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  1. Leonomonn

    A Bit of a Dilemma.

    To actually try to give some useful advice though, do you have a specific strategy in mind with these two, or did they just happen to end up together?
  2. Leonomonn

    Champion Themes Getting Less Epic?

    I agree with you that the themes give me a little less of that feeling that gets me going for the battle. For example, when I started up your Heartgold/Soulsilver song my spine started to tingle and I started to remember and imagine a battle. I think that even though they feel like final boss...
  3. Leonomonn

    Somewhat Disturbing NPCs

    I suppose they might look like the type of drug addicts who are addicted to more hardcore drugs, but I doubt they were going for that.
  4. Leonomonn

    A Bit of a Dilemma.

    You're dedication to your charizard makes me feel happy for some reason. Thank you for being so awesome
  5. Leonomonn

    General Zelda What is Your Favorite 3D Zelda?

    Is anyone else surprised that The Wind Waker did not get a single vote yet?
  6. Leonomonn

    General Zelda What is Your Favorite 3D Zelda?

    Thanks for voting everybody. I really like hearing what everyone has to say. I will say I'm a little surprised with Ocarina of Time as well. I'm also surprised Wind Waker doesn't have any votes yet. I expected it to either be close between Ocarina of Time and either Skyward Sword or Twilight...
  7. Leonomonn

    General Zelda What is Your Favorite 3D Zelda?

    I thought about doing that, but I figured that incorporating everyone's favorites would make it about what the people who love the games like. Not that your idea is bad, I just thought that hearing the thoughts of others would make it more interesting.
  8. Leonomonn

    General Zelda What is Your Favorite 3D Zelda?

    Hello everyone, I was interested in doing a sort of comparison of all of the 3D Zelda games. I'm going to be comparing them between several different categories like, gameplay, story, controls, and other things like that. I wanted to figure out a tie breaking system in case of a tie. So, I was...
  9. Leonomonn

    General Zelda What Zelda Monster Are YOu?

    Shadow Link You're epic and reside in the Water Temple
  10. Leonomonn

    Adventure of Link The Game to End All Games

    My only problem with this game is the no ability to save really. Like I've been stuck on the 6th dungeon for a year now and I stopped picking it up because I would get there and get to the dragon with one life left. Then I die and you can guess the rage quitting.
  11. Leonomonn

    General Zelda Where Did the Kokiri Go in the Defeated and the Child Timeline?

    This is purely speculation from here, but a possibility could be that, depending on the time Zelda sent Link back to, there is a good chance that the Great Deku Tree was dead. I believe that somewhere in the game it is said that the Great Deku Tree was what protected the Kokiri from monsters...
  12. Leonomonn

    General Zelda Where Did the Kokiri Go in the Defeated and the Child Timeline?

    Well, I think the defeated timeline could be explained by all the destruction that would take place after Link is defeated. The Kokiri could have simply been all wiped out. I don't know as much about the games in this line personally, but if you think about it, the creatures from Ocarina of Time...
  13. Leonomonn

    General Modern If You Had To/Could Date Any Zelda Character, Who Would It Be?

    I'd have to say...Cremia simply because she seems like a more developed character than her Ocarina of Time counterpart. I think Anju would be my runner up though.
  14. Leonomonn

    The Legend of Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 45!

    I picked Darknuts just because I really thought they were cool when I first played.
  15. Leonomonn

    General Zelda POLL: Should Nintendo Give Us a Zelda Game with a Female Playable Character?

    I've often suggested a female Link would be good for the simple reason that, his character is one that is supposed to span generations. While I can see reasons to keep him the same gender, a female Link could help develop the "Spirit of Link" that each descendant has within them. In other words...
  16. Leonomonn

    What It Would Take to Make the Best Zelda Game?

