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    Vermin Supreme for the win. You, sir, win. LOL. I bet that guy would male a better President than the other guys running. lawl.
    The fair play for Cuba organization was a group in the sixties and seventies who wanted to lift the trade embargo on Cuba and some other stuff. But it's just an inside joke that my friends used, and that's why I put it in my user title.
    I've been wondering this for awhile. What exactly does your custom user title of "Fair Play for Cuba" refer to?
    I am pretty much with you in that I love the communist ideal I just don't think it is practical...At least not yet anyways. People have a long way to go, but maybe one day we can evolve as a species to that point. It's a shame there is so much hostility to what amounts to a simple idea. Just the word makes people scream evil. Luckily I have a very open minded family and they all know, were all liberal but only me and my mom as far as I know are self-proclaimed socialists.
    And don't even get me started on some of the tactics the U.S. has used to undermine people and governments to get their way, so many people don't realize the horrifying actions committed in the name of "freedom".
    I will also dig up a few links for you if I can find them, I found some that explain wonderfully just how deeply flawed and messed up the libertarian philosophy really is. Honestly I see it as little more then trying to justify greed as somehow being moralistic. Sad.
    Hey, sorry for responding so late. It's the end of the semester, I have 6 courses and everything is due and exams are coming so I have been so busy. Anyways, I am a socialist mainly as I don't think Marx's vision of Communism is all the realistic. At least not now. I agree with Marx on a lot but I don't know if a perfect stateless society is really achievable. I think people are naturally greedy and corruptible. I simply think we need a democratic governmental body. I hope we can live in a society someday that is past the lust for wealth and money and works for the good of all man. We need protections in place of that and even if it is inefficient at times I believe strongly in a democracy.
    I am kind of rambling but that's how I feel, capitalism is based on greed and that's a system that is just set up to fail for the working class. imo
    Saw your blog, so you consider yourself communist? Interesting, I'm a socialist so I am sure we share a lot of views and could have some interesting conversations!
    Um.... Because being rich has benefits? LOL, I don't know. I have a 3DS, but my Brother doesn't. He can have my old one.
    Did you submit the segment to our email? If you did, you should tell me what music you would like in that email. If you already sent the email, best send me another one. That way I don't forget. I try to keep all the segment information together.
    You can certainly have both of those.
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