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  1. Twili123prince

    Breath of the Wild Hopes for Zelda U

    I have a few personal hopes for this game. 1) A new and unique background for Link. I say this because of his new look. Judging by the Gerudo themed wrist garments he's wearing, I can assume that he may have some type of origin tied to the desert or possibly even the Gerudo, which would be a...
  2. Twili123prince

    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages What Order of the Oracles Do You Prefer?

    It definitely feels more natural to play Seasons first. But that's just my opinion. Back in the day, Seasons was the first one I played and then I actually didn't play any of ages. So I'm super excited to start playing Ages once I beat Seasons. Being a huge Zelda fan, there's no doubt in my mind...
  3. Twili123prince

    A Link Between Worlds Bosses in ALTTP

    I'd personally really like to see Gohma or Gleeok. With the new top down perspective in 3D I really think they could accomplish a lot with these bosses. I want to see Gleeok because we haven't seen him in a while and I think it would be interesting to see a new looking design and fighting...
  4. Twili123prince

    General Modern Favorite/Least Favorite Zelda Boss

    Phantom Ganon from OoT. A nice, solid, well rounded boss. Starts off with a great strategy completely based off of luck where you must pick the correct picture to shoot at, and then a fun tennis game with the boss himself. My kind of boss fight. Strategy+Fun= Awesome boss fight.
  5. Twili123prince

    Ideas For Link's Next Companion

    I don't know, I just thought of this but I think it would be really cool for link to have a Sheikah as a companion. Maybe a young Sheikah in training, that must go on a quest with Link to train. They wouldn't always be together but they could communicate somehow when far away from eachother and...
  6. Twili123prince

    General Classic Poll: Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask?

    Personally, I like Ocarina of Time more. Just because I grew up with it and because of that, I experience more joy while playing. Dungeons and bosses are my favourite out of the whole series. Realistically, Majoras Mask destroys Ocarina of Time in graphics, story, sidequests, character...
  7. Twili123prince

    Would You Like To See a Zelda Racing Game

    I'm not a huge fan of the idea. I don't think racing would fit the Zelda franchise properly but if it was executed right, they might be able to do something with it but I doubt it a little. Zelda is an action/adventure/fantasy/RPG whatever you want to call it. On top of being all of those...
  8. Twili123prince

    Remlits--Adorable? OR DEADLY??

    I have a funny story about Remlits. My friend was over (Who doesn't play Zelda at all) and I let him play around with Skyward Sword. He somehow came into contact with a Remlit, in the day time and I told him "Hey, you know you can pick those guys up, right?" So he proceeds to do so and then for...
  9. Twili123prince

    Most Challenging Pieces of Heart to Obtain

    There are two heart pieces that involve mini games in all of Zelda that drive me bonkers and they both have to do with archery. Majoras Mask Clock Town Shooting Gallery. Hitting every single Octorok here is NOT fun. Not only do you have to memorize where the Octoroks will pop out so you have a...
  10. Twili123prince

    Favourite Race in the Zelda Series?

    I've always been a big fan of the Zoras. The aquatic divine race of Hyrule. I love swimming so I found it cool how these guys pretty much live in water and their also my favourite colour, blue. They also just look pretty darn awesome in the first place. One could say they admire the Zora's...
  11. Twili123prince

    Why is Skyward Sword So Awesome?

    Skyward Sword isn't just awesome. It's fabulous. And it fills the fans hearts with rainbows.
  12. Twili123prince

    Which Game is the Most Over-rated?

    Ocarina of Time hands down. The Zelda game that changed everything. 3D graphics, lock on targeting, an epic storyline, sidequests and massive dungeons with ominous bosses. Ocarina of Time gained SO much praise that Zelda fans every where still bath in its glory.. Every Zelda fan knows of it and...
  13. Twili123prince

    Favorite/Least favorite Dungeon

    Skyward Sword thankfully introduced me to one of my favourite Zelda dungeons of all time- The Lanayru Mining Facility. This dungeon was beautifully designed. I loved basically every puzzle in this dungeon. The use of the gustbellows to push platforms across large gaps just took Zelda puzzles...
  14. Twili123prince

    Most Annoying Zelda Enemy?

    I absolutely hate the Ampiluses. I can remember countless times when I was trying to navigate my way through Lanayru Desert and one of them would come up and bash me from behind. Finding out how to kill them was another thing too. If I had a second pick it'd be the dang tech enemies of SS. I...
  15. Twili123prince

    Who's Preordered Hyrule Historia?

    I pre-ordered mine just yerterday :D On Amazon for 20.99! I'm not gonna get too excited though. That would be useless, wouldn't it? I'd be so excited for five months and then I would get the book and not be excited anymore :P No thanks. I'll start getting excited in January. It's going to be a...
  16. Twili123prince

    Ocarina of Time, How Would You Make It Better.

    Ocarina of Time is not only my favourite Zelda game but it is also my favourite game of all time. So with that being said, I don't think a lot of the game needs to be changed. Although there are a few aspects of the game that should have been changed in development. - Rupees/ there should...
  17. Twili123prince

    What MOST Affects Your Enjoyment of a Zelda Game?

