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  1. Nicole

    Legend of Korra: Season 3 - SPOILERS

    not to be petty but remember when y'all were fighting me on korrasami 2+ years ago
  2. Nicole

    Legend of Korra: Season 3 - SPOILERS

    Easy for you to say when your sexual orientation is always the one represented. I could argue that a Korra/Asami dynamic would improve the show.
  3. Nicole

    Legend of Korra: Season 3 - SPOILERS

    Well currently there have been 0% lesbians in Avatar so, using your statistics, we might as well be more accurate and include some. :)
  4. Nicole

    Legend of Korra: Season 3 - SPOILERS

    I'd like to thank not only god but also jesus for all the Korrasami at the end of the finale. Remember when I used to ship that just to spite Makorra shippers? Well now I'm really attached goddamnit. Some people argue that since Nick took Korra off the air that there's more of a chance for some...
  5. Nicole

    Would You Go Out with Korra?

    um YEAH I WOULD shes hot athletic girls are hot lets note that the only people saying yes are girls lol
  6. Nicole

    Count To 500 Before a Hylian Knight Resigns!

  7. Nicole


    I'm going to my first concert tomorrow to see Demi Lovato and Fifth Harmony (aka bubblegum pop artists lol). I have VIP tickets for a pre-show acoustic performance and a meet and greet, so I'm pretty happy. So I was thinking, what kind of experiences does everyone here have with concerts? What...
  8. Nicole

    Do You Want to Have Kids One Day and how to raise them

    I can 100% guarantee that I will not give birth ever in my lifetime under any circumstances. A girl can't get another girl pregnant, so provided something tragic doesn't happen to me, I'll never ever be pregnant. And that would be ideal for me. Just the thought of it makes my skin crawl. I don't...
  9. Nicole

    Official Suggestions Thread

    I was wondering if the maximum gender options vB allows is limited to male and female. I think it would be helpful if there were other gender options (such as genderqueer or nonbinary and the like) but I'm not sure if that's possible with the software. Could someone look into it?
  10. Nicole

    Your Current Playlist

    I have four playlists - a sad playlist, a happy playlist, a love playlist, and a workout playlist. The last is the longest and it's the one I use most often. Sad playlist: Happy playlist: Love playlist: Workout playlist (really long so I'm gonna pick out the most important songs):
  11. Nicole

    How Many Hours Do You Sleep a Night?

    On school nights I get anywhere from 5-7; lately it's been leaning towards 7 because I've been better with getting my work done earlier. On weekends... wait, I sleep the same amount. I have basketball early on Saturday mornings and I work early on Sundays. No more sleeping in for me. :(
  12. Nicole

    Things That Creep You Out

    Clusters of small holes and the word "moist."
  13. Nicole

    Tattoos and Piercings

    I had my ears pierced when I was in second grade, but it hurt when I finally took out my earrings the first time so I never put them back in and the holes closed. I'm really not a fan of earrings so I don't really mind. I don't expect to get any piercings in the future but I have considered a...
  14. Nicole

    How Easily Do You Date?

    ^ yes Personally, if a total cutiepie came up to me and asked me out, chances are I'd say yes, provided that he or she isn't a total tool. I have no problem with non-serious, just for fun dating. I think there's a significant difference between going on dates and being in a relationship. If I...
  15. Nicole

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    I'm agitated so I'm eating
  16. Nicole

    Favorite Nickelodeon Show?

    KOOOOOOOOORRRRRAAAAAAAA I consider A:TLAB and LoK to be the same series, really, because they're directly connected and produced by literally the same people. It's been my favorite show since I was 10. My five- and two-year-old cousins watch Korra now and I'm still watching it as a teenager...
  17. Nicole

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I'm happy because -there are lots of super good TV shows to watch!!! -I finished my 15 page math packet in a day -fall basketball tryouts are this Friday -I should make varsity this winter season which means varsity letter and fancy letterman jacket -I have lots of pretty new outfits to wear...
  18. Nicole

    Mafia: The Legend of Korra Book One Game Thread

    i'm glad the town won but i hate josh good job everyone else :rosa:
  19. Nicole

    The Greater Error

    I think it's important to be both passionate and objective in a situation. I honestly think being overly passionate or overly objective are equally bad. Extreme passion leads to closed-mindedness, which you can see very clearly anywhere on the internet especially. Any video game forum will have...
  20. Nicole

