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  1. Maffiline

    Breath of the Wild Breath of the Wild Special Edition and Switch Unboxing

    That was soooo pretty. Thank you for that! I wish I had been able to go pick it up but school and they didn't let anyone preorder the special editions...
  2. Maffiline

    Breath of the Wild Motion Controll over button smashing concerns.

    I really enjoyed SS motions, the aggravating parts were humurous to me and I'm also not a person to get super frustrated when controls bug out. On the other hand, I'm quite happy that BotW does not have/depend on motion controls for main stabbing/defending and instead for things like shooting...
  3. Maffiline

    Breath of the Wild Joystick Jams in BOTW

    Anyone having problems with the Joystick (left) sticking and making Link continue a little in the direction you were walking, or even just. Going in another direction for a bit and making you do stupid stuff like walking into a wall, walking into freezing mountain ice water that will instakill...
  4. Maffiline

    Favorite Music From Skyward Sword

    1. Crimson Loftwing Theme 2. Romance Theme 3. Mogma's Theme 4. Isle of Songs 5. That first temple you do in the Faron Woods. >.<
  5. Maffiline

    Real-Time Bottle Use: Yay or Nay?

    I loved it. I find it really easy for me to run around in a boss battle and drink a potion at the same time, while in the old way where it stopped you for a moment so you could drink, for some reason I always pulled them out at the wrong time and as soon as I'm done, I would be attacked and my...
  6. Maffiline

    Skyward Sword and Other Titles (comparisons)

    Whoa. That's really cool. O: \Welcome to Zelda Dungeon, btw. :3
  7. Maffiline

    Spoiler Cultural and Mythical Inspiration Behind SS.

    The Ancient Cistern has a striking resemblance to the short story "The Spider's Thread".
  8. Maffiline

    ARe Skyward Sword Minigames Too Hard?

    I like the minigames. So far, I've done the Fun Fun Island one, Kina's Pumpkin Delivery (you put the pumpkins in the shed), the Clean Cut one at Bamboo Island with Peatrice's father, the Bug Hunt, and the Harp minigame. For me, the hardest one is the harp, because I'll get the rhythms perfect...
  9. Maffiline

    Anyone Notice This?

    Whoa. Kinda like the jellyfish in PH and ST that jump out of the water, and every time you bomb it you get a rupee. I found out by accident if you bomb the Sheikah stones, they go up like a rocket and then come down when its clear. Also, if you bomb the Goron, I cant remember his name, he...
  10. Maffiline

    Did You Like the Bug/treasure System?

    I liked it. Especially to use bugs to upgrade potions, and the treasures to upgrade quantity bags and several of the weapons. I will tell you now that I need to have a second quiver fully upgraded because of how many arrows I use.
  11. Maffiline

    Easter Egg? Playing the Harp in the Ending Credits

    I don't know if it's what is called an 'Easter Egg' But um, in the ending credits if you hold down the A button and you know, do the harp thing you can play the harp. I did so today, and I was having fun matching the harp to the themes featured in the ending credits.
  12. Maffiline

    Ever Died in the Game?

    I've died 10+ in my first play of Skyward Sword. I cannot recall where though.
  13. Maffiline

    Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

    Hardest Zelda dungeon? For me, it was Minish Cap's Fortress of Winds. I could not get out of that alive without using the guide on here. It was very challenging for me because of the broken floors that I accidentally kept falling through, down to a floor I didn't want to go to.
  14. Maffiline

    What Shield Did You Use Most In Skyward Sword?

    I used the Divine Shield the most, because I was too lazy to go find what I needed to upgrade it to Goddess Shield. It saved my booty so many times...honestly, I kind of dont like how the Hylian shield is pretty much indestructible. I was purposely lame-blocking an Octorock's attacks to see if...
  15. Maffiline

    Spoiler Who Cried or Almost Cried When...

    I cried a little bit. It was touching...but then when Link started hitting it I was laughing and crying and saying "Link, she isn't coming backkkk. Stop hitting the amber crystal..."
  16. Maffiline

    Unexpected Part

    That's just...ewh... Unexpected part? Groose being nice.
  17. Maffiline

    Time Taken on the Game

    I have 63 hours logged in my original file which is now the very start of Hero's Mode file. I just beat the game today. :3
  18. Maffiline

    11.5 Skipper's Retreat. There is No Strange Plant to Whip in My Game.

    The bulb plant? You're not suppose to use your whip, you're suppose to use your Clawshots. xD But um, they should all be there. I was scrounging around earlier today there and they were all there..maybe there's something you missed?
  19. Maffiline

    Your Favorite Track on the 25th Anniversary CD.

    I really like the Wind Waker movement! It felt good to relive the music of the small portion of the first Zelda game I played before my sister broke it. I never even got very far... Twilight Princess seemed...kinda dark for me, haha. The others are great too, second favorite being a tie of...
  20. Maffiline

    3-heart Equivilent for SS?