    The main aspect for me has always been gameplay. I prefer smooth controls, great fighting, unique and useful items and really good dungeon crawling as opossed to perfect graphics and an interesting story. Even if the graphics aren't the greatest looking and the game masters all those things I...
  18. Twili123prince

    WW-Wii U Your Opinion

    I've always loved the Wind Waker but I agree that it has it's flaws and is not the greatest Zelda game by any means. First of all I have to give it to the Wind Waker for it's sidequesting and amount of items to collect. I believe that any good Zelda game should have a decent amount of...
  19. Twili123prince

    Most Useless Items in Zelda

    I think a lot of people here are forgetting the Ice Arrows from OoT. These literally did not have one use in the game except killing enemies which you could already do with a bunch of weapons you already had. You get them after the second last dungeon of the game ( Spirit Temple ) So you really...
  20. Twili123prince

    Best Console to Play Zelda on

    I've always been a big fan of playing Zelda games on the gamecube. In my opinion it has the best controls and it also has quite an amount of Zelda games you can play on it. LoZ, AoL, OoT, MM, WW, TP. Of course now I play all of those titles through my wii with the use of a gamecube controller...
  21. Twili123prince

    Which Zelda Enemy Would You Most Like to See in HD?

    I'd like to see Lizalfos, Iron Knuckle and Stalfos. I think a Lizalfos would look REALLY cool. Just a giant veiny lizard running at you with drool slobbering from is mouth.. Uhh I got a little bit to pumped up there :P I also really want to see an Iron Knuckle return in general because I miss...
  22. Twili123prince

    Your Favorite "Boss Weakened" Music

    I'm a bit more of a fan of TP's boss weakened music. I think it's a little bit more appropriate sounding for a boss on it's knees. It's very upbeat and punchy whereas SS's is a little but more swingy if anyone understands that. I guess SS's boss weakened music is also appropriate but I...
  23. Twili123prince

    Favorite/Least favorite Dungeon

    My favourite dungeons have always been OoT's Forest and Water temples :) I love the Forest Temple because when I was young I can remember myself just being so scared of it and just engulfed by mystery. The dungeon itself is amazing. Amazing music, amazing puzzles, a GREAT atmosphere and a...
  24. Twili123prince

    What is the Most Difficult Dungeon in Zelda?

    Great Palace of AoL. Filled with tough enemies and the place is a maze. I mean it. So many rooms in that dungeon. Then of course theres the 3D games. I would have to say the Water Temple of OoT or the famous Stone Tower Temple of MM.
  25. Twili123prince

    What's Your Favorite Season?

    I absolutely love fall. The temperature is juusst right, the scenery is absolutely beautiful, I get to wear my favourite kind of clothes ( Long sleeve shirts, sweaters and jeans ) and as a musician I feel more inspired to play for some reason. And winter is just around the corner which I also...
  26. Twili123prince

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Currently playing through a lovely game called Okami :) Everything is amazing about it. Graphics, music, storyline and gameplay.
  27. Twili123prince

    Favorite Item?

    1- Hookshot/Clawshot 2- Bow and Arrow 3- Bombs 4- Rocs Feather 5- Boomerang
  28. Twili123prince

    Which Zelda Game Has the Worst Bosses

    I don't understand the people who vote for TP and PH. Those bosses may be easy but at least they looked awesome and were pleasing to fight. Compare those games bosses to the original Legend of Zeldas bosses and I think we can see a big difference here. The bosses in LoZ not only were repeated a...
  29. Twili123prince

    General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character

    Sheik. He/she was mysterious only popping out before dungeons to teach Link songs. Plus everything that comes out of his/her mouth is a beautiful majestic poem :P A lot of good quotes to take from Sheik. Adding to all this, Sheik looks so sleek! I guess he/she is a ninja though so thats the...
  30. Twili123prince

    Which Enemy Scares You the Most?

    First enemies to pop in my head were the Redeads from WW and OOT. Thinking about it hard enough I can confirm my choice there. It's not the fact that these guys are HARD to beat but it's those few seconds you spend around them hoping you can get in a slash before they scream at you. Very...
  31. Twili123prince

    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    Always Ocarina of Time. Grew up with this game in my childhood and it's just so perfect. It's the only Zelda title out there (in my opinion) that is perfect and has almost no flaws. Plus I never get bored of the game! It also deals in the nostalgia big time for me...
  32. Twili123prince

    Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.

    Sad indeed. Very sad.
  33. Twili123prince

    General Classic What is Your Favorite Classic Zelda?

