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  1. Mudora

    Halloween 2020 Avatar & Signature Competition - Voting Round

    Seriously, they're all so good! My vote goes to Echolight - those drawings are too freakin' cute!
  2. Mudora

    What are you doing for halloween?

    My Halloween plan is to wait until November 1st when all the leftover candy goes on-sale and then gorge myself.
  3. Mudora

    What do you like to do to calm yourself and relax?

    When feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, I generally like to take a break from the situation by escaping into something else, whether it's music, TV/videogames, a book, or a simple conversation with someone. I remember when I was in school, I often felt like I didn't have the time to panic and...
  4. Mudora

    Which design for Zelda (the character) is your favorite?

    Like many have said, the Twilight Princess version of Zelda is among my favourite designs for her. It's a more mature look that suits her royal status. I just wish we would've gotten a glimpse of her sword fighting capabilities! That being said, I wouldn't mind seeing Zelda occasionally don...
  5. Mudora

    Hyrule Warriors First look at Robbie and Purah

    The unimpressed expressions of Impa, Zelda, and Link get me every time. :crylaugh: I was curious if we we're going to see these two and I'm glad for it, even if they don't end up being playable. Their designs seem fitting and they appear to be just as eccentric as ever, so I look forward to...
  6. Mudora

    Halloween 2020 Avatar & Signature Competition - Entry Round

    TIME TO GET SPOOKY! I did it for the orange username
  7. Mudora

    What are you looking forward to the most: Age of Calamity or BotW2?

    Overall, I'm more excited for BOTW2 given that it's part of the main series and will hopefully continue to build on and improve some concepts introduced by its predecessor. That being said, AoC is an unexpected surprise being delivered to us relatively soon, so it deserves hype as well!
  8. Mudora

    Your favourite version of Impa

    I like the design of young SS (and HW) Impa, but the demeanor of OoT Impa.
  9. Mudora

    What town in The Zelda Series would you want to live at?

    Lon Lon Ranch. Close enough to the hustle and bustle of Hyrule Castle Town, but isolated to the countryside where my introverted self could relax peacefully among the animals. :cucco:
  10. Mudora

    Hey, Happy Birthday! :party:

    Hey, Happy Birthday! :party:
  11. Mudora

    Hyrule Warriors Should AoC Have Alternate Endings?

    Nah, let them all burn. We all know what happens, but now we want to see exactly how it does. Plus, I think telling the story as intended sets up for an interesting gaming experience where the player knows that despite best efforts and all previously successful campaigns, you're always destined...
  12. Mudora

    Hyrule Warriors Which Champion are you looking forward to playing as?

    Urbosa cz she's a badass lady that can conjure lightning with the snap of her fingers. But I need a Daruk storyline that helps to heal his relationship with dogs.
  13. Mudora

    Hyrule Warriors Where is your hype for Age of Calamity?

    I mean, I still don't own a Switch yet, but I'm pretty excited. I enjoyed slashing my way through hoards in the original HW, so this game is definitely on my list.
  14. Mudora

    Hyrule Warriors Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

    ^Haha, the best part of any game! But am I excited to watch a beautiful and prosperous Hyrule be set on fire with all heroic characters meeting their untimely demise? HECK YES.
  15. Mudora

    Choose One Thing You Hope for from BotW 2

    I suppose I would summarize my biggest hope for BOTW2 as simply wanting better variety in many aspects. With an overworld as big as the one we were given, I want to see different enemy/boss types (including the redesign of ones we've seen in previous games), not just the same enemy with a...
  16. Mudora

    Breath of the Wild All about cooking

    I typically just threw in my "hearty" items and called er a day, but it was sometimes fun to play around with ingredients. After having to make a Monster Cake, I wanted to see what other desserts were available, so Link ended up being prepared to fight the Calamity with an inventory full of...
  17. Mudora

    Breath of the Wild Your Favorite Music in BotW

    One of my favourite pieces is the Lost Woods/Maze theme. I definitely warped back to shrines within those areas for the sole purpose of just listening to the music. I also enjoyed the themes for Urbosa, Gerudo Town, dragon appearances, and travelling on horseback. And of course, who could forget...
  18. Mudora

    Breath of the Wild How do you name your horses?