    Since you start with 6 hearts in Skyward, and not 3 as you do in other games, do a 6 heart challenge. 6 heart challenge in Skyward = 3 heart challenge in other Zelda games Basically you don't collect any pieces of heart or heart containers and don't keep the Heart Medals in your Adventurer's...
  21. Maffiline

    The Imprisoned

    I liked jumping on his head instead of killing his marshmallow toes.
  22. Maffiline

    The Old Goddesses In Skyward Sword

    We all remember the three old goddess' from Ocarina of Time, correct? The ones who made the land and stuff? If not, perhaps this dialogue from Ocarina of Time will help you remember: "Before time began, before spirits and life existed... Three golden goddesses descended upon the chaos that was...
  23. Maffiline

    Spoiler Ghirahim: Your Thoughts?

    I like Ghirahim. He was very funny, and a bit disturbing to me when he licked his lips. Then I read that he licks his lips when he gets excited. :/ My sister calls him Mr Sexy Hair. :P
  24. Maffiline

    Spoiler Water Spread?

    I dont even know what I mean now that I think about it. Maybe I was thinking how there was water incorporated throughout Skyward Sword. To me, in itself, the Lanayru Sand Sea makes up for the lack of water in Lanayru Desert because it's so massive, Faron Woods had the waterfall and then the...
  25. Maffiline

    Spoiler Water Spread?

    Is it just me, or is there a water spread throughout Skyward Sword, between the first, second, and third returns to Faron Woods, Eldin Volcano, and Lanayru Desert? Think about it. First time around: Faron Woods: the little bits of water in Faron, but no so much Eldin Volcano: I dont think any...
  26. Maffiline

    Phantom Hourglass Figure Giveaway - Favorite Zelda Enemy

    I liked the "Dark" opposite enemies in Skyward Sword (Dark Keese, Cursed Bokoblin, Dark Lizalfos, etc). My favorite? Ugh, it's hard to choose..hm... I'd have to say the Cursed Bokoblins--they're the ReDeads (or should I say, ReBlins?) in Skyward Sword. Just less scary and less...
  27. Maffiline

    What Was the Hardest Silent Realm

    I don't really know which had more "death" counts--Nayru's trial (Lanayru Desert) or Din's trial (Eldin Volcano), I had difficulties with both of them. Skyloft was...difficult due to the oh so many Watchers guarding a single Tear, hard, but it took me only 3 tries before I figured something...
  28. Maffiline

    You Can Eliminate (or Replace) One Section or Part of Skyward Sword

    While it would have been cool to see how the conductor's baton from Wind Waker would have been with motion on the Wii, it'd be just like conducting, and would probably bore me more than the harp. You'd still have to keep time probably, because that's all really what a conductor does: keep time...
  29. Maffiline

    Skyward Sword's Music Lacking

    I liked it. No, I loved the music. Sadly, none of them are that memorable to me at the moment. I can easily depict each instrument, or the family it's in, within each track in the game. I am a musician--oh. I can play a few themes too but that's getting a little bit off topic there.. The Skyloft...
  30. Maffiline

    Mogma Theme Compared to Oracle of Seasons

    Never played the Oracle games, but WOW do those two tracks sound familiar. o.o
  31. Maffiline

    Ancient Cistern: Like No Water Temple Before

    It was ok, I really liked the color scheme in it. But I agree with Axle the Beast on page 1, it was one of the poorest designed dungeons. I did have trouble with it only on the beginning lock, and the Cursed/Zombie Bokoblins were just annoying ReBokoblins: they jump on you and attempt to kill...
  32. Maffiline

    Does Anyone else Hate the Way Link Runs in Skyward Sword?

    When you run in SS, you gotta hold down A. It's called "dashing" but whatever. You're running. And Link automatically puts away the sword. :p
  33. Maffiline

    Favourite Things - Categorized

    Character: Fi. She's beautiful, the shadings on her are simply breath taking, and how she's just all...I dont know, when Scrapper is around. Boss: Ghirahim, 2nd time. He's just posing, and the perfect song at that moment would be "Sexy and I know it" Mini Boss: Um..the Stalfwarriors? Those are...
  34. Maffiline

    Favorite Moment in Skyward Sword

    I like Link's expression when he first meets Ghirahim in the Forest Temple and Ghirahim holds like and licks his tongue. Link's face = priceless. In all the 3D Zelda games, Link's expressions never cease to amaze me.
  35. Maffiline

    What Do You Like the Most About Skyward Sword?

    I adore the graphics--they're so beautifully colored. There's such a nice shading to everything, making it look sweet-like. I love the music. While it's not memorable to me and maybe others, I must say Skyward Sword had one of the best Zelda soundtracks ever. It's just simply divine. I like...
  36. Maffiline

    What's Your Favorite Bug/Treasure In Skyward Sword?

