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  1. Mehplep

    The White Sword: LoZ

    You must have five heart containers before you can pick up the white sword. You start off with three, so that should be two more from the start. You can find the heart containers in the dungeons after the dungeon boss, or picking up the heart containers in the overworld. Guide for overworld...
  2. Mehplep

    Difficulty Setting?

    I have to disagree with El Bagu on this one, and say that toughen up the puzzles is a relevant part in increasing the difficulty in a Zelda games. Recent games have become easier because lack of threatening AI indeed, but puzzles aren't that difficult either. Sure, you can dump a whole lotta...
  3. Mehplep

    Majora's Mask First Save Point

    If you find problems solving the first part of the game, please use the site walkthrough for help. It covers everything in the game, so it should be helpfull. And you can't shoot bubbles before you save the stray fairy from the laundry pool and get her to the great fairy in north town, I think...
  4. Mehplep

    Link to the Past

    You've missed the Moon Pearl in the third dungeon, the one at the top of the mountain. Make you way back up there (in the light world) and go through the dungeon again. The big chest on the fourth floor contains the Moon Pearl, which makes you keep your original form in the Dark World...
  5. Mehplep

    Should There Ever Be Zelda on Wiiware?

    I would really like to see some SDK on WiiWare. Or, not maybe SDK, but still a development kit of some sort. Zelda just screams of fan made dungeons and games, and while it's done to a certain point with Zelda Classic for example, putting a real development kit, easy to use, on WiiWare, would be...
  6. Mehplep

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    mah desktop ...yes I know, I really need to clean it up, but seriously, am I ever going to do that? Probably not >.<
  7. Mehplep

    3D A Link to the Past

    Uh, Nintendo already made ALttP in 3D. It's called Ocarina of Time... Nah, but they don't need to do that at all. Why would they anyways? ALttP was designed as a 2D game, and if Nintendo wanted to translate it into 3D, they would have to redo, take away, put new things in, fix stuff, make...
  8. Mehplep

    Experience System Again?

    Err... I voted yes, but... I really like AoL. I do, but I tend to not like the leveling- and experience point-system in most RPGs. I don't hate it, but it mostly seems to become a huge grindfest sooner or later. And grinding is the one factor I always hate in all rpgs, it is just very annoying...
  9. Mehplep

    In OoT when Can You Get the Ice Arrows?

    Thread moved to Game Help. I usually never get the Ice Arrows when I play through OoT, but as Bellum said, you need the Silver Gauntlets in order to complete the Training Grounds. And I seriously don't know if you can beat the Spirit Temple before the Water Temple.
  10. Mehplep

    If Sailing returns...

    But the thing missing there is the actual fun with the actual sailing. Ehm, that sounds strange... but what you like is the exploration. It's pretty much exactly in the first two zeldas, but on a boat instead. Just that outside the boat, you can do loads of other stuff, while in WW, you do...
  11. Mehplep

    Super smash brothers Caption riot

    ... or you'll just wait until some other mod moves it for you :)
  12. Mehplep

    If Sailing returns...

    I was just thinking about this yesterday, Zelda and sailing... and then I just realized one thing. Even though I don't like the Wii's motion controls, sailing would be a heck of a lot fun with the Wiimote. Think about it. If anyone have sailed here, I think you get my general idea already...
  13. Mehplep


    Well... I have Windows XP, Windows Vista, Ubuntu, RedHat, Debian, and OSX on my computers, but I voted XP just for the heck of it.
  14. Mehplep

    Ocarina of Time guinness book of world records

    Swiftblade was probably refering to TSA, The Silent Assasin, a guy who have done some impressive TAS-runs of several games. The fastest run I've seen of OoT was in two and a half hour, but it used oh so many glitches. I think he actually skipped three medallions, and the first thing he did was...
  15. Mehplep

    Please help! (ALttP)

    Okay, this thread was about how to make patterns and finding sprites to use for the guitar, not requesting characters to put on the guitar. If you aren't going to answer her primary question or help her, just zippit.
  16. Mehplep

    Battle of The Web Browsers

    Preformancewise is the latest IE (8) and Fx very much alike, but Fx is loading hmtl, javascript and flash faster if you run tests about it. And Fx is, which I find is it's real triumph, soooo much more customizable. There's millions of add-ons to firefox, just to tweak the look or preformance so...
  17. Mehplep

    Temple of Four Swords

    The question was already answered, the thread is pretty old, this is bumping... <closed>
  18. Mehplep

    How healthy is the Wii?