    Favorite Midnight Snacks

    hahaha my favorite midnight snack is my entire refrigerator It depends on the night, and if I'm feeling healthy or junkie. On a good night, I'll have a yogurt or fruit and definitely peanut butter on crackers (there's a few ways you can go with this; last time I put bananas and chocolate syrup...
  21. Nicole

    A Calling

    I partially agree with Axle as to what a calling actually is. I don't believe a person is "destined" to do any one thing, just as I don't believe a person is destined to be with a certain spouse or soulmate. However, in both cases, I would say that there are careers or people that are great fits...
  22. Nicole

    Planning For The Future

    Actually one kidney goes for about $228,000 on the black market. That's enough to send me to Harvard for four years and cover room and board and books and all that jazz. I haven't ruled it out. Ideally, starting out, I'd like to work at some sort of an ice cream place making minimum wage, but...
  23. Nicole

    How Trusting of Others Are You?

    I once read in a Cracked article that intelligent people are more likely to lie to people yet are also more likely to naively put too much trust in people. I like to consider myself intelligent and I think I do a lot of both of those things. I'm trusting to a fault. I will put my full trust in...
  24. Nicole

    Planning For The Future

    I've been planning my future since eighth grade. Middle school, high school, college, and beyond. I have a general plan of what I'd like to do with some specifics, but not specific to the point where I'm emotionally committed to traveling only one path. I have an immediate plan and a life plan...
  25. Nicole


    I try to live without regrets. I can't say I regret much, if anything. Perhaps the only thing I'd change if I had the chance was being shy and keeping to myself growing up. As a child, my mom worked long hours and I stayed, by myself, at my aunt's - that is, there were no other kids around. I...
  26. Nicole

    Best Advice You Ever Got

    "You don't owe anybody anything; you don't owe anybody an explanation for your happiness." In general, the best advice I've ever gotten. I've taken from many different sources and condensed the general idea, but the point behind this is that sometimes you need to put your happiness first and...
  27. Nicole

    Mafia: The Legend of Korra Book One Game Thread

    i'm seriously pissed that music outlived me
  28. Nicole

    What is Happiness?

    Everyone can be happy, but only if they make themselves happy. One cannot rely on others as a source of joy. You have to go out and earn happiness, not wait for it to come to you because then it never will. Plenty of people don't realize this, and that's why they will never be happy. This is...
  29. Nicole

    What is Your Dream Place?

    Part of me wants to live in a secluded area with a lush forest surrounding it so I could go on fun nature walks and admire nature. Part of me wants to live in a beautiful winter wonderland, near mountains, where I could go snow-tubing every day (not skiing or snowboarding bc I'd fall and die)...
  30. Nicole

    Several Questions About This Forum

    Typically users are not allowed to create threads just for the sake of advertising. I'm sure you could link to it in your signature or blog about it. Blogs are great for advertising; I think about 75% of my blogs are just me advertising stupid things. Being that it's Zelda-related, however...
  31. Nicole

    Several Questions About This Forum

    1. The vBShop is a neat little market where you can purchase forum goodies with gold. You get gold by posting in non-games forums (i.e Legend of Zelda, General Discussion, etc.). You can't purchase username color (those are earned by getting a rank), but you can purchase a shadow, bold, or...
  32. Nicole

    Do You Believe in "Soulmates"?

    I don't believe in destiny as you put it; as Turo nicely said, it's just choice and action. As such I don't believe in a soulmate as being someone you're destined to be with. However, I do believe in a soulmate as someone who foils you perfectly. I wouldn't say that a soulmate is someone who...
  33. Nicole

    When Do You Plan To Move Out?

    I can't wait to move out. I don't mean that because I hate my mom or anything; I love my mom and I appreciate everything she does for me. I'm really excited to gain my independence. I clean the locker rooms at my gym, and last week my boss took me to the apartment he owns next door to do some...
  34. Nicole


    I love rain. But I hate rain. It's a complicated relationship. Rain is a pain in the *** when I'm trying to do something outside, like go for a run or play basketball or go on a field trip (for real, it poured on the only field trip I took this year). It also scares my dog, so she won't go...
  35. Nicole

    Have You Ever Crushed on Somebody from ZD?

