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  1. Xinnamin

    Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS

    Zelda and Sheik being separate characters still makes me really goddamn mad.
  2. Xinnamin

    Who Should Be ZD's Admin?

    The tooth fairy
  3. Xinnamin

    What Is Your Opinion On Formes?

    My problem with formes is that, while on an individual basis most of them seem like good ideas, there's getting to be too many of them, and the originality is wearing off. When it was just Castform and Deoxys, it was new and cool. It was Castform's "thing", what made it unique, and with Deoxys...
  4. Xinnamin

    All Newtwo Speculations and News

    A longer version of that trailer on the Japanese pokemon YT channel showed Mewtwo had a feminine voice....I want to strangle someone. Does anyone know what Mewtwo's voice was like in the first movie in Japanese? Regarding the awakening forme thing tho...well it's no secret that I hate the...
  5. Xinnamin

    Your Opinion On Facial Hair

    My boyfriend is a sexy mofo with that beard he's sporting.
  6. Xinnamin

    All Newtwo Speculations and News

    ...*headdesk* WELP I'm fairly certain I don't have to repeat my thoughts on this matter. The Formes thing was annoying enough before they decided to retcon new formes into classic pokemon.
  7. Xinnamin

    Do You Nickname People on Your Phone or Chat List?

    On Skype I have Destiny renamed to Destiny-Chan of Goats.
  8. Xinnamin

    Most Memorable Infraction Youve Recieved on This Site

    Only ever got one. Signature Rule infract. By a moderator that was just promoted that day too. Less than an hour later got a pm saying the infract was reversed because the mod messed up. I held a weird grudge against that mod afterwards. Then during my tenure as mod last year I deleted it...
  9. Xinnamin

    All Newtwo Speculations and News

    If this is actually the case then they did a pretty poor job of designing it. It has virtually the exact same face and coloration as Mewtwo. At least Mewtwo and Mew looked different enough, everything from anatomical structure to eye shape to the fact that Mewtwo has two colors while Mew only...
  10. Xinnamin

    All Newtwo Speculations and News

    Purely from aesthetics, this thing is seriously adorable. That being said, I don't like that it exists. If it does turn out to be a Mewtwo forme, I will honestly be pretty annoyed. The formes thing was a cute little gimmick that made certain pokemon like Castform and Deoxys special, but now...
  11. Xinnamin

    Pronunciation Thread

    Are you Cantonese? *is a curious cat* Also I've never heard bei-zhing before lol. I've heard some pretty butchered Henan's tho. EDIT: Austin just spent the last 5 minutes making weird j noises at me trying to explain what zhing sounds like so I'mma just take his word for it and pretend I...
  12. Xinnamin

    Pronunciation Thread

    Vocaroo | Voice message WOOT
  13. Xinnamin

    Wal-Mart May Get Customers to Deliver Online Purchases

    This. Just....this. Just....so much of this. There's a reason your mom always tells you not to give your address out to strangers, let alone letting someone else give your address to even stranger strangers. Never mind all the other red-tape legal issues or the high potential for fraud, those...
  14. Xinnamin

    A Pokémon League?

    If you want to battle where every pokemon on both teams is of equal level, you should at least ban uber-tier legendaries (like the mascot legendaries etc) for the simple reason that at even level, they have an unfair advantage. OU-tier legendaries (like say the various legendary trios) should...
  15. Xinnamin

    If You HAD to Date Any Video Game Character Who Would It Be & Why

    Furret. ...I appreciate a good cuddle ok >_>
  16. Xinnamin

    Cats or Dogs

    My kitty is sleeping on my stomach purring onto my arm right now HE IS SO WARM AND FLUFFY AND OMG HE HAS THE CUTEST PAWSIES ='3 ...crazy cat lady reporting in >_>
  17. Xinnamin

    Majora's Mask Is MM in the Wrong Timeline?

