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  1. Kevin


  2. Kevin

    Pokemon Dungeon League

    On the old Pokemon Dungeon forums I was a Gym Leader 8-) so was Mubble!
  3. Kevin

    Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS Wishes

    I wrote this up on GenGAME. It's a wishlist of sorts :D What the Next Super Smash Bros. Needs to Succeed | GenGAME
  4. Kevin

    Your Favorite Fire Type

    Charizard without a doubt!
  5. Kevin

    GenGAME Minecraft Server Registration Thread!

    My username is Shabazzle, and I'd like to join the server because Hyrulecraft is awesome, and the folks who built it must be really awesome too :3
  6. Kevin

    Pokemon Theory: Kangaskhan is an Evolution of Cubone/Marrowak

    I just meant the fourth evolution possibility for the Cubone line. It could have worked similar to Poliwags split line but Game Freak couldnt get an item or something to work as well. It's just a theory, and theres so many 'what-ifs.' y'know?
  7. Kevin

    Ruby and Sapphire Remake or Ruby and Sapphire 2?

    Not sure if Nintendo will do this. They may release the games on the virtual console. Maybe implementing some Wii U tablet functionality would be neat.
  8. Kevin

    Does Raichu Suck?

    Stats aside I really like Raichu. It's a really cool Pokemon! :D
  9. Kevin

    Banned Episodes

    They had one where they changed the way Team Rocket saluted because it looked too similar to the Nazi Germany salute.
  10. Kevin

    Pokemon Theory: Kangaskhan is an Evolution of Cubone/Marrowak

    Yeah I feel like the body structure is more important than the coloring since Pokemon's coloration has changed over the years.
  11. Kevin

    Pokemon Theory: Mixed Up Evolutions

    Wow! This is awesome I totally see it!
  12. Kevin

    How Many Have You Caught?

    In Pokemon Diamond I got like 300 something. That was the game where I caught the most.
  13. Kevin

    Starter Type

    I ended up being drawn to Water types after Generation 2. Mostly because they started making Fire/Fighting types for every starter.
  14. Kevin

    Kamikaze Strategies

    I've seen people use Infernape with Endeavor and a Focus Sash. It made me rage so hard when I fought it. It was really unexpected.
  15. Kevin

    Favorite Pokemon

    Out of these I'd say Pikachu
  16. Kevin

    Favorite Thing to Do in Pokemon Snap!

    I loved getting stuck on the Moltres egg and getting all of the Charmanders to run towards you when you played the flute :) It was fun to throw apples to them too.
  17. Kevin

    Does Raichu Suck?

    In a competitive sense Raichu isn't that great in the OU tier. Raichu is really just there as a surprise factor, but doesn't do much that other electric types with better moves and stat distributions can do.
  18. Kevin

    Pokemon Theory: Mixed Up Evolutions

    Yeah big time. Dragon/Water is a crazy typing.
  19. Kevin

    Pokemon Theory: Mixed Up Evolutions

    But couldn't the tale be true if Magikarp turns into Dragonite then because it's a dragon? I think it'd be cool if Dragonite was Dragon/Water
  20. Kevin

    Tournament #1 - Ladder Thread

    Is this still going on?
  21. Kevin

    Using Substitute

    I've tried using SubPunch Breloom with little effect. I prefer using Breloom with Drain Punch, Seed Bomb, Swords Dance and Spore
  22. Kevin

    The Amazing Drainpunch Abuser Conkeldurr

    All of these points are great. I feel like Fighting has taken a prominent role in todays OU metagame.
  23. Kevin


    I've been swept by Venomoth before. It's a scary bug.
  24. Kevin

    Beating a Game Every Way Possible.

    Look up how to do a Nuzlocke run. Those are always fun :)
  25. Kevin

    POKEMON: It Was All Just a Dream?

    I've read this before. It's kind of disturbing..I like to think that it's just a kids show and they just clean the slate everytime a new game comes out so that Ash can go around and be his normal bumbling self again. If he had a level 100 Pikachu and all level 100 Pokemon that he found on his...
  26. Kevin

    The Father in Pokemon

    In the original games it was theorized that maybe your dad along with Blue's parents died in some kind of war beforehand. I won't get into the details here, but might do a post up about it in the future. I liked seeing the fatherly figure in the game. It made more sense, other than the original...
  27. Kevin

    Pokemon Theory: Kangaskhan is an Evolution of Cubone/Marrowak

    Thanks, I agree it seems like they wanted to do something with it but maybe it just didn't work out in one way or another.
  28. Kevin

    Your Mom in the Game

    I always let her save my money in the Gen II games but the phone calls were so annoying. I feel like everyone in that game just called you way too often for really stupid things.
  29. Kevin

    Pokemon Theory: The Player Kills Blue's Raticate

    Just seems fishy that Blue is visiting Pokemon Tower with a Pokemon missing in his party. It sparks some reason for suspicion. Just seems fishy that Blue is visiting Pokemon Tower with a Pokemon missing in his party. It sparks some reason for suspicion.
  30. Kevin

    Opinions on Legendary Pokemon in Battles?

