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  1. Charmanda66

    Did You Use the Bike

    I run most of the time, but I will occasionally use the bike.
  2. Charmanda66

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

    Blue Rescue team was my first Pokemon video game ever, so it will always have a special place in my heart. <3
  3. Charmanda66

    Which Link is Your Favorite?

    I believe TP Link is titled "Hero Chosen by the Gods" if I remember
  4. Charmanda66

    How Many Dungeons Should a Zelda Game Have?

    I like having around 8 dungeons.
  5. Charmanda66

    Favourite Voice of Link in Zelda?

    Sachi Matsumoto. He just added to the feeling of toon link.
  6. Charmanda66

    Majoras Mask- Do People Truly Love This Game?

    Im playing through it right now, and I'm having a lot of fun.
  7. Charmanda66

    Popular Things You Dislike

    I don't care for the forest temple(OoT). The place creeps me out to this day, I hated hunting the poe sisters, I always seem to get mixed up on what door goes to what area in that central room, the design is kind of boring, and it seems boring to beat. If it has one thing going for it though, it...
  8. Charmanda66

    Hylain Language

    That person had quite a lot of free time on their hands...
  9. Charmanda66

    Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess

    I am most likely going to the Chicago performance! I am super excited! This is one of the reasons I love Zelda, how many other video game franchises give big concerts featuring music from their games?
  10. Charmanda66

    Favorite Item?

    I chose: 1. Clawshots 2. Bow 3. Whip 4. Cane of Pacci 5. Spinner
  11. Charmanda66

    Skyward Sword's Big Key Style in Zelda 3DS?

    I would like that. It was fun trying to open the doors.
  12. Charmanda66

    Fan-made Majora's Mask Trailer

    This is amazing! I really wish it was real.
  13. Charmanda66

    Best Ice Dungeon

    My favorite is definitely the temple of droplets. it was fun to beat and solve its tricky puzzles. My second favorite would be the snow temple in Spirit Tracks. I liked the whole bell puzzle
  14. Charmanda66

    Worst Game to Play First in a Franchise

    Pokemon Black and White These have better graphics, gameplay, and things that make earlier games seem a little less fun(which is a shame, considering Ruby is one of my favorite games ever).
  15. Charmanda66

    Graphics Vs Gameplay

    I voted for gameplay, but I'm just wondering how many of you would rant if Nintendo decided not to include HD in there Zelda Wii U game. :P
  16. Charmanda66

    Favorite Food

    I love sushi! It is the most delicious thing out there!
  17. Charmanda66

    Post Your Phobia!

    Heights. Ugh...
  18. Charmanda66

    Least Favorite Fast Food?

    Just being in a fast food restaurant makes me feel gross and greasy. The worst offenders might be McDonalds or Burger King.
  19. Charmanda66

    Modern Zelda Fans' Take on the Old 2D Titles

    I started playing around the time TP was released, and have beat/played most modern Zelda games. After beating SS, I decided to play LoZ. After beating it, I think I can rank it among one of m favorite Zelda games.
  20. Charmanda66

    What Zelda Game Are You Playing Now?

    I'm currently playing Majora's Mask.
  21. Charmanda66

    How Many Zelda Games Have You Beaten?

    I have beat 5: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Minish Cap Spirit Tracks Skyward Sword
  22. Charmanda66

    What Would You Like to See in the Ruby/Sapphire Remakes?

    I would love to see Ruby and Sapphire remakes. Ruby is hands-down my favorite Pokemon game, and Im not one that tends to be clouded by nostalgia.
  23. Charmanda66

    The Most Annoying Pokemon Ever!

    Tentacool is probably the most annoying Pokemon to me. Especially in Ruby, with about half the region covered in water. *shudders*
  24. Charmanda66

    Your Favorite Portable Zelda Game?

    My favorite Zelda game ever is Minish Cap, so obviously I voted for Minish Cap. :) It has amazing dungeons, items(cane of pacci:D), and Minish People!
  25. Charmanda66

    Your First Playthrough of a Zelda Game.

    The first play through I will go to a guide if I'm stuck, but on my 2nd play through I use step-by-step instructions to make sure I do everything.
  26. Charmanda66

    Will the Oracle Games Will Apear at the 3DS Shop?

    I really hope they do, those games always sounded like they might be fun to play.
  27. Charmanda66

    The Minish Cap The Minish Cap

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! The Minish were like the most amazingest race ever! I don't care if you put the Minish in some wierd story that has nothing to do with the rest of the timeline, just put them in another game!
  28. Charmanda66

    How Were You Introduced to Zelda?

    I was introduced to Zelda by Super Smash Bros. Melee. It was my 3rd video game ever, and I only bought it because it had Mario AND Pikachu(That was a big deal in my little 7 year old brain)on the cover. You cannot believe how puzzled I was when I saw all those other characters.
  29. Charmanda66

    Favorite Pokemon of All-time

    My Favorite is <3Charmander<3! He is just so adorable and awesome!
  30. Charmanda66

    Training Strategy

    I do a lot of grinding, trying to keep my Pokemon at around the same level.
  31. Charmanda66

    Which Game Evoked the Most Emotions for You?

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team. The story was great, and the ending made me cry my eyes out. I put them back in, and the ending made them cry out again.
  32. Charmanda66

    What instrument do you play?

    I play piano and recorder.
  33. Charmanda66

    Items Made into Dungeons

    Maybe it could be the master sword! The sword could be cursed by some evil magic and you had to go inside of it to get rid of the curse!
  34. Charmanda66

    Favorite Version of Zelda? (The Character)

    I like Skyward Sword Zelda. She had a real personality and you could see the bond between her and link. I mean, you found a heart piece in her closet!
  35. Charmanda66

    What is Your Favorite Zelda Race?

    I think that the Kikwis or the Zoras are my favorite.
  36. Charmanda66

    Console Games Vs. Handheld Games

    It honestly matter to me, as long as it's a fun Zelda game.
  37. Charmanda66

    What Item.

    I would have to choose either the clawshots from SS or the fire rod from ALTTP. How cool would it be to be able to shoot fire! But maybe I would choose the spinner or the ball and chain from TP... There are just so many cool items from the LoZ series to own that I can't pick just one!
  38. Charmanda66

    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    My least favorite Zelda game is the Adventure of Link. I am not the best gamer ever, and this game is just hard beyond the belief!
  39. Charmanda66

    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    I love the Minish Cap. It has a great storyline, weapons, great dungeons, and a cool partner.
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