    It makes perfect sense that WW and MM are on separate timelines. Recall that Link in WW is stated to be completely unrelated to previous incarnations of Link; he's just a regular boy, not the hero re-incarnated. The reason for that is that Link ceased to exist on the adult timeline, and thus...
  18. Xinnamin

    [3DS] What is the 3D Effect Supposed to Do?

    I wouldn't say pop out so much as create depth, make it look like you are actually viewing a scene with depth of vision instead of just a flat image. I guess you could call it a "layered hole" but then again, isn't that what viewing reality is? I've never had ghosting problems though, it's not...
  19. Xinnamin

    Favorite League of Legends Champion

    Elise. I <3 that spider lady. Gonna send a tank at me? PERCENT DAMAGE. Gonna send an ADC at me? STUN AND BURST. Gonna tower dive me? OOPS RAPPEL NOW TURRET GON KILL YOU. Gonna CC me? SPIDERLING INTERCEPT. Gonna ambush me? EXPLODING SPIDER IN YOUR FACE. Lulu takes a very close second though...
  20. Xinnamin

    A Pokémon League?

    Due to various complications with connecting gaming devices to my school's wifi, I can't reliably connect my DS. If you guys decide to go the way of Pokemon Online tho, I've got a pretty nice Ice Team set up that I could use for a gym, just fyi =P
  21. Xinnamin

    How Do I Know if Lucario Has STAB?

    STAB: Same Type Attack Bonus If the move type and the pokemon's type are the same, that pokemon will have STAB on the move. In Lucario's case, Lucario is a Fighting/Steel type, all his Fighting and Steel type moves will have STAB. Aura Sphere is a Fighting type move, which is why he has STAB on it.
  22. Xinnamin

    A Pokémon League?

    Gonna repeat what I already said in Ats' blog: If I may suggest something: Pokemon Online It's a pokemon battle simulator program. It would actually make this kind of thing more accessible especially to people who either don't have good enough teams on their gen 4 games or don't have reliable...
  23. Xinnamin

    General Art Doodle Chat

  24. Xinnamin

    Ocarina of Time The Bandage on the Master Sword

    Couldn't find a picture, just took a screenshot of someone's youtube video instead :/ I think she means the white-ish part on the bottom half of the sheath. Edit: also here: Doesn't look high enough to attach to his belt. Edit 2: Just checked some other videos. It's not there in the N64...
  25. Xinnamin

    General Art Doodle Chat

  26. Xinnamin

    General Art Doodle Chat

  27. Xinnamin

    What Type of Mobile Phone Do You Own?

    ='D We have nearly the exact same phone! Except mine has the LG logo on the bottom and a Tmobile logo on the top and only 3 icons on the lower menu instead of 5 BUT OTHERWISE THE SAME!
  28. Xinnamin

    General Mafia Discussion

    Dunno about Austin, but I don't really see the mafia section as needing a leader persay, and being a community game with a rather large playerbase, certainly not a single leader. If anything, all you'd need is to have mods pop in now and again to update the queue list. The mafia community has...
  29. Xinnamin

    General Mafia Discussion

    Any experienced, trusted game mod, ie Austin, Viral, Wyatt, Axle, etc who choose to volunteer could easily co-mod or just guide the newer mods. Mafia has been going on here long enough the established mods are all known. I mean, I see it as more a mentorship than a true co-mod anyways. idk...
  30. Xinnamin

    General Mafia Discussion

    I'm just suggesting that very first time mods should get a helping hand from an experienced mod. Not saying the co-mod has to like....studiously check through every single role to make sure everything's ok and look over every lynch scene or death scene to make sure it's not overly revealing or...
  31. Xinnamin

    General Mafia Discussion

    This. A queue will help introduce new mods into the mix, but no reason that a single member has to maintain the queue, we're all big boys and girls here, I think we can all play nice without being supervised. Also can I suggest that all new mods be required, or at least heavily encouraged, to...
  32. Xinnamin

    What Type of Mobile Phone Do You Own?

