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  1. HyruleLove

    Xenoblade to Be Re-stocked at Gamestop

    I am SO sure Gamestop is just taking advantage of Xenoblade success. Thankfully, I got it at launch, so I DEFINITELY am not looking to purchase for 90. But its really stupid they are allowed to price it that high. Gamestop is also releasing "used" copies of Metroid Prime Trilogy for $85. Now...
  2. HyruleLove

    A Link Between Worlds Special Edition Zelda 3ds Xl Bundle

    I am hoping for the same thing! I have the Zelda 3DS that was bundled with Ocarina of Time 3D, but , I want to upgrade to an XL. I sure do hope they do have a bundle!
  3. HyruleLove

    Xenoblade to Be Re-stocked at Gamestop

    Exactly what I thought! I dont care how good a game is, I would not pay 90 for it -__- I checked Ebay to see whats the average asking price for a USED copy, and its mostly $90. What is this madness? lol
  4. HyruleLove

    Xenoblade to Be Re-stocked at Gamestop

    http://gengame.net/2013/08/gamestop-has-restocked-xenoblade-chronicles-selling-copies-for-90/ For a whopping $90! What?? Why?? I get that its a Gamestop exclusive, but this is just insane. I own this game, and have not played it D: Ive heard a lot of people say its an amazing game, but is...
  5. HyruleLove

    Xbox One No Longer Requires Kinect in Order to Be Used

    Well its a good move, for once. But I still think since its not required anymore,why include it? I personally dont want the kinect, and I could save $100 if they were to take it out of the bundle.
  6. HyruleLove

    A Link Between Worlds Think We Can Expect Dark Link to Make a Comeback in ALBW?

    It would be really cool if he did make an appearance. I like your idea of how he would fit in perfectly. Im not one of those people who can think up possible scenarios for un-released Zelda games... D: T_T I lack imagination xD
  7. HyruleLove

    A New Generation: How Much is Too Much?

    Im not too crazy about more pokemon :/ the last generation that came out , was just down right weird to me. I think it is just too much. I have to agree with those fans who are saying it would be great to have a new Pokemon game, with all of the regions and Pokemon in one game. We really dont...
  8. HyruleLove

    What is Your Favorite Thing to Put on Toast?

    Nutella. Thats all toast has ever been missing <3 Oh...thats why Im fat too..
  9. HyruleLove

    What Do You Eat For Breakfast?

    I`ll eat whatever is there...but recently ive been craving oatmeal, so Ive been having that :P
  10. HyruleLove

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    Watched Smiley- being that im a fan of pretty much all of the cast members, Ive seen how far they have come, and I reeeally enjoyed the movie! Despite what critics say, I thought it was a good start to a film makers career :)
  11. HyruleLove

    Favorite Starter Pokémon of All Time

    Mudkip <3 Im in LOVE with water types! Although Charmander is pretty adorable too...but my love for Mudkip will never die!! : D xD
  12. HyruleLove

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Fun.: We Are Young ft. Janelle Monáe [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube
  13. HyruleLove

    Spoiler Pokémon Mystery Dungeon for the 3DS Announced Today!

    Well, I dont know what to think just yet...I am not too fond of PMD games, but they have the opportunity to do something cool with it now. If its too similar to the past ones, I doubt I will be getting it.
  14. HyruleLove

    Will The Wii U Be As Successful As The Wii?

    I think the future looks bright for the Wii U. I am pleased with the game line-up as of now, and we can only hope it gets better. And, I honestly dont think the Wii was THAT successful...I think the Wii U might do even BETTER than the Wii. I hope im right xD
  15. HyruleLove

    Club Nintendo Wii Points Idea.

    Wouldnt be a bad idea at all. Sometimes im just 100 points away from being able to buy something...I wish you could cash in the amount of coins you want to get the points : D
  16. HyruleLove

    The First Game You Ever Completed

    Oh <3 My <3 Goodness <3 This thread made me re-live my childhood xD First game I ever completed was Spyro <3 I love that little guy till this day <3
  17. HyruleLove

    What Physical Exercising Do You Do?

    Well Im very much into exercise and being fit. I eat right and I love to exercise. Im trying to build muscle on my arms, legs and thighs. Just yesterday I was able to do my first set of push ups xD I was so proud
  18. HyruleLove

    What Headphones Do You Use?

    Currently using some logitech webcam ones xD its all I could find. Im dying for a nice pair of earbuds/headphones that will last -__-
  19. HyruleLove

    Zelda Music - Memorable, Quality or Both?

    I love quality. I LOVE the orchestrated music. Its so beautiful. You cannot even tell its video game music! I listen to my Zelda cd all the time, my mother in law, who doesnt even know what Zelda is other than a game, loves the music as well, and will be coming with my man and I to the Zelda...
  20. HyruleLove

    Should Link Show Emotion?

    I think it wouldnt be a bad idea. Emotion makes it more exciting for us, the players. I especially loved it when Midna appears in her normal form, and his face was like :0 . It was priceless, because thats how I felt when I first saw her like that! xD SS was amazing in the sense that, you could...
  21. HyruleLove

    Did You Begin Playing Zelda Games at a Young Age?

    I was 4 when OoT came out...and I did not own a console till I was 6. I played ST when I was 15 (Im 19 now) and since then Ive played all of the games (except the oracles).
  22. HyruleLove

    Skyward Sword and Nostalgia

    I guess it did have some nostalgic effects in some places. I especially loved the hand in the toilet xD . I dont know, if people did like SS, Im sure those are good points , but not the only reason why they liked it. SS was not a bad game (if you didnt have super high expectations for it before...
  23. HyruleLove

    What Generation Would You Like to have Been Born In?

