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    General Zelda If You Could Pick the Next Zelda Game, What Would It Be and Why?

    I would like to see a game where the second 'world' you go to later in the game is one of the other timelines.
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    General Zelda Was There an Area in a Game That Made You Quit Playing?

    Pretty much all parts of Skyward Sword. Still have been able to get all the way through it. Damm motion controls never seem to work properly for me.
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    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    Skyward Sword. Way to linear for a Zelda game in my opinion. Also it has a the single most annoying character in any game I have played. Fi.
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    Dowsing: Should It Return?

    No, IMO A lot of elements in SS where a train wreck.
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    Majora's Mask Stalchilds in Ocean Skulltula House

    I agree, they seem to think he wants to know the order to shoot the masks.
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    A Return to the Sea

    I haven't played WW but in PH I hated the water it was incredibly boring waiting for the boat to move to a location.
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    Does anyone else never nickname pokemon, and hate the fact you can't get rid of the name of traded pokemon?
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    I thought the first 3 bosses in aLttP were guardians of the pedants put there by the goddesses or whoever hid them. But yes the other 7 are high ranking, highly trusted servants of ganon.
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    Things you find easy that other people find hard, and vice-versa.

    Bongo Bongo has always been the biggest piece of cake. As for what I find difficult that others find easy? Lots of people say the flute playing in spirit tracks is easy, but I find it close to impossible (especially when you have to skip a note).
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    Have You Forgotten Heart Containers Before?

    On my first play through OoT I missed the Forest Temple one, I didn't see it and assumed that you didn't get them from the adult dungeons, went back to look after fire temple.
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    Zelda WiiU: Bring Back the Level Up System?

    I agree with willsfairysword, I like hunting for the stuff and gaining the items. To me thats what makes it a zelda game. don't get wrong I like levelling up games, I play skyrim and love it! but to me thats not what zelda is about.
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    Game Help Video Walkthroughs

    I am not a staff member here, but as far as I know they would LIKE to have it for all games, but there are higher priorities atm. (Such as new games).
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    What Was Your First Zelda Game?

    Technically it would have been "that gold coloured game" my friend had (AoL). First one I owned and played was OoT, now played through all of them expect for tWW.
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    What is Your Opinion About the "official" Timeline?

    Its close to what I already had it as except move all the 'ganon wins' stuff to the end of the child timeline.
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    Majora's Mask Them

    I usually stand on the barn and snipe them all from there.
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    Did the Kokiri Only Arrive in the Woods Recently?

    Unless Kokiri do grow older and the apperance they have IS there fully mature state, maybe they just saw Link as a normal new addition.
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    Twilight Princess No Light Spirits to Protect Yeta, Uh!

    Although it would have been great to have another two of those bug challenges, we could easily transform back and forth from the wolf then. The story would need another reason to go there before hand to do it. Besides I always just assumed that Lanyru sp? would cover the areas.
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    Top 10 Toughest Bosses

    I totally agree with the Big Octorok, he was a real pain. I have always found Onox way harder than Veran.
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    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages Oracle of Ages - Skipping Maple...

    Actually, I don't think you do, If you know the path to get the sword, or does that only work in OoS?
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    The Legend of Zelda 3 Heart Challenge...in the Original Zelda for the NES.

    I must admit i thought the magical sword was required to kill Ganon, which requires a number of heart containers to get. 13 IIRC
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    Twilight Princess Ingredients in Yettos Soup??

    Any fish thats off should smell just as bad, but I wouldn't recommend eating it.
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    A Link to the Past Dungeon Order

    Ice Palace is soooo much easier after Misery Mire because you can skip that puzle involving pushing the block down, you can use the cane.
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    General Modern Video Walkthroughs

    Yeah I have that add on thanks, but I was hoping for more of a bulk download for a game kind of thing.
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    25 Things You Probably Don't Know About Zelda

    Like the others said I knew some but not all. All are very interesting also. Just imagine how different the series would be know if some of the almosts in the early games actually happened.
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    General Modern Video Walkthroughs

    Sorry, if this is the wrong section. I don't always have good access to the net or you tube, so is there anyway to download the video walkthrough files to my hard drive so I can view them at my leisure later on or are they only found on youtube? Thanks, SS
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    General Classic OoX Inventory

    Is it actually possible to fill all the cells in the OoX Games Items Menu? I am up to Level 8 in OoS and will then go onto OoA, is a linked game thing to fill it?
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    Majora's Mask First Stray Fairy in Snowhead Temple

    Use the lens of truth to see the fake walls around it, if i remember correctly.
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    Your Scarecrow Song

    last time i played it i used v^ ^v v^ ^V. i always do one for its ease to remember and not its sound. and from memory bolero of fire is vAvA>v>v.
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    What Would You Do?

