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    Watercolor, Oil Pastels, Crayons, Coloring Pencils- Which Suits You the Best and Why?

    Well.. I love traditional watercolors for when I'm doing skies and such, but for more intricate things/experiments. I tend to do watercolor pencils/ regular colored pencils because I usually only have my dry medium sketchbook with me. For average doodles, graphite is my friend. I am pretty good...
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    Tastes You've Grown Out of

    Hmmm... I'd have to say television in general for me. I used to be able to watch it for hours! Now I'm lucky to make it through an entire movie without doing something. I don't have satellite/cable anymore, just some good old cassettes from 1982 to 1999. I also can't stand candy very long...
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    Which Themes Would You Like to See More of in Games?

    I'm more of a whimsical fantasy type of person. I don't find FPS any fun, and I hate being stuck in horror scenarios. (Slender anyone?) I'd like to see some more adventures like Zelda. Good, clean, fantasy is enough to make me happy.
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    Kids Shouldnt Play Online!!!!

    Ech! This is one of the many reasons my faith in future generations is fading. I was brought up old school by my parents on OoT, Mario Party 3, Paper Boy, and Pokemon. What more does a kid need? M rated games just desensitize kids today! Their definition of life and the worth of souls is greatly...
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    How/Why Did You Choose Your Username?

    Interestingly enough, my username actually comes from a book I'm writing called "The Dragons of Talicor" Talicor being the land in which they live, and wanting to stick out from the many Zelda themed usernames, That and the fact that I couldn't decide on using just one character's name. (I just...
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    What Did You Get for Christmas?

    Although a 3DS XL would've been awesome, this year I got (myself) two gold triforce decals for my car, the 2013 Zelda Calender, and Hyrule Historia!(in the mail) Besides that, I also got some new snow pants, some new Scentsy stuff, cologne, thermals (like Under Armor) and some super soft...
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    Disabled Gamers

    Really? I find it also reassuring to know that I'm not the only one out there that struggles with some everyday things!! I too struggle with typing very quickly (although I have gotten better.) Do you have trouble playing sports/instruments? Due to my delayed reaction time, while I am quite good...
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    Earliest Zelda Memory

    I'd have to say my earliest memory was while I was at my friend's house and her older brother had just fired up OoT! I was fascinated by the boy on the horse in the opening scene, so I plopped down and watched the story begin. It was what taught me to read! Dominique (the one playing) would read...
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    Trading Card Games

    Ha! I actually played Yu-Ghi-Oh when I was younger! I didn't have many cards, but they were powerful! I still have the first generation Blue Eyes White Dragon and an old gaming pin. I also have a cousin that has EVERY SINGLE Pokemon card, including all the Unknown, all the Legendaries, and all...
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    Disabled Gamers

    Actually, I have a form of spastic Cerebral Palsy. Which in turn inhibits me from playing games that require a lot of motion.(Such as the Xbox Kinect.) also my reaction time is affected as well, making it a little more difficult to play games such as Brawl.
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    Snow: Yay or Nay?

    Ha! Am I the only one that lives in a Sub Arctic climate? I live in an itty bitty valley in Wyoming. Here we generally have snow about 6 to 8 months of the year! And a LOT of it! It has even snowed on the Fourth of July! I personally love snow (for about 6 months anyway.) but when it's almost...
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    What Are Your Favorite Zelda Parodies Online?

    Actually, there is a guy on YouTube called adamwestslapdog that has made an OoT and MM abridged series! They are pretty awesome! They do swear some though...
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    Do You Have Any Scars?

    Hmmm... Lets see, I have about 15 big scars! Half of them being from multiple operations... One on my forearm came from my brother clawing me, a bunch from working with different birds, and one mysterious one on my wrist I've had my entire life!
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    What Video Games Do You Want Most but Don't Have Yet?

    What game have you been hunting for?
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    What Video Games Do You Want Most but Don't Have Yet?

    I've been hunting down Okami (Wii) for almost a year now! That is the video game I haven't been able to get a hold on...
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    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Just wasting 20+ hours of my life on Super Paper Mario! Count Bleck has got to be one of the greatest villains of all time!!
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    Game Help Okami

    Blood we can handle! It's just the gore we can't!! Twilight princess was perfect for all of our gaming mindsets.
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    Game Help Okami

    Okay! That makes me feel a LOT better! It didn't look any worse than TP but the 'and gore' part would've been hard to get past my parents! TP is one of my top games and Okami looked like it might help me wait for the next console Zelda!
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    Game Help Okami

    Recently I have been considering buying Okami for the Wii but when I looked up the rating information it said 'blood and gore.' I have young siblings at home and my parents don't want any videogames in the house that they can't watch. Okami looks pretty stylized but I'm not sure how much it will...
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    What Internet Meme Best Describes You?