    20th century : D it was classy, and sexy!
  24. HyruleLove

    Spoiler What Did YOU Wish For?

    I wished Link would marry me <3 ...no really, I havent even thought about this! xD Maybe a game in the twilight realm? Thatd be amazing!
  25. HyruleLove

    Most Annoying Zelda Enemy?

    -__- All of them.They all block attacks annoyingly well. I especially hate the Bokoblins in the Lanayru province. The electric weapon was just annoying! And exclude Lizalfos from my hate list, I LOVE fighting them! They are so much fun :)
  26. HyruleLove

    Dream Drop Distance: First Impressions

    I am TOTALLY loving it! The drop system kinda makes it feel like Majoras Mask...you`re in a hurry to get as far as you can with Sora before you go back to Riku. Im gonna sort out my thoughts once I play it completely, but so far, Im LOVING it!
  27. HyruleLove

    Favorite Type of Cheese?

    COLBY JACK, hands down. Yum!! <3
  28. HyruleLove

    How Do You Level Up Your Pokemon?

    Ive never actually done a powergrind, sounds like fun,(and sounds time consuming xD) What I usually do is, choose my starter, level it up to level 10, and then add another pokemon to my party after each gym. I try to be 5 levels higher than the gym leaders highest pokemon.
  29. HyruleLove

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I was GIVEN like 16 games on Steam from my friend! xD Plus, I finally got KH3D, After gamestop played a dirty trick on me >.> I had to buy it on Amazon. I am never buying a single thing at gamestop ever again :)
  30. HyruleLove

    What Colour 3DS Do You Have?

    I have the limited edition Zelda one! It was the best Christmas gift Ive ever received! : D
  31. HyruleLove

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Adele- Daydreamer
  32. HyruleLove

    Could the Next Zelda Game Do Without a Companion?

    Mmmmmmm, I dont know...I think the companions made things a lot more interesting for each story. I mean, I guess its worth a shot, but I really do hope the companions stay :)
  33. HyruleLove

    A Good Name for Link's Loftwing

    I would name mine.... Ho-oh : D
  34. HyruleLove

    Who Do You Play As in Mario Spin-offs?

    Toad!!! <3 Hes just soo cute ^_^ I feel comfortable racing as him, and using the cloud xD
  35. HyruleLove

    Tad Tones Are Zoras?

    haha! That would be so COOL!! My Zoras <3 They should have had a role in SS >.> , but this sounds like a possibility.
  36. HyruleLove

    Ocarina of Time Favorite Scene (Funniest and Most Serious)

    Darunia`s dancing for sure! When I first played it, it was unexpected , and I just died laughing. Serious moment for me, Ganondorf playing the organ....it was creepy but kinda funny at the same time..
  37. HyruleLove

    Do You Get Sunburnt or Tan?

    You would think that I, being 100% Puerto Rican,from both sides of my parents, would tan nicely...No. Ive lived here in PR since I was 4, and Im the whitest in my whole family. I went to the beach last week, and burned my face, shoulders and back -__- while my sister turned a nice golden tan...
  38. HyruleLove

    Spoiler Current Zelda Playthrough?

    Currently at the end of Twilight Princess. At the start of Links Awakening And contemplating playing Majoras Mask again..
  39. HyruleLove

    What Operating System Do You Use?

    Windows 7 Professional :P
  40. HyruleLove

    Commercials You HATE!

    -___- Sun Drop commercials
  41. HyruleLove

    Ideal Age

    Right now I hate where I am at now. Its just an awkward transition of leaving my parents, doing stuff on my own, and pretty much letting go of everything I used to know. I say 20-25, because by then you can graduate from college and start your own life.
  42. HyruleLove

    Your Favorite Fire Type

    Charmander <3 its a cute looking dinosaur, you cant go wrong with cute looking dinosaurs!
  43. HyruleLove

    What's Your Preference; 2D Mario or 3D Mario?

    I have never ever been interested in Mario before the 3D. Sure , I played it here and there, but never owned a copy of my own. I was given Super Mario 3D Land as a gift for Christmas. Even though its not my favorite game, I do find it pretty fun to play in 3D. It just feels like theres a lot...
  44. HyruleLove

    What Other Tabs Do You Have Open?

    Tumblr,ebay,Facebook, and Hotmail :P
  45. HyruleLove

    The Best Or Very Good 3DS/DS Games

    Well, I only have 3 games so far, my favorite is OoT 3D. I also like MK7, its so much fun! Im not a huge Mario fan, and Mario seems to be the most available on the 3DS. Cant wait for KH3d!
  46. HyruleLove

    If You Could Pet ANY Animal, What Would It Be?

    Tiger...if I wouldnt die doing so xD
  47. HyruleLove

    What is Your Shoe Size?

    Womens size 7 : D
  48. HyruleLove

    What Makes You Stand Out?

    I tease my hair big... people call me "bump it" -___- Its okay I live with it. I always wear bows or flowers in my hair and ,Im known for my obsessive love for video games and comics xD and how I find things that are unattractive, attractive.
  49. HyruleLove

    Dark Knight Rises

    It comes out the 26th here in PR -___- but I will be seeing it when it does! Im gonna geek out with my batman apparel xD
  50. HyruleLove

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Hamtaro opening song! <3
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