    I'm sorry if there's another thread like this, I didn't see any on the first page at all. ;-; Onward. What's your favorite Bug(s) in Skyward Sword, your favorite Treasure(s) in Skyward Sword? Why? My favorite bugs are the Blessed Butterflies, Sand Cicadas, and the Starry Fireflies. I...
  37. Maffiline

    Skyward Sword Skyward Sword Spiders

    If you have the Beetle, you can cut their web down so the Skulltulas are on the ground and crawling all around. Then, do an upward slice to flip over the Skulltula and they will temporarily flail around on their backs. Target-Lock them (hold Z) and it should flash saying "Final Blow" and do as...
  38. Maffiline

    Favorite Dungeons

    1. Sandship 2. Sky Keep 3. Ancient Cistern The Sky Keep was really challenging for me, and I couldn't do it by myself so I looked at the ZD guide and used it for the whole Sky Keep. xD The Sandship is my favorite, because it was a little bit confusing and because everything was of the same shade...
  39. Maffiline


    I like it, but sometimes it makes it too easy to kill an enemy. I have trouble with the Golden Deku Babas since they can open their mouth both ways, and so I stun it to kill it. Shield bashing helped in the Boss Battle Rush game thing against the 1k old Arachnid, because it would deflect his...
  40. Maffiline

    Do You Use the Shields?

    I use them not so often in Skyward Sword except to stun the enemy. And therefore Fi doesn't have to tell me it's about to break. Usually it breaks before she can do that though. ;-;
  41. Maffiline

    Spoiler Hardest Part in Zelda Skyward Sword.

    The Sky Keep. *shiver* I was so lost in it. I ended up using ZD's guide for it, and I got through it in no time. >.<
  42. Maffiline

    Who is the Cutest Female Character in Skyward Sword?

    I liked Peatrice in this game, and the daughter at the Lumpy Pumpkin. Not only because Peatrice falls for you but I find it adorable that if you make her fall in love with you, when you talk to her, her hands go into a little heart shape and it's just adorable!! The girl at the Lumpy Pumpkin was...
  43. Maffiline

    Spoiler Fi and Ghirahim Similarites

    Ghirahim is just a poser and likes to call himself the Demon Lord. Fi and Ghirahim are much the same, but complete opposites from the spoilers I've seen/heard (I haven't completed SS yet) Ghirahim is just like Fi: the "soul" for Demise's sword, as Fi is the "soul" for the Master Sword.
  44. Maffiline

    Spoiler Opinion: What I Don't Like About Skyward Sword

    Zelda is indeed Hylia, and Hylia is a goddess. Unless you paid any attention, when Zelda/Hylia is telling you when you're in the past, how she's Hylia and all, she clearly states how Hylia was drained of most of her power after she fought Demise. Hylia KNEW that the seal she put on Demise would...
  45. Maffiline

    Fire Sanctuary Boss Door. Spoilers?

    I cant respond to your first question because I don't remember that part, as I'm far ahead. They have a bird statue outside the boss door in each dungeon, and it'll usually take you outside so you can go to the sky and get potions. This is what I use it for anyway. Also its a good save post in...
  46. Maffiline

    Spoiler 'Most Precious Data on Record...'

    I really liked Fi, to tell you the truth. I know most of you think she's monotonous, but she's a little more than a "robot" in my opinion. Even if she did get a little bit annoying when she tells you your hearts are low, and when she told you your Wiimote's batteries are about to die (aka, it's...
  47. Maffiline

    Spoiler Skyward Sword: Before and After (MAJOR SPOILERS)

    First, you don't have to push B just to swing your sword, all you have to do is swing your Wiimote and your sword will come out. Also, listen carefully when you do that and your Wiimote will make a cool sound as if its actually pulling out your Wiimote. Second, you can buy an additional Bomb...
  48. Maffiline

    Spoiler Which Parts In Skyward Sword...

    I haven't beaten Skyward Sword. I just got Eldin Dragon's part in Song of the Hero, and I need Lanayru Dragon's part but that's it. In general, it takes me about 30min to an hour to complete a temple/dungeon, and then I stop playing and do the boss the next day but that doesn't matter. Isle of...
  49. Maffiline

    Best Music in the Series?

    I really love the soundtrack for SS, but it's really hard to choose between SS and WW soundtrack. I can play a couple themes from Zelda in general, one of them being the "romance" theme in SS, at the beginning when you talk to Zelda and her father and she has no faith in you.
  50. Maffiline

    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    I chose Wind Waker. I've only played a little of WW, and I would have played more but my sister kicked over our Wii (yes, on purpose) and it scratched up WW and it's unplayable now. I really loved the art style in WW, and the music was amazing! And while some people hated or are annoyed by the...
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