    I'm totally socially akward penguin all the way! not to mention a little of the asian 'Why' face. (idk what its really called)
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    What State?

    Am I the only one that lives in Wyoming?! There aren't many Zelda fans in my neck of the woods so no suprise there!
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    Personally, I think Volvagia won't appear in SS but it would be friggin' awesome.
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    Ocarina of Time What's Your Favorite Warp Song?

    I don't know I use Serenade of Water the most, but Minuet of Forest is beautiful.
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    Ocarina of Time What is Your Favorite Equipment Configuration?

    I dig the old school look Korkiri boots, green tunic, biggerons sword, and hylian shield. My younger brother likes hover boots, Goron tunic, master sword, and mirror shield.
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    Things I've Noticed About the Master Sword.

    Ok you know when you have a random aha moment? Well i did and i discovered some interesting similarities between the Master Sword and Excalibur (from the Sword in the Stone, Knights of the Round Table etc.) For example: Evil can't touch either sword Getting these swords usually...
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    People Want "Mature" Zelda, We Already Have One!

    i say anyone who would want a ronchy nudity filled slaughter machine video game should go out and see the real thing on the front lines of battle, then see if they want a 'mature' game. killing and topless women are anything but mature. People that want a mature zelda you make me sick. The...
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    Majora's Mask Whats the Difference Between MM Gold and Grey Cartridges?

    ok is the collectors edition the one with the hologram label? cuz mine is prone to freezing also what are some glitches on it ive never found any
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    Majora's Mask Whats the Difference Between MM Gold and Grey Cartridges?

    okay well the title says it all im asking this because i have a gold hologram MM cartridge and i wanted to know whats different between it and the standard grey version (because ive only played the gold cartridge) if you can answer this please do!! :D
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    Talk About Your Self and Your Life Forum

    Well I'm Talicor I was born august 7 1997 and I am an avid fan of Zelda I currently have 20 chickens 3 ducks and a dog my odd username comes from the novels I'm currently working on: The Dragons of Talicor I love to ride my bike and swim the trampoline was my life (until a tibial rotation a few...
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    Skyward Sword Pack?

    either way that gold wiimote better come to the US! (btw ive heard the wii motion plus is built into it)
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    What Instrument Do You Play?

    There are a lot of guitar players out there! (including me for a while) I play 1st chair trumpet in my high school band but on the side.... I play the DUCK!!! (it's amazing how musical they can be) :D
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    Most Effective Villain

    Sorry but I have to say Majora as the most effective villain, he's the only villain that has achieved his goal:the worlds destruction. BUT, I am interested in seeing how Debbie/Lord Girahim plays out ;)
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    Twilight Princess Fav Enemy

    Hmm... That's really a tough one I liked fighting the redead it was fun chewing on their heads :D
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    Take The Cookie!

    Too bad because I use my amazing Boomerang skillz and rescue tha cookie I HAZ DA COOKIE!!!!!!!!!
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    Oot Forest Temple Help Me ;(

    Thanks Aelic7 I will study some walkthroughs here on this. :) Btw has anyone heard of the legend of Zelda soul stealer? Some punk keeps this rumor floating around and constantly badgers my little bro about it. Anyone else heard of something similiar?
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    Oot Forest Temple Help Me ;(

    Thanks a lot I really appreciate your help :)
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    Oot Forest Temple Help Me ;(

    Thanks Xinnamin I will try the mute but how will I find wallmasters? I usually use sound to find them. *~*
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    Oot Forest Temple Help Me ;(

    It's really sad actually I can't even get the first Poe sister down I just flip out in there! I must have some serious issues. I can't really explain I just wig out in there!(I think it's just a combo of the music and atmosphere.)
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    Ocarina of Time Was the Shadow Temple Scary when You First Played Through OoT?

    Man, I wish I was as tough as you guys.You're hardly scared at all! I can't even finish the forest Temple again.'shivers'
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    Oot Forest Temple Help Me ;(

    Okay this may sound absolutly stupid but does anyone know how to get past the mental part of the Forest Temple? It just terrifies me!!
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    Spoiler Sws is Starting to Look Darker (MAJOR SPOILER)

    I'll agree with that 100% Debbie is one freaky dude!!! makes me want to puke >.<
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