    I dont like it when people use legendaries. I feel like it's unfair because their stats are so high.
  31. Kevin

    Pokemon TCG for the Gameboy Color

    The story behind it was awesome. It was just like another main series Pokemon game. The story behind it was awesome. It was just like another main series Pokemon game.
  32. Kevin

    Pokemon Theory: The Player Kills Blue's Raticate

    It is a bit suspicious that Blue would box his Raticate, then go to a place where dead Pokemon are mourned, and then replace that Raticate with something else. It's not a juicy theory if Blue just puts his Raticate in the PC Box.
  33. Kevin

    Pokemon Heartgold: 2 Pokemon Challenge

    Try getting a guy that can fly. Noctowl would be good. You also need someone for the other HM's. Maybe don't use the HM guy in battles as a challenge. I'd say go with Wooper who can learn a lot of the water moves and Strength
  34. Kevin

    Should There Be More Than One Profile

    Having a second profile would be awesome! Being able to trade between them would be neat too.
  35. Kevin

    Most Creative Nicknames

    I was uncreative when I got older. Just changed the endings to 'ser'
  36. Kevin

    Pokemon Theory: Kangaskhan is an Evolution of Cubone/Marrowak

    -Cubone is a younger Kangaskhan and evolves to Marrowak if male, and if female it evolves to Kangaskhan. Missingno evolves into Kangaskhan when leveled up. -Placeholder value of M' evolves into a Kangaskhan when leveled up -Game Freak may not have wanted kids to play a game where a Pokemon...
  37. Kevin

    Pokemon Theory: Mixed Up Evolutions

    These have been floating around the Internet for a while, but I figured I'd share them here. It's believed that due to programming errors, or not being able to implement things like holdable items that Game Freak changed evolutions around. It's been deemed programming errors, or just oversights...
  38. Kevin

    Pokemon Theory: The Player Kills Blue's Raticate

    Yeah that's plausible, but why would Blue put a Pokemon in his PC Box if he didn't have a substitute for it?
  39. Kevin

    Most Underrated Pokemon

    I agree, I like the second forms of the starters. Sometimes they can learn moves earlier than the later evolutions too.
  40. Kevin

    Pokemon Theory: The Player Kills Blue's Raticate

    This may seem like a very morbid thing so if you can be a bit squeamish please click away now. It's a pretty debatable theory but there are just a few things with this concept that make sense. -On the S.S. Anne you fight your rival in Pokemon Red and Blue (In Yellow his Pokemon are...
  41. Kevin

    Which Timeline Would You Like to See Continued?

    I would like to see more building off of the Majora's Mask timeline and it's continuation. Perhaps some explanation of the war in Hyrule and Ganondorfs rise to power in Ocarina of Time.
  42. Kevin

    The Return of Magic in Zelda

    I wish magic made it back into the game. It really added that next level of fantasy into the game which made the games more fun. I liked the spells in OoT, and using the magic bar to control things like the Deku Leaf in Windwaker. Maybe Nintendo could implement the magic bar in a way that isn't...
  43. Kevin

    Favorite Hub?

    Clocktown was exciting, and had very interesting characters. It's my favorite out of the Zelda games.
  44. Kevin

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    I have the vizkids comics. I dont have em all yet, but I have a good bunch of them and they're awesome!
  45. Kevin

    Spoiler Kikwi Are the Koriki?

    I feel like the poor Kokiri are so sheltered and get changed around in various games so much. In Windwaker they are the Koroks, and in Skyward Sword they are the Kikwi. They go through some radical changes.
  46. Kevin

    Would You Download Remakes on VC?

    One thing to keep in mind is that the Wii U will have Nintendo Gamecube titles available for download so we can see the Stadium-esque games for download there.
  47. Kevin

    May Giveaway Contest: Most Anticipated Game of 2012

    I'm most excited for Diablo III. It has some similarities to Zelda, and I've been playing the Diablo games since Diablo I way back when. I started playing Diablo II sometime in 2000 and have rebought the game a few times. I've been waiting for years to play Diablo III, and it's finally...
  48. Kevin

    Favorite / Least Favorite Rival

    I liked Silver. His character developed throughout the game well. Barry was an annoying little jerk, and so were Bianca and Cheren. Everytime you didn't want to fight them they just kept on popping up. I know thats what a rival is supposed to do, but they did it in the most dysfunctional and...
  49. Kevin

    What Was Your Name?

    I used to do myself as ASH, and rival as GARY. I would use my name Kevin, and have my rival as Mike (One of my friends) or I'd use Red and Blue as names.
  50. Kevin

    Should There Be New Pokemon Types?

    I think that the typings are perfect the way they are now. Adding more in would just throw off the flow of the game.
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