    Had a feature phone up until about a year ago. Then my dad was like "hey I'm getting a new smartphone you can have mine" and I'm just "cool".
  33. Xinnamin

    Star Trek Into Darkness

    Yay for humor! The setting jumping around all over the place has me really disoriented but I'm not really expecting anything coherent from a trailer. Still seems little more than just an action movie right now though, which is a shame but I'll roll with it and see where it goes.
  34. Xinnamin

    Minecraft Creations

    I didn't have the foresight to screenshot some of my better stuff, and Austin can't figure out how to reload the old maps for me, but I found a few really bad screenshots of random stuff. I like giant pixel arts Texture pack mess up lol Oh god this brings back memories I'm so sad I don't...
  35. Xinnamin

    General Zelda More "Come On"?

    Personally I don't consider Link a blank character anymore. He used to be in the early games, but he's not anymore; all of the recent games have given Link a personality distinct from that of the player. I feel the argument that Link is a "link to the player" and thus can't have dialogue is an...
  36. Xinnamin

    Minecraft Creations

    You wouldn't still happen to have the really old map where I made my sphinx in the desert, would you? I was proud of that sphinx.
  37. Xinnamin

    Speedtest.net Thread

    The speed is decent enough, I just wish my school wasn't so nazi about not allowing peer to peer transfers ;_;
  38. Xinnamin

    General Zelda Destructible Environments

    I'd like to be able to wield my trusty shovel and litter the ground with pitfalls and holes of various sizes and heights enough to turn the forest floor into swiss cheese, and I would like to be able to do this in glorious widescreen. Just saying.
  39. Xinnamin


    aldksfjlksafasdkflj I LOVE DISSECTING THINGS ARE YOU KIDDING ME~ imsuchabiologygeekyouhavenoidea *ahem* Uh, I've done the frog and fetal pig like most school science courses will have you do, my frog was a lady with eggs too, that was fun (like, seriously, that was awesome). When we did the...
  40. Xinnamin

    Are You A Good Public Speaker?

    My knees visibly shake when I'm doing a particularly important presentation, and I tend to speak REALLY fast, but other than that I can do it p.well. My mind is a perpetual torrent of monologues, so speech preparation is pretty natural (I'm repeating it to myself all day everyday for like a week...
  41. Xinnamin

    Flygon/Salamence Mishap?

    Reminds me of the theories that the Marsh and Soul badge names in gen 1 may have been a switch (Marsh makes more for a poison gym, and Soul makes more sense for a psychic gym). It's the kind of thing where an outsider looking in would be like, those don't make any sense, but a person accustomed...
  42. Xinnamin

    Did You Ever Breed a Shiny?

    Nah man it was after I hatched it. I was checking for a specific gender/nature/ability combo why would I release an egg before hatching it lol. I guess I worded that funny. I was hatching them by the boxfull, and releasing them by the boxfull. Shiny togepi looks unfortunately similar to normal...
  43. Xinnamin

    Did You Ever Breed a Shiny?

    I did by accident. A togepi. I was trying to get a female of a specific nature and a specific ability. I had so many bad eggs I started systematically releasing them. I nearly released the shiny one too, until at the last minute I noticed the star on its info page and just kinda...flailed for a...
  44. Xinnamin


    I was just biased lol
  45. Xinnamin


    D'aww I'm flattered ='3 My mind works in really weird ways, so if this doesn't make sense, well that's normal. It was a one shot power, yes, and I didn't use it earlier simply because I didn't really suspect anyone enough to go for it and didn't want to blow it. I was contemplating actually...
  46. Xinnamin

    Mafia F: iDOLM@FIA *All Players Welcome!*

    Yes please and thankies
  47. Xinnamin


    You know, if I knew he was the last one, I prolly wouldn't have done that lol. I mostly killed him because YOLO and YAY CONFUSION, but well, that worked =D
  48. Xinnamin


    Dreaming God is supposed to be forced to use one each night, which is why this is confusing me. Hell I'm still confused just what happened with last night's blue aura having what appeared to be two completely separate effects. Little ol' me, scum? Aw shoo' I'm just a brave little girl, but I...
  49. Xinnamin


    But do we belieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve you? =O
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