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  1. GanonSlayr

    What Nintendo Has Revealed from Nintendo Direct

    Thank god for the REGULAR controller. Now all we need is for the power to be alot more than the X360 and PS3.
  2. GanonSlayr

    Which Gun Would You Use In a Last Stand?

    My guns, thunder and lightning. Moi.
  3. GanonSlayr

    What's Your Favorite Author (fiction or Non-fiction)?

    YES!! someone else loves Paulo Coelho! Paulo Coehlo J.R.R. Tolkien Allen Poe Neil Gaiman Philip Pullman Rudyard Kipling
  4. GanonSlayr

    Who's Your Celebrity Crush?

    Lee Newton. Hilarious, talented, and beautiful. Jennifer Lawrence. And of course, the lovely and talented Karen Gillian Guy crush is Joseph Gordon Levitt, or Woody Allen. (Hey, girls can have girl crushes, so I can have a dude crush.)
  5. GanonSlayr

    Choclate or Vanilla Cake?

  6. GanonSlayr

    E3 Wishlist!

    Wii U can have regular controllers and NOT THE CRAPPY WII REMOTES!!! I also want it's graphics to be better or on par with the 720 or PS4. Fallout IV, Bioshock Infinite trailers, Call of Duty 3DS, and a game on the 3DS that is either a shooter, action game or action RPG with a good plot...
  7. GanonSlayr

    Any Suggestions of Songs My Band Can Play?

    Crazy Train. My band is doing that this year. Not totally sure what music you listen to in Norway.
  8. GanonSlayr

    Mythical/Extinct Creatures.

    If you could have one mythical or extinct creature be brought either back into life or into life, what would it be? I would love to see the return of the wooly mammoth ( screw roads, I'm riding one to school), and the appearance of both dragons and worm bunnies.
  9. GanonSlayr

    Places You Would Love to Travel.

    I'm just worried about government hostility towards America.
  10. GanonSlayr

    What element?

    probably Fr, or Francium.
  11. GanonSlayr

    Least Favorite Fast Food?

    Taco Bell, or crappy chinese. McDonalds isn't too bad if you get the fish sandwich.
  12. GanonSlayr


    So, I'm going paintballing for the first time next week, and I'm wondering if you have any advice. I know about thick clothing (I'm probably going overboard anyway) but if you have any tips or strategies it would be nice. The two maps we'll be primarily on are a woods map and an "Urban" one.
  13. GanonSlayr

    Why Do Parents Let Kids Play M Games?

    I think it's fine as long as the parents know what they're kids can handle. For example, COD is okay from age ten in my opinion.
  14. GanonSlayr

    A Different Gendor

    If I was a girl I would most definitely be lesbian. It would be weird because there are no girls i know who accept knifemaking as a hobby.
  15. GanonSlayr

    Most Overrated Person of All Time

    Shigeru Miyamoto. Many of the games he's recently designed feel very outdated. He was an amazing person, but overrated.
  16. GanonSlayr

    Why This Stereotype?

    Why is there this stereotype on this site that the X360 and PS3 are only for people who like to blow things up and play mindless games? People keep on saying that they're crap and they have no good games, and that everyone just likes to play COD on them.
  17. GanonSlayr

    If You Could Have One Wish...

    I would wish for wings. To be able to fly would be amazing. By the way, for everyone to be happy is terrible.
  18. GanonSlayr

    ScrewAttack's Top 10 Franchises That Need to Die

    Not Dynasty warriors, but samurai warriors as well. Utter crap.
  19. GanonSlayr

    What's Your Ethnicity(s) ?

    3/8 German, 3/8 Irish, and the other two eighths are English, French, Scottish, Norwegian, And lets throw in some Russian. The two most predominant are German and Scottish.
  20. GanonSlayr


    Blacks Ops 2. ACIII. Elder Scrolls Online. Fallout IV (I WANT THIS GAME TO BE ANNOUNCED) RE 6
  21. GanonSlayr

    Console Gamer VS PC Gamer

    Consoles. A good PC is waaaaaaaay more expensive than a console. I would love a PC, because of the enhanced graphics, mods, and other stuff, but out of my range.
  22. GanonSlayr

    What is Your Nickname

    A girl named Daria in my grade is nicknamed Darius. We always tell her that Alexander is going to kill her.
  23. GanonSlayr

    What Would Your "Death Good"?

    My bass guitar laid over me like an axe would be in a Norse burial ship. Or my Kukri.
  24. GanonSlayr

    Which Game Evoked the Most Emotions for You?

    The end of Okami. So sad. It was just... beautiful.
  25. GanonSlayr

    Do You Play Any Insturments?

    Attempting to play bass, but kind've losing the will.
  26. GanonSlayr

    DBZ Abridged- What Do You Think?

    I take back my last statement, nevet1212 and xanauzumaki are still awesome. But I can't believe little kuriboh is still doing stuff.
  27. GanonSlayr

    Which Game Do You Think is Better?