    ... but that doesn't mean it's really healthy. Comparing it to Xbox360, it's healthy for sure, but comparing it to a real physical activity like soccer, running, dancing, climbing, football, whatever, it's just awkward. You wont become slim with Wii Fit, you wont make muscles by shaking a...
  19. Mehplep

    Best Controller?

    Playstation controllers. Or DualShock3 if you wanna be precise... I have always loved the layout of the playstation controllers and they always seem to fit perfectly. I was really shocked when the Sixaxis didn't come with rumble, but dualshock fixed that. On honorable secound place is GC, very...
  20. Mehplep

    Battle of The Web Browsers

    Firefox is my main. I have Safari, IE, Chrome, Opera, Konqueror and Iceweasel as well on various computers, but nothing beats firefox.
  21. Mehplep

    Might learn Guitar. (need suggestions)

    Oh. I've never personally played a Starcastor, but Fender make pretty much always quality products, so would say you made a great buy with the guitars. Tuner, as I stated, is a lifesaver, and 10w works fine. Which brand and model is the amp? You should be able to use any headphones you have. If...
  22. Mehplep

    Might learn Guitar. (need suggestions)

    Well, as said is the difference a humbucker pickup between the guitars. The difference with single coil pickups and humbuckers is that single coils pick up more high-ranged sounds and less mid-range, and humbuckers vice verca. It's kinda hard too explain, but I found a good video too understand...
  23. Mehplep

    Might learn Guitar. (need suggestions)

    Both those guitar packs looks great, question is just which one suits you best. Comparing the guitars is the HSS, the second, better in the way that it have a humbucker pickup together with the single coils. This is the standard setup on a Stratocaster, and the first one lacks the humbucker to...
  24. Mehplep

    Might learn Guitar. (need suggestions)

    Have you played classical guitar before this? There is essentially no difference in the playing techniqe between a classical and an electrical guitar, it's just that the classical have strings that wont murder your fingers after the first couple of times you play on it. If you have played...
  25. Mehplep

    Random activities you do whilst your bored

    One of my random activities is solving Sudokos. Yeh, I'm very good at sudokos. And other versions like jigsaw sudoku, kakuro or GT sudoko. Pretty fun, I think I've like twenty sudoku books around. Otherwise, normal things as calling a friend, take a trip to the city, play some games, play...
  26. Mehplep

    What instrument do you play?

    I believe the english term for that instrument is Western Concert Flute. Or C-flute, since it's tuned to C major. Let's see... I'm playing mostly guitar (including electric, classic, acoustic, multistringed, and steelguitars) , bass (both electric and upright), drums, piano, and cello. I am...
  27. Mehplep

    Light force

    Capcom made the games, but Miyamoto was one of the producers. I would be really shocked if he wasn't the man behind the story.
  28. Mehplep

    Chrono Trigger

    If anyone here haven't played Chrono Trigger, I am vastly dissapointed. Seriously. Chrono Trigger is my all time favourite RPG, and will probably be for quite some time. Everyting in the game just clicks. The battle system with dual and tripple techs was awesome, and it was one of the first...
  29. Mehplep

    Fire Arrows

    ... it don't work on the crushers? I can't really say that I use arrows on them, but I am pretty sure I've seen someone doing it... goshdern that my savefile is at Ganons Castle :/ And yes, there are many, but I am very sure you can TAS em with Fire Arrows.
  30. Mehplep

    Fire Arrows

    ... or you use fire arrows. Perhaps more time consuming, but it works. We can sum it up that you need one fire magic to complete the game, but doesn't matter which it is.
  31. Mehplep

    Race's timeline

    Ganondorf was the one finding the dark realm. One of the seven maidens told you that in ALttP. ALttP was supposed to be a prequal to LoZ, but some say not, so I don't know how to speculate that to both games, but Ganondorf was existing before ALttP for sure, and thus gerudos.
  32. Mehplep

    What is Link's race?

    Asians isn't a race, it's a nationality. Trying to separate human beings into different "races" was just the thing Hitler did, my friend. The Human, Homo sapiens, is a race. And Link would be a Hylian, not a human.
  33. Mehplep


    Well, they better smite me then. Oops, nothing happened! I seriously don't like this music. Being VERY openminded, this is just something I cannot like. It's stuck somewhere between being emotional and being heavy, and doesn't really succeed at doing a mix of those two. The only song that is...
  34. Mehplep

    Magnetic Gloves

    I actually think the Magnetic Gloves were one of the best equips in the games, a really unique item. And I didn't really find them that confusing, it's just two poles... the platforming with the Gloves were kinda mediocre though. When you're over a pit in the GB-games, you can actually hover for...
  35. Mehplep

    Favorite Books

    Oh, I have a lot of great books, but really, nothing beats Stephen King or H.P. Lovecraft. Both those are geniouses. 'Salem's Lot, The Shining, The Shadow Over Innsmouth, Cthulu... some of my absolute favourites.
  36. Mehplep

    Favorite music.