    I named the Royal Horse "Storm" and the Giant Horse "Phantom" as I read that those were the names of Zelda and Ganon's horses, respectively, in works outside of the games, such as in the Valiant Comics. I then purchased the amiibo to get Epona because she is iconic and I'm a sucker for nostalgia.
  19. Mudora

    Echolight's art

    What a lovely drawing! I love how you incorporated the colours. I was also looking at some of your previous work - you're very good! :)
  20. Mudora

    Eye Colors

    I have green eyes, causing my former roommate to often refer to me as a "mutant." :crylaugh: I quite enjoy my eye colour and wouldn't want to change it. In terms of preference, I wouldn't say I really have any. I think there's something uniquely beautiful about all colours and it's fascinating...
  21. Mudora

    Can you be an animal lover and eat meat??

    I came here straight from the "How Do You Like Your Meat Cooked?" thread. :sweat: But in all seriousness, yes, I truly believe you can consider yourself an animal lover while still consuming meat and do so without being labelled as hypocritical. Just as other animals on this planet hunt as part...
  22. Mudora

    How Do You Like Your Meat Cooked?

    In terms of steak, my preference is rare to medium-rare for flavour and tenderness. Any other meats, however, I usually cook until well done. Interestingly, I didn't even realize restaurants offered a choice for foods like hamburgers until a couple years ago. Other than for steak, I've never...
  23. Mudora

    Mudora's Graphics

    Nice to see that this thread still exists after all this time. :pikalove: I haven't been playing around in GIMP much of late, but I thought I'd post my current signature/avatar combo here. They were definitely less about my minute artistic abilities and more about just having some fun!
  24. Mudora

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 388!

    I voted yes, simply because my parents tend to get my brother and I a calendar every year, and mine's always Zelda themed. :)
  25. Mudora

    Breath of the Wild What Are You Doing In BOTW?

    Mainly Korok hunting. I restarted in master mode over a year ago, and now whenever I come back home from university I try to get a decent portion of the map covered. The problem is is that the map has already erased a lot of my previous work. Walkthroughs are for the weak. ;) (though they may...
  26. Mudora

    Christmas 2019 Avatar & Signature Competition - Voting Round

    Wow, great job everyone! My vote goes to Satan.
  27. Mudora

    Christmas 2019 Avatar & Signature Competition - Entry Round

    Merry Christmas, everyone! I didn't have time to do anything digital, but my parents have a chalkboard and I always draw something Peanuts related for my mom, so enjoy!
  28. Mudora

    Lies you were taught in school

    Back in the good ol' days of elementary school, I had a teacher who told my class that hummingbirds hitch rides on the backs of geese during migration season.
  29. Mudora

    Mudora's Graphics

    Hey, thank you! :hug:
  30. Mudora

    What is your MBTI type?

    I've taken this quiz a few times in the past and always get the same result: Mediator (INFP-A). I remember reading the characteristics of this personality type for the first time and thinking how amazingly accurate it is for me.
  31. Mudora

    Wine: red or white?

    I'm not too picky when it comes to alcohol - I've had both red and white and enjoy both. Though if I had to choose, I'm a big fan of Jacob's Creek Moscato White. Great flavour for a good price.
  32. Mudora

    Mudora's Graphics

    Thanks man! :^^:
  33. Mudora

    Mudora's Graphics

    Heyo! So I've been sitting on this Majora's Mask sig for the past few months and I finally decided to finish it. Also, I've now watched Spider-Man: Homecoming in theatres twice and thought it was great. :)
  34. Mudora

    Pineapples or No Pineapples?