    The best Zelda game is Twilight Princess. Best final fantasy game is either VII or IV
  28. GanonSlayr

    Games We Overlooked

    Mushroom men was a really good Wii game. It was a solid 3D platformer, with the most imagination I've seen in a game in ages. Plus, the Music was done by Les Claypool.
  29. GanonSlayr

    Favorite Band?

    Zeppelin, Floyd, Hendrix, Boston, Letters to Cleo, the Housemartins, Blue Oyster Cult, Nirvana, the Beatles, The Stones, Rise Against, Janis Joplin, Fugazi, Fear, Flipper, the Dead Boys, Morphine, I JUST CAN'T CHOOSE!
  30. GanonSlayr

    Women in Gaming

    It is true, I don't see many girls playing games at all. Maybe it's because many games portray women as either damsels in distress, Badasses with the character of a piece of cardboard, or just people who sit around displaying their breasts in clothes no one would actually wear. (An exception...
  31. GanonSlayr

    New Name for the Nintendo WiiU

    Yes. People will think it's just an add on for the Wii, or a different edition if they don't. Also, the Wii is basically branded as a kid or family console, so they may want to rename it to attract an older audience. How about Nintendo Torrent? or the Nintendo Flood?
  32. GanonSlayr

    Which Metroid Game is Your Favourite?

    Fusion or the entire trilogy. Yes, I know the trilogy is three games, but still.
  33. GanonSlayr

    Youtube Accounts

    No videos so far. I'm MesserSchmidt999, and i plan on doing vlogs, Knife reviews, camping gear reviews, and other nonsense.
  34. GanonSlayr

    Harry Potter Fans: if You Had a Patronus, What Would It Be?

    Ravenclaw. I like to strategize. Patronus would be an otter. I don't know why.
  35. GanonSlayr

    The Ending of an Anime

    I cried when Nightmare Inspector ended. It was really said. Yu Yu Hakusho was really good, and had a fitting ending. However, Bleach needs to end. Now. The entire thing is filler now.
  36. GanonSlayr

    When Do You Think They'll Stop Making New Pokemon?

    THey'll keep making designs of pokemon until the end of the world, no matter how old they get or how unoriginal they are. The original 150 is still the best.
  37. GanonSlayr

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Got a communist t-shirt, on vacation, and killin' time on ZD.
  38. GanonSlayr

    What Would You Do if You Had 24 Hours Left?

    If I had a wife or girlfriend I would most likely have sex if I could legally do that. If I were in the correct situation, I would climb a mountain with friends and have a nice meal on top (Sushi, steak, ribs) and listen to my favorite music. I would also start singing along to nice calm music...
  39. GanonSlayr

    What Would You Call Your Child?

    I would like to have two kids, a girl and a boy because if I have a single child I might spoil him/her. I would name my female child either Alyss, Iris, Gaia. A male child would definitely be named Johannsen. Other cool names would be Friedrich, Adrastus, Cyrus, Darius, Talos, or Mikhail.
  40. GanonSlayr

    Homogeneous Culture Vs. Multiple Ethnic Roots

    Having a heterogenous culture and background may increase chances of being open mindedness, because you have many different cultures around you. However, I don't really think it matters that much. I do sometimes feel in tune with my German ancestry, for example I feel more attraction to the...
  41. GanonSlayr

    In Your Opinion, What Exactly Was Zelda Going to Say?

    Something romantic, probably. What else?
  42. GanonSlayr


    Are they're any good emulators for mac? just a question.
  43. GanonSlayr

    Fanbase That You Hate.

    Legend of Zelda/Mario. Don't go hating on other games because they have violence. COD isn't about shooting stuff, it's about shooting stuff and having fun. COD. Six year old's shouldn't know those words. Just shut up and play the game, And please, turn off your mike when your asking your mom...
  44. GanonSlayr

    What Are the Most Important Factors YOU Consider When Purchasing Videogame Hardware?

    1. Price. If it's too expensive, forget it. I have no money and my parents are not supportive of me playing video games at all so they wouldn't help. 2. Power. Why i wish I hadn't bought a Wii. I'm missing out on so many good games because the Wii doesn't have the power to play them. 3. Games...
  45. GanonSlayr

    Big City or Small Town?

    I would like to live in a big city for a short time, but big wide open fields and birch forests and alpine environments call to me. I'm from a town with an under 5000 population.
  46. GanonSlayr

    What is Your "Would Be" Name?

    Calypso is an awesome name!!!!!
  47. GanonSlayr

    DBZ Abridged- What Do You Think?

    Abridged series just aren't funny anymore in my opinion. I find it quite boring.
  48. GanonSlayr

    Should Sega Re-Enter Console Market?

    No. Sega's main franchises keep on getting questionable reviews, and it seems like sonic is their only first party series now. If they want to team up with valve and help them with the steambox then by all means, they can go right ahead.
  49. GanonSlayr

    "Hardcore" Gamers.

    To many saying that I said that games are childish, what I meant to say that is that many of the public label video games as something children do. I didn't mean this about people who get paid to play games, in which case, well, it's your job. I'm just trying to say that I don't think its...
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