    Well I just voted Adventure of Link by accident because I didn't see Ocarina of Time. Oops. But yeah, OOT is definately my favourite. I grew up playing it so it's very nostalgic for me and I feel like almost nothing is wrong with the game making it pretty much perfect Imo. Yes. If Ocarina of...
  34. Twili123prince

    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    Wow we have a lot of people here at the forum with WW as their least-favourite game, huh? I can understand that but my least favourite is actually MC. I also wanted to say, like many people here, that Zelda is my favourite series and I love all the games but MC is just the least loved game of...
  35. Twili123prince

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Guthrie govan - Uncle skunk - YouTube
  36. Twili123prince

    Spoiler Most Hated Boss

    The Imprisoned ran me through a wall. I believe it was the second one? Where he grows a pair of arms and walks really quickly?.. Somebody clarify if I'm wrong but yeah.. I just found it very hard to maneuver around his footing on that battle. Although the first fight with him was a piece of...
  37. Twili123prince

    Spoiler Did Skyward Sword Ever Make You Cry?

    Skyward Sword made me cry, yes. It is the only Zelda game that had succeeded in doing so. I just felt the connection between Link and Fi was beautiful. You go through the whole game thinking that Fi doesn't have many feelings at all and then right at the end she just rips through your chest and...
  38. Twili123prince

    Cutest Kikwi?

    Ever since I first laid my eyes on Machi it was love.. Err that didn't come out right :P You guys know what I mean. He's pretty darn cute! Off topic though my favourite is definately Oolo.
  39. Twili123prince

    Enemies You Would Like to Have Seen in SS's Art Style

    Hands down I would have to say Darknuts or Iron Knuckles. Since the first Zelda game they've always been known as tough enemies and pretty much a staple of the Zelda series. I think they would've fit perfectly in SS because they're pretty much knights in a sense and they're best at fighting. I...
  40. Twili123prince

    Favorite Skyward Sword Dungeon?

    I absolutely love the Ancient Cistern. The puzzles are great, the music is great and the general theme is beautiful. One thing I especially love about Skyward Sword is the recurring feel of ancient civilization. I, personally feel that the Ancient Cistern made that theme shine the most with its...
  41. Twili123prince

    Spoiler How Zelda II Could Split the Timeline Again for Future Games

    Yes, I'm aware that if Link were to die it would be very important. It's almost the only way Ganon can come back into the series now. I'm just saying I think it would be unoriginal simply because the amount of Ganons in the series. That's why I said another villain in the series would be nice.
  42. Twili123prince

    Spoiler Why Can't the Master Sword Do Skyward Strikes in Other Games?

    I have a small theory of my own about this. I think the only reason Link can charge up a Skyward Strike in SS is because thats the Goddesses way of helping him. Think about it. Link is the first chosen hero chosen by the Goddess. It would only make sense if she helped him a little. In the game...
  43. Twili123prince

    Anyone else Agree with This?

    I think that the speed boosts were a little slow. It isn't a big disappointment though. I found myself using the speed rocks in the sky more then I used the speed boosts with my own Loftwing. I did feel like the Loftwings base speed could have been a little quicker but hey, Im not complaining...
  44. Twili123prince

    Spoiler How Zelda II Could Split the Timeline Again for Future Games

    I think AoL should be the last game in its respective timeline but now that Nintendo has brought in the concept of "Link Dying", there could be timeline splits from every game. I'm honestly a little ticked off about the whole idea of "Link Dying". It seems like a wimpy way for Nintendo to deal...
  45. Twili123prince

    Favorite Moment in Skyward Sword

    My absolute favourite scenes were at the end of the game. 1) Demise ( Battle and Dialogue ). At the end of the game I was very impressed with the final boss. Throughout the whole game I knew the Imprisoned would become Demise, due to spoilers, but I still really wanted to experience it...
  46. Twili123prince

    Most Difficult Part

    This sounds slightly stupid but the hardest parts of Skyward Sword for me are the mini-games -_- Specifically Dodoh's mini-game and Fledges Pumpkin Pull -_- Dodoh's mini game is AGONIZING simply because it's based purely on luck to get the heart container. With Fledges Pumpkin Pull I find the...
  47. Twili123prince

    Temple of Time in Skyward Sword Confirimed

    Thats strange... I was almost sure that the Ancient Cistern would be the third dungeon. If this rumor about the Temple of Time being the third dungeon is true, could somebody please clarify where the Ancient Cistern comes in?
  48. Twili123prince

    ONM: SS is Easier Than OOT and TP and You Can Beat the Game Without Upgrading Items..

    Well, what can I say that hasn't already been said? I think that Skyward Sword will have a sufficient difficulty level and I don't think the reporter's opinion is valid at all. In my opinion TP is the easiest 3D Zelda game, WW waker being second easiest and then OOT and MM are on the same...
  49. Twili123prince

    Any Ideas of the Next Few Places in the Game?

    I'm seriously just hoping we have a LARGE snow area. Not a small one. I think the unrevealed land mass of Eldin is going to be a snow area with a dungeon or the sand area with the tech race and another dungeon. As for my opinion on the huge unrevealed land mass, I really think that if the...
  50. Twili123prince

    Death Mountain and Eldin Volcano

    Well, I definitely think it's a good possibility we could be traveling there. I actually didn't even notice the mountain until you mentioned it, JJ. Since Gorons are some what confirmed for SS and we don't see many Gorons on Eldin volcano, I think that maybe if the mountain is death mountain...
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