    HAHAHAHA what a thread only about 3-5 different people tbh
  36. Nicole

    Fast Food Places You've Eaten at

    I don't eat a lot of fast food anymore because it is extremely unhealthy (and in most cases entirely unsanitary). But here are some places I did use to frequent before I went on my health binge: McDonalds (probably the only place I'll still go, albeit not often, because it's super good like...
  37. Nicole

    Do You Have Your Own Room, or Do You Share It?

    I have my own room, being an only child. I appreciate the solitude more than anything. I'm an outgoing person, but I need to have my time alone - especially at night. I hate having to sleep with other people in the room. I'm not overly fond of sleepovers; they're fun, but I'd much rather sleep...
  38. Nicole

    Did You or Do You Keep a Diary?

    I tried keeping a journal when I went through that whole Diary of a Wimpy Kid phase (5th grade pls don't ask), but it was always too much of a hassle to keep up with and it really didn't do me any good. It took way too long to formulate my thoughts into words and was just more frustrating than...
  39. Nicole

    Selling Games

    I've actually been doing some research about where to get the most return for some of my old games. I've got a stack of completely useless Wii games that could get me a decent amount of cash. Over half of them I've only picked up once and haven't touched since then. I have absolutely no idea...
  40. Nicole

    Are You Used Often?

    Honestly I'm used all the time, but I can't say I particularly care. I have a bad habit of trying to buy my friends. I loan people small amounts of money at lunch all the time without making them pay me back. Part of the reason is because I know how irritating it is to forget your lunch money...
  41. Nicole

    Mafia: The Legend of Korra Book One Game Thread

    wow great job Josh A+ effort good luck town
  42. Nicole

    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages Dimitri Vs Moosh Vs Ricky

    Moosh is the love of my life. I always get Moosh's flute and I'd be terribly disappointed if I accidentally didn't get it in Seasons (I don't know if you can get other flutes in Ages but w/e). I don't have anything against Ricky or Dimitri but neither of them are nearly as cute useful as Moosh.
  43. Nicole

    Mafia: The Legend of Korra Book One Game Thread

    Gonna get one more post in before the deadline... It would be useful to prevent deaths. We could potentially have 3 townies dead at the start of tomorrow. It would also deter our cop and potentially hinder our search. Do what you think is best.
  44. Nicole

    Mafia: The Legend of Korra Book One Game Thread

    Was it a game-wide roleblock for the night it was used or the next night? It would prevent any kills from going through but also any investigations or other night actions. I think it would be good to use.
  45. Nicole

    Mafia: The Legend of Korra Book One Game Thread

    In that case, it seems like a target was picked at random. ALIT might do so using random.org. And no, there wasn't a scene like that.
  46. Nicole

    Mafia: The Legend of Korra Book One Game Thread

    Barriers may have to do with either limiting Power Roles or putting post restrictions. If I had to take a guess, it might mean that it would prevent any power role from being used that night. Voiceless might skip the day or impose post restrictions. I thought it might prevent the Mafia (or...
  47. Nicole

    Mafia: The Legend of Korra Book One Game Thread

    What other power names do you have?
  48. Nicole

    Mafia: The Legend of Korra Book One Game Thread

    No??? It doesn't??? Having a night action =/= being scum. There are buttloads of townie (or Third Party) power roles: http://wiki.epicmafia.com/index.php?title=Power_Roles http://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Category:Roles The role description will say what alignment utilizes it. Note...
  49. Nicole

    Mafia: The Legend of Korra Book One Game Thread

    ???.???//?? I was the first one to accuse you and she voted for you /after/ I made two comments in two separate posts about you. Which you still haven't gotten around to answering. I'm not looking for an entire dissertation about each subtlety of every player that stands out to you; I literally...
  50. Nicole

    Mafia: The Legend of Korra Book One Game Thread

    I disagree. Way to totally try and get Raj to talk when he specifically said he didn't want to. Ya, as I said earlier I wasn't entirely sold on you being scum, but I believe in Ventus's innocence and you are a much better target. I have to say I'm more convinced now than I was before given...
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