    Could you imagine a Zelda game where they took the TP cut-scenes, the involvement for side-quests from MM, the exploration from ones like the original LoZ, and the really good dungeon design of OoT or most of any of the other games really? If they could integrate all those things correctly we...
  17. Leonomonn

    Best Zelda Game Poll 6: Wind Waker Vs Twilight Princess

    Neither of these will ever be my favorite Zelda game, but I had to give Twilight Princess, because I had to work so hard for that awesome ending. My save file got deleted somehow whenever I had made it to the Zant fight.
  18. Leonomonn


    A lot of people sound like they want Zelda to become Skyrim or something. While skill trees and all that are a good idea, we have to consider that this is Zelda we're talking about. I'm all for innovation in a series, but with what Zelda's core gameplay is it just wouldn't work. Zelda has almost...
  19. Leonomonn

    Ocarina of Time Why the Changes?

    Yeah I like the N64 Mirror Shield better myself. Everyone already beat me to the punch in mentioning that it was due to what I believe was an Islamic symbol. Unfortunately, in today's society a symbol will almost always be controversial if you aren't careful :/
  20. Leonomonn

    What is Your Favorite Cut-scene in Zelda?

    There are a lot of fantastic cut scenes. However, if I had to pick one, I would have to pick when Link pulls the Master Sword in Ocarina of Time and wakes up as Adult Link. That scene is what cemented my love of the Zelda series to this day. I like how some look and things much better than this...
  21. Leonomonn

    Breath of the Wild Zelda Wii U Wishlist

    If I could ask for one thing in the next Zelda I want the NPC's to feel as important as they did in Majora's Mask. Make them all special in a way you know?
  22. Leonomonn

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 29!

    Personally since Ocarina of Time was the first Zelda game I played I kind of associate ocarinas in general with Zelda. I'd also even like the idea of a game that shows what happened with the Ocarina after Zelda took it from Link and sent him back. The game wouldn't feature Link obviously, but...
  23. Leonomonn

    General Classic Bring Back BowWow!

    Well I like the idea, but I think all the Mario enemy references I remember in Link's Awakening was something that made it all it's own.
  24. Leonomonn

    Minish Cap Opinions

    While I do like the Minish Cap and I really enjoyed the feeling of beating it and all the nice little side quests and stuff, I've never been the biggest fan of 2D Zelda. Maybe Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask being my first two Zelda games spoiled me a little, but I just enjoy the 3D play style...
  25. Leonomonn

    Earliest Zelda Memory

    My very first Zelda memory was that my dad took me out to get a new game because I was bored and he liked playing them with me. Unfortunately they didn't have any Mario games that I didn't have at Kmart, but because my dad wanted me to pick a new one I picked Ocarina of Time because it had a...
  26. Leonomonn

    If You Could Harness the Power of Any Playable Song in the Franchise...

    I'd use the power of Saria's Song to make people dance like crazy! :D
  27. Leonomonn

    Best Area in Zelda?

    In terms of gameplay, I'd have to say I love the Clock Town simply because it spawned so much adventure. I think the reason I loved Majora's Mask so much was simply that I felt it had so much more to it than just the adventure and story. All the side quests usually had a certain time period to...
  28. Leonomonn

    If Hyrule Had T Shirts...

    Front: "Re-Dead" with a picture of a re-dead's face underneath Back: "Horniest members of the underworld"
  29. Leonomonn

    Wind Waker with Graphics on SSBB That Toon Link Was Portrayed In?

    Honestly I could see Toon Link returning simply because Nintendo still uses that version of Link. They'll probably do it a little bit less now considering the capabilities of the 3DS, but Toon Link makes a good Link clone because he looks a lot more different than young Link did. I mean they...
  30. Leonomonn

    Favorite Legendary?

    I loves me so Ho-oh. Reshiram is close too though
  31. Leonomonn

    Darknut Vs. Iron Knuckle

    I love both of them and I'd just like to see them again. Honestly I thought they would be in Skyward Sword because of the sword combat. I thought it would have been a true challenge. As for who would win I would probably say the Darknut because they are faster...unless I'm confusing them for the...
  32. Leonomonn

    WW-Wii U What Made You Hate The Triforce Hunt?