    Call "The Great" Mido's bluff and get him to do it.
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    Letter in a Bottle.

    I like the idea of Ganondorf putting it there, and as for putting Jabu Jabu through that, it suited his needs, he didn't care who (or what) he hurt.
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    Vaati; The True Villain of Hyrule?

    I agree with DarkLink, I think ganondorf is the true villian, as he appears before many links, where Vaati has only appeared in front of one (excluding four swords - a game I am yet to play)
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    Ocarina of Time Fourth Bottle!

    I got it just recently on like my 20th play through, just so I could say I have gotten it.
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    Ocarina of Time What Did You Dislike About OoT

    My biggest problem is no real reason to collect all gold skulltula tokens other than bragging rights, I have never bothered to get them all.
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    Ocarina of Time Best & Worst Temples in OOT.

    Worst - Water Temple, it is all annoying, I don't even like Morpha. Best = either Spirit or Shadow
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    Did Majora's Mask Need More Dungeons?

    I think it would be great to have more, but having more would mean less sidequests memory wise, it is also great that there is heaps of heart pieces (54 if memory serves), and the ability to get many before the first dungeon. I also would have liked it if it was possible to completly stuff up a...
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    I thought Romani did say aliens, but I trust you, havent played MM in a while.
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    There are cow stealing aliens in Majora's Mask, which i think has many cows under ground, more than OoT
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    There is also a cow down the bottom of gerudo valley as a child.
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    Letter in a Bottle.

    So why would she do it? And why place it there? There is no currents to take it there.
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    Letter in a Bottle.

    In OoT, Ruto says she doesn't know anything about a letter in a bottle. So if she didn't put it under lake hylia, who did?
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    Races Limitations+Missing Sage

    Maybe Zora area are like dolphins and whales, the can only be under water for a certain amount of time. granted a long time at that though.
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    Races Limitations+Missing Sage

    I think Rauru can not leave the temple, I also think the Kokirir just always thought they couldn't leave because those who do never return. Also as to MC being before OoT I dont see why not, as far as I know it was stated that OoT was first when it was released. No reason why they can't make an...
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    Why a log? (Oracle of seasons)

    Yeah for gameplay, but why a LOG. Why not some special symbol like the time portals in OoA
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    Gracful Goron Dancing.

    Im having a huge amount of trouble with getting the second mermaid key. I have spent close to 300 rupees and still cant do it. Whats worse is I am possitvie I am right on time. It seems to me that you need to be within on millionth of a second. Is there anyone else out there who had huge...
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    Architecture of Zelda

    The gears in the Great Bay Temple, why are they there? Are they powering that protective waterwall.
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    Water Temple in OOT

    IMO it is easy to stay alive but incredible easy to get lost or lose a key, even after beating it several times. The first time I played it I thought I had used a key in a wrong door and stuffed the entire file up.
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    Ocarina of Time Bongo Bongo

    Cool glad I am not the only one. Just some questions on him. After you hit his hands do you use arrows or spin attack to take him down? Also do you use the lens of truth for the whole battle or just turn it on for the charge? Myself, I use the spin attack, makes him fall in front of you, and...
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    Ocarina of Time Bongo Bongo

    I posted this on the Spirit vs Shadow thread and thought I had to ask. Is there any one else out there that finds Bongo Bongo incredbly easy. People keep saying he is hard, but he is easy. I find him a no damage (or close to) boss.
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    Ocarina of Time Which first, Shadow or Spirit?

    You are meant to do Shadow first (although the medellions are backwards) because completion of the water temple triggers the cut scene. First time players are likely to enter the village before going through the desert (since they probally wont have the Lens of Truth). And for the record, I find...
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    Ocarina of Time Nayru's Love

    First few times I played the game I could beat the Iron Knuckles without it.
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