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  • This would make for a good mixture with a compilation of Hellsing clips, no?

    The Only Thing I Know for Real (Jetstream Sam Battle) by Jamie Christopherson on Metal Gear Rising: Revengance - Free Music Streaming, Online Music, Videos - Grooveshark
    I knowwwwwwwwww, I wanna hear English Alucard's voice in the final two episodes so baaaaaaaaaaaaaad @_@
    Right, I wasn't thinking when I said that lol.

    Ultimate is great, yeah. It changes things here and there, but only minorly, so it's kind of like a great movie adaptation of a book.
    You should read the manga. The anime eventually started doing its own thing rather than following that, so it stopped pretty early on.
    Have you seen the Abridged? That's where "*****es love cannons" came from. Oddly enough, as well as the vampire couple being Bella and Edward with the conversation:

    Edward: Who is it?
    Alucard: Oh, you know...
    *shoots like crazy*
    Alucard: A real ****ing vampire
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