    I'm starting to question the sanity of people on this site. While Canada has gifted this world with many fine creations, putting pineapple on pizza is most certainly not one of them. It is an unholy abomination upon the sanctity that is pizza.
  35. Mudora

    Family that plays LoZ?

    The reason that my older brother and I became introduced to the series was because my Dad played it. I have fond memories of all three of us (my Mom's more of a Mario fan ;)) huddled around the TV solving puzzles and beating dungeons. I'm definitely more obsessed with Zelda than anyone else in...
  36. Mudora

    What was the last thing you dropped?

    I think the better question for me is, "What was the last thing you didn't drop?" :shrugs: I am a very clumsy person and tend to drop and/or spill things regularly. The last thing I dropped though would be my cell phone, an object that has hit the ground numerous times yet somehow remains to be...
  37. Mudora

    Things that dont look comfy

    The first thing I thought of was leather pants. And then I flashed to that one episode of Friends where Ross buys a pair of them. :crylaugh:
  38. Mudora

    What instruments do you play?

    I dabble with my keyboard from time to time and I also own an ocarina. I got into music when I was around seven, and oddly enough I have Jack Black to thank for it. I remember watching the movie School of Rock and seeing all these talented kids playing instruments, and I thought I could do it...
  39. Mudora

    What did you last eat?

    A big bag of chips, which I rationalized as being a hearty serving of vegetables and therefore a healthy meal.
  40. Mudora

    How did you come up with your username?

    A Link to the Past was my first Zelda game, and remains to be one of my favourites to this day, so my username is a reference to the Book of Mudora. When I first joined the forums back in 2012, my username was actually HEY! LISTEN! which I'm sure doesn't need further explanation. ;)
  41. Mudora

    Favourite kind of cake

    Cheesecake. Doesn't matter what kind - all are beautiful. Ooh, I'm also a big fan of raspberry flan! My aunt made some last weekend and it was divine. :^^:
  42. Mudora

    Retro console resurgence

    I find that being able to buy retro games on modern consoles provides a great opportunity to play games I previously never had the chance of owning, but when it comes to classics that I grew up with, I prefer playing them on the original system, or a similarly styled one. I'm definitely a...
  43. Mudora

    Mudora's Graphics

    Decided to celebrate my long overdue return to ZD-i and graphic designing by pulling a bit of inspiration from BotW. :^^: I kept it simple for this new sig and hope to post more here in the future!
  44. Mudora

    When was the last time you played on a Nintendo 64

    About an hour ago. My brother and I finished a few rounds of Super Smash Bros!
  45. Mudora

    Favorite Grilled Chez

    Wow. I wish I felt as passionate about anything in my life as this guy does about his grilled cheese sandwiches. :D
  46. Mudora

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    I just watched this for the first time the other day as well, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It has themes and humour that both children and adults can appreciate. Solid 9/10.
  47. Mudora

    I say 'video game' you say...

    Really anything Zelda or Mario related, though Ocarina of Time and Super Mario World definitely stand out on my mind.
  48. Mudora

    How do you organize your games?

    What is this organization you speak of? Haha seriously though, if there's any sort of order to my games, I suppose it would be that the games I have played recently are at the top of the stack, and those that I haven't touched in a while are near the bottom.
  49. Mudora

    Favorite Grilled Chez

    The best grilled cheese sandwich I have ever had was at a restaurant. It was complete with harvarti cheese, lobster chunks, and an array of seasonings. I may or may not occasionally think about it from time to time because it was quite literally that great... Though I wish all my grilled...
  50. Mudora

    Pumpkin Carving

    The last time I carved a pumpkin was already a few years ago. I was planning on carving one this year as I do enjoy the activity, but I don't think I'll have time. My favourite jack-ó-lantern that I ever made was one of Boo from Super Mario Bros. Despite my lack of artistic talent, it actually...
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