    See when I went out to the sea in Wind Waker I felt like I was adventuring into a big unknown area and everytime I sailed past a new island on my way to the charts or next place I thought, "Oh here's something new to check out." For me I found the enjoyment in the idea that while sailing through...
  33. Leonomonn

    Favorite Starter Pokémon of All Time

    I have trouble deciding between Cyndaquil, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle
  34. Leonomonn

    How Many Hours Have You Clocked on a Single Game

    I've got a recorded 337 hours on black...but I think that might be because of sleep mode
  35. Leonomonn

    Favorite Johto Gym Leader

    Clair is my favorite Gym Leader of all time so there you go haha
  36. Leonomonn

    Favorite Generation

    Well gen 1 is what got me loving Pokemon so when I played Gold and found all the new pokemon and enhancements to an already awesome game I fell in love
  37. Leonomonn

    Favorite Pokemon Type

    While I love Dragon and Fighting my favorite without a doubt is electric. I just love lightning and electricity and all that stuff.
  38. Leonomonn

    Your Favorite Pokemon Game

    The main reasons I picked Heartgold is because it's basically an enhanced remake of my favorite pokemon game that allows me to have my all time favorite pokemon Gallade and allows me to have a lot of fun even after I beat the elite four
  39. Leonomonn

    WW-Wii U What Made You Hate The Triforce Hunt?

    I guess that all just kind of depends how patient you can be and how much you can enjoy the ride. Like for me I can't stand grinding in RPG's because I think battling the same enemy over and over again for a decreasing amount of experience points. Some people can't stand grinding, some people...
  40. Leonomonn

    WW-Wii U What Made You Hate The Triforce Hunt?

    I guess I'm part of the minority opinion. I thought that the exploring it required to get the charts and find them was a great idea. I thought that the best thing about Wind Waker was the sailing. It really brought the exploration of a big, open, unknown world back from the NES Zelda days. Some...
  41. Leonomonn

    Funniest Moment in Zelda History

    My funniest Zelda moment was probably in Wind Waker when you get the three pearls to the statues. Link thinks it's gonna explode and runs away, but then it doesn't so he goes right up next to it and then it explodes. LOVED THAT!
  42. Leonomonn

    Zelda Games You Have Yet to Play/beat

    For all the main canon games I've played. The ones I have yet to beat are... AoL, LA, OoS, OoA, ALttP, FSA, PH, ST
  43. Leonomonn

    Open Top Dungeons

    I think an open top dungeon would be a great idea. Especially if it incorporates the cycle into the puzzle. The only problem I see with this is that if the game has no way to change between day and night like the N64 games did then this would really slow down the gameplay. Therefore it would...
  44. Leonomonn

    Best Skulltulas in the Series?

    I would say Skyward Sword's but that jerk with the purple butt pissed me off when I couldn't figure out how to kill him and then when I did I couldn't get Link to thrust. Thrusting is the only mechanic I've ever had real trouble with in Skyward Sword so of course I would have to thrust very...
  45. Leonomonn

    Had Nintendo Waited...

    I don't think the tech had too much to do with the ideas for the games. I mean you could just make the argument that they all would be better on a newer generation console because the possibilities would be endless, but one of things about all these older games is that the system they were...
  46. Leonomonn

    Zelda Art Looking for Artist to Do Art for Skyward Sword LP

    The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Hero Mode: Episode 7 "Not a Great Comeback" - YouTube The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Hero Mode: Episode 8 "A Much Better Comeback" - YouTube The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Hero Mode: Episode 9 "Failure at its Finest" - YouTube The Legend of Zelda...
  47. Leonomonn

    Zelda Art Looking for Artist to Do Art for Skyward Sword LP

    Just wanted to let everybody know that I'm still working on the LP. I'm just finishing getting settled into college. The episodes should be coming again soon
  48. Leonomonn

    Zelda Art Looking for Artist to Do Art for Skyward Sword LP

    I like it a lot. Thank you very much :)
  49. Leonomonn

    Zelda Art Looking for Artist to Do Art for Skyward Sword LP

    Whatever you want to do is fine with me. And you can definitely have those
  50. Leonomonn

    Zelda Art Looking for Artist to Do Art for Skyward Sword LP

    Skyward Sword: Episode 6 "ADVENTURE EPISODE...Sort of" - YouTube Here's episode six. It took a while because I was settling into college though :/
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