    Oh look, a music thread... I have quite a diversity in my music. My main preferences lies with Metal (Opeth, Cryptopsy, Entombed and such), Techno/House (Benny Benassi, Daft Punk etc), Ambient music (Aphex Twin, Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Ulver...), Jazz (Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock...)...
  37. Mehplep

    Oracle of ages: heros secret last heart.

    There is another heart container to get in a linked Ages game, or a Hero's Secret game, that you can get by getting a code in the Seasons you got the Hero's code from. I can tell you exactly where you get it, but you might want to figure that out by yourself, so I will keep that untold until you...
  38. Mehplep

    library in minish cap

    ... is it a piece or a fusion? There is no piece in there, I'm fairly sure of that, but I can't recall if there is a fusion in there. But it might be one, many of the fusions are restricted to different times in the game.
  39. Mehplep

    library in minish cap

    I don't have a save file for the phases after you beat Vaati, but I don't think you can get into the library after Vaati, if I recall correctly. But the only time you are needed to get there is to get the flippers anyway, and there is nothing else in there.
  40. Mehplep

    library in minish cap

    Well, the library is not accessable in some part of the game. How much have you done so far and what is your current objective?
  41. Mehplep

    OoA/OoS favorite companion

    It actually depends for me which game it was on. For Ages, I liked Ricky the most, because of all the cliffs in southern Labrynna, and the worker part with the cliffs was the easiest one, but I like Dimitri more in Seasons. And seeing Seasons as my favourite of the two, I'll go with Dimitri.
  42. Mehplep

    Ocarina of Time OoT: Bloodiest E-rated game?

    One thing that I'm more concerned about when it comes to the ESRB-rating of OoT is the whole "shadow"-part of the game, i.e. The Well, Shadow Temple, and, well of course, re-deads. I first played OoT when I was ten I think, and the re-deads in the Market just scared the crap out of me, and not...
  43. Mehplep

    The best timeline I've seen

    We have seen Ganon come back from the dead several times. Mainly without an sword attatched to his forehead, but I'm sure he'll make his way through that, in one or another way. Maybe he leaves his earthly form of Ganondorf (which is the one with the Master Sword on) and ressurects as Ganon...
  44. Mehplep

    The best timeline I've seen

    Ganons placement woudn't probably be the same if Hyrule was unflooded, just as Brandon explains in the text. And I fail to see why the Master Sword would affect the scenario, it's never used (or atleast said to be used) in both LoZ and AoL. Overall I think it's really solid, actually. I'm...
  45. Mehplep

    Temple of Four Swords

    He is obviously talking about the ALttP-port for the GBA. The thing with the Temple of Four Swords is that it's not originally a part of the actual game, it was not in the game when ALttP was released on the SNES. Temple of Four Swords is a bonus-dungeon added to the GBA-port. To access the...
  46. Mehplep

    Oracles Overlooked?

    I think that the Oracles are two phenomenal games that are ridiculiously underrated by many gamers. They both are just overall great, having everything a Zeldagame should have, and plenty more. Even though the overworlds was kinda disappointing, the great dungeons and awesome bosses made well up...
  47. Mehplep

    Does Link have parents?

    I believe the credits say that he was saved and was regaining his health, but I'm not entirely sure if it's the same in the Japanese version. We have the most mangas on ZeldaDungeon.net in the manga section, feel free to read any of the mangas.
  48. Mehplep

    FSA, FS, and TMC Place in the Timeline?

    If you play through Minish Cap though, you'll find out that the Piccori Sword, when enchanted with the four elements, actually is the Four Sword. So I would say they have alot in common. Minish Cap must've happened before FS.
  49. Mehplep

    Feirce Deity: Is it nooby?

    The Biggorron Sword is only in OoT, not MM. Perhaps you meant the Gilded Sword, which is the same as the Razor Sword exept it dosen't break. You can also get the Great Fairy Sword after collecting all the stray fairies in Stone Tower Temple, witch is stronger than the Gilded Sword but is not a...
  50. Mehplep

    Ending of Ocarina of Time

    TP before WW? If you are going after GameTrailer's timeline, we all can say already now that it's wrong. TP should take place after OoT, but not before WW. WW explains this very good. In all other games exept AoL, Link have just waited until "the hero inside him awakes", and then he have the...
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