ago.
  16. Kupsacker

    General Zelda All Zelda Characters Battle.

    It would be a good idea; if there were more combat-based Zelda characters. It would probably only have: Link Toon Link Ganondorf Ghirahim Vatti Zant Sheik Impa Nabooru Link's Uncle? IDK. It would need a more solid character base.
  17. Kupsacker

    Skyward Sword Does Rolling the Sword Do Anything?

    It's probably put in to suppress any doubt that the game isn't true 1:1 motion control.
  18. Kupsacker

    General Zelda More Human-Cutesy Moments?

    Yes, I felt that it was a great step in developing characters better. And one might complain that it's like a teenage drama, but, what do you expect? They're dramatic teenagers, duh.
  19. Kupsacker

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    Only if he's killed by The Stig Why does potato salad sound like mac and cheese?
  20. Kupsacker

    Which Game Was Your First?

    Fire Red, a couple months ago. Recently I've had the revelation that I was an extremely deprived child.
  21. Kupsacker

    What Do You Want Right Now?

    I want the friggin R button to work on my GBA.
  22. Kupsacker

    Aquaman: Yay or Nay

    "We could use whaaaaaaaales!!!!" No Aquaman. Just, no.
  23. Kupsacker

    Top # 3D Mario Worlds

    Galaxy for me was most memorable. I mostly remember it by its incredible physics more than its design.
  24. Kupsacker

    PS4 Vs Next Xbox; Does Wii U Have A Fighting Chance WITHOUT a Pricecut?

    I personally don't think the PS4 or XBox have a chance. The PS4 hasn't shown me anything spectacular so far, not even anything that stands out the slightest. Of course the Sony fanboys will blindly buy it first day but that won't account for much. As for the next XBox, it would have to be...
  25. Kupsacker

    General Zelda What's Your Fav Minigame Theme?

    I like the snowboarding theme. It reminded me of the DK Mountain theme from Mario Kart Wii.
  26. Kupsacker

    General Zelda Make Your Arrow

    Zip-line arrow. You have to shoot it, then pull out your handle bar and ride the cable you just shot. A more tedious version and useless alternative of the hookshot.
  27. Kupsacker

    General Zelda Link Vs. Mario

    I don't think so. Just look at the sequences of the games. Link always has ever-changing motives, Mario is always just around when Peach gets captured and he saves her without a realistic motive (except for the fact that he wants her to make him cakes). Of course, that's not to say that Link...
  28. Kupsacker

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  29. Kupsacker

    Which Book Are You Currently Reading?

    Bram Stoker's Dracula. I have a deep love for classics (and vampires). Interestingly, I'm loving how it's written in an epistolary format, meaning it's a collection of journals and newspapers stubs.
  30. Kupsacker

    Book and Movie Quotes.

    "I've got a jar of dirt! I've got a jar of dirt! And guess what's inside it!?" - Jack Sparrow to Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean 2
  31. Kupsacker

    Favorite Animes

    HELLSING ULTIMATE. It's just so damn good. It's vampires done right. It's filled with unsurpassed narrative quality, beautiful animation, ghastly horror, and unnecessarily brutal violence. Best of all, it sticks to the manga's original plot like glue. It's just so perfect. I like it a lot...
  32. Kupsacker

    General Zelda Anybody Miss the Hookshot?

    I don't really care. I like the Clawshots better just because there's always two of them. As long as it can get me where I need to go, I don't care what you call it.
  33. Kupsacker

    What Remakes Do You Want?

    What classic (or modern) game do you want to be recreated? And why? It can be about turning a bad game into a good game, or just upgrading its visuals if you want. For me, I want a remake of Super Metroid. I'm talking about a first person-shooter style, full-fledged story, and visually...
  34. Kupsacker

    What is Your Hylian Name?

    Talon Zapolebh. I don't like it. :dry:
  35. Kupsacker

    General Classic Remembering the Classics

    Well, I just beat Zelda 1 a few weeks ago, and my greatest memory is the sense of lonesomeness that really isn't present in any other Zelda games. You're really completely by yourself except for occasional encounters with the old man. As for Zelda 2, I haven't beaten it yet, but my memories of...
  36. Kupsacker

    General Zelda Are Items Bcoming Too Easy to Use?

    Yeah, they're becoming easier to use, but that's a fantastic thing. The thing about the use of weapons is that they should not inhibit the player's ability to succeed with them. Limited control should not be a limiting factor, unless the game is designed around handicaps. A perfect example of...
  37. Kupsacker

    Spoiler Should It Be Ganondorf or Demise?

    I think Demise was just a one-shot villain, for the purpose of explaining Ganondorf's source of evil, and being the origin story's pure evil entity.
  38. Kupsacker

    General Zelda Link Vs. Mario

    Link. Mario is just much simpler and more cliche on literally every level. He's a tenacious, courageous hero nonetheless, just a very simplistic one.
  39. Kupsacker

    What Are You Wearing At The Moment?

    Khakis and golf jacket. (like a baller) :cool:
  40. Kupsacker

    What Console Do You Like the Smell of Best

    I remember my brand-spankin' new Gameboy Advance SP smelling amazing when I got it. I can't describe it, it smelled of happiness, that's all I can remember.
  41. Kupsacker

    Breath of the Wild Enemies That Should Return in Zelda Wii U

    Holy crap, why did I not think of that. They should invent a new armored enemy as well. Nevermind, they could bring back the ball and chain knight. Then they should still invent a new one. Yes, yes, YES! More armored enemies!
  42. Kupsacker

    General Modern Do You Like Fighting Every Area Over Again?

    Yeah, I love it. I think the Sky Keep is the best example of that.
  43. Kupsacker

    General Zelda The Ultimate World Of Zelda Quiz

    Alright, my buddy and I finished this in school. Here it is.
  44. Kupsacker

    Breath of the Wild Enemies That Should Return in Zelda Wii U

    ↑ Yeah, they are, but I find Dark Nuts to be more challenging, and prefer their guillotine sword over the iron knuckles' axe
  45. Kupsacker

    General Zelda Breakable Items

    Yeah, it could work as long as they don't make it too much of a hindrance. They better not have another tricky gimmick like the giant's Knife in OOT. If only I had known, biggest waste of rupees ever.
  46. Kupsacker

    General Zelda Frequently Returning Characters/Cameos

    After Wind Waker, I don't ever want to see Tingle's fairy face again. Beedle, I could do without as well. What I want to return is a Sheikah companion, like Impa, recently a major character in Skyward Sword. It doesn't have to be Impa or Sheik by name specifically, but I've always been a fan...
  47. Kupsacker

    General Zelda A More Personal Narrative-Future Friends?

    I would say to definitely keep up that trend. I kind of wish they would have more interesting and cool characters than just village children or retired royal guards. (Ashei was by far the coolest of the NPC's, but unfortunately her role was pitifully small.)
  48. Kupsacker

    Captain Falcon: the Coolest Character in Gaming?

    Are you kidding? He is overflowing with awesome! The way he biffs people in the face with his electric knee is a true testament to his fabulousness. He is definitely a FALCON PAWNCH/10 on the cool scale.
  49. Kupsacker

    Breath of the Wild l

    I hope they utilize the gamepad to the maximum, without overdoing it. For example, pulling back a bow string on the touchpad would be, just, there's just no way.
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