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  1. Shadsie

    Breath of the Wild BOTW Monster Appreciation Thread

    Seeing as they were always a favorite original game / old school enemy of mine... LYYYYYYNELS! *cough* thank you. That is all.
  2. Shadsie

    Breath of the Wild Which race did you enjoy spending time with the most?

    Probably the Gerudo, though the Zora are a close second. The older Zora were rather cruel to Link at first, but Sidon pretty much makes up for all of them by being awesome. As for the Gerudo, I just really enjoyed how they were given a fleshed-out culture - very different than simply "just a...
  3. Shadsie

    Kilton's Monster Manual

    Hi, there. Some of you ancient people might remember me, but I don't expect anyone to know who I am anymore, since I haven't been here in.... two years? Anyway, I'm just popping back in to shamelessly plug a fanart project that I started (that I feel like I am insane for starting because it...
  4. Shadsie

    Breath of the Wild Hunting, Cooking, and Gathering

    Hmmm. I think two words will describe me: "Apex predator."
  5. Shadsie

    Hyrule Warriors Funniest/coolest treasure chest opening animation

    I love Ganondor'fs. He just is all "KICK!" Midna's is nice, too, because she uses her hair - if I am remembering correctly.
  6. Shadsie

    Best and Worst smelling Zelda characters.

    I think Gorons must smell like sulfur. They are rock/mineral people and have a sulfur-hue to their skin. i also remember a line in Minnish Cap where a Goron pounding down a wall with other Gorons for you said something about "Phew! It smells like ripe Goron in here!" Yes, they like their hot...
  7. Shadsie

    Breath of the Wild How long will this game be?

    Maybe the structure is like Majora's Mask. 4 main dungeons - tons of sidequests of importance to the story or enhancing of it.
  8. Shadsie

    Breath of the Wild There will be NO female Link

    As I've said, I wouldn't mind a future title in which the Hero-soul had a gender-option, but I am remembering a conversation I had with a friend of mine (who is one of those RARE online friends you find out lives reasonably close to you so you can hang out in real life!!!!). She was visiting me...
  9. Shadsie

    I remember you. I am guessing the dino is from one of the old Jurrasic Park NES games?

    I remember you. I am guessing the dino is from one of the old Jurrasic Park NES games?
  10. Shadsie

    Breath of the Wild There will be NO female Link

    Hmmm... so that voice clip is supposed to be in the game? They are possibly finally going the route of making Link a full-blooded character? Interesting. I mean, he stared out as a kind of avatar (Link) before people figured out that us girl-critters liked playing videogames, too, and as a...
  11. Shadsie

    Breath of the Wild "Ganon" is back

    Ooh... Beast Ganon.... And a possible remake or spiritual successor to Zelda 1? *Dies of happiness.*
  12. Shadsie

    Breath of the Wild E3 Trailer/Discussion

    Wow... I haven't been back herre in, what, a year? The forums look all different now. I found this on my facebook today (the trailer) and just.... Had to come to some kind of Zelda forum and gush. OMG! OMG! This just looks like MY perfect game! As I said on my FB post about it, "It looks...
  13. Shadsie

    So, Ganon Came Home...

    I was going to post this to ZD on Facebook, then I remembered I still had an account here, as seldom as I visit it anymore. (According to my email, I won an award I didn't even know I was up for?) Anyway, I did a stupid comic screwing around with amiibos because I got my Hyrule-characters...
  14. Shadsie

    Maybe Your Wings Are Going Bald.

    Kid Icarus: Uprising art I did today, playing with Pit's anatomy (in a non-dirty way, you pervs!) http://shadsie.deviantart.com/art/Featherless-544573692
  15. Shadsie

    Where Do You Plan To Be In Five Years?

    Dead or wishing I was?
  16. Shadsie

    Favorite/Least Favorite Character

    After playing Hyrule Warriors, I have decided that I severely dislike Wizzro. I have nicknamed him The Floating Butthole.
  17. Shadsie

    Hyrule Warriors Failings and success'

    I've been addicted to this game. It's fun to mow down armies of enemies and I find it quite challenging to make rank and earn costumes/weapons, especially with the DLC content (Twilight Realm is hard). It's a bit repetative, but I don't really mind it when you have the utter ridiculousness of...
  18. Shadsie

    Hyrule Warriors New costume for Hyrule Warriors WiiU - Classic Tunic

    I loved it so much I wrote a short fic for my Hyrule Warriors shorts series ("The Madness of War" for anyone who wants to look it up on fanfiction . net or Archive of Our Own). I enjoy pairing him with either the Magical Sword (because it looks like what he had in Zelda II) and especially the...
  19. Shadsie

    Bizarre Self-Imposed Smashing Rules

    Why, hello there, Zelda Dungeon. Sorry to disappoint you all, but I am still alive. *Evil grin.* I decided to return because I thought some of you might enjoy the sharing of some of the interesting self-imposed challenges and rules I've come up with of late for a certain already insane...
  20. Shadsie

    MM-3DS Fishing is Coming and Reworked Boss Battles

    Haha! The Legend of Link's Distractions starts again! Right when Link doesn't need to be distracted by fishing, he can fish! I'd probably watch the end of the world with a pole in my hand, too, to be perfectly fair.
  21. Shadsie

    General Art Road Trip__ (A Super Smash Bros. Zombie Apocalypse)

    Poking to announce the fic's done-ness.
  22. Shadsie

    General Zelda Which Game Would You Consider Yourself to Be an "Expert" In?

    I think I'm an expert at Classic and Adventure of Link, strangely enough. When I saw this, I thought "Twilight Princess" - but then I really thought of the old games I've actually been playing since childhood and how many times I've given people advice on this board when they were taking on...
  23. Shadsie

    Zelda Art Super Smash Zombie Brothers

    Back to post art! Listed under Zelda Art because Link is prominent. http://shadsie.deviantart.com/art/Super-Smash-Zombie-Brothers-490526719 (From DA because the uploader isn't working. Has there been a policy change around here about art uploads or is my computer being a drooling idiot...
  24. Shadsie

    Video Game Quotes

    "I AM ERROR." __ Error of Ruto, Zelda II Palutena: Remember, Pit, you won't be fighting alone out there. Pit: You're going to send me a machine-gun-robot girlfriend? Palutena: ...No, I'll be guiding you on your journey. Pit: That's manager speak for "fighting alone." ___ Pit and Palutena...
  25. Shadsie

    Why People in Wind Waker Are Disproportionate

    ...to one of the abridged series that I never watched the rest of, that involved something wrong with the Triforce or one of the ocarina songs or something in Ocarina of Time causing global warming and radioactive spillover, causing the Wind Waker world to be populated by toxic mutants. *Laughs.*
  26. Shadsie

    General Zelda Best Zelda Soundtrack

    When I put on videogame music for writing or doing something else to... it's usually the Shadow of the Colossus soundtrack. When it's not that it's usually the music from Majora's Mask. I've never been good at the actual game, but the music just speaks to me.
  27. Shadsie

    Twilight Princess TP Is, to Me, the Best Game on the Wii, and the Best Zelda Game. Your Thoughts?

    Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad! Just kidding. Twilight Princess is my favorite, too - though I have some mixed feelings on whether it is "the best." On one hand, it is my favorite Zelda title for REASONS. I love the style of it - it felt both real and unreal ... I kind of thing...
  28. Shadsie

    General Modern Weird Settings in Future Zelda Titles

    I disagree. While Spirit Tracks feels "off the norm" for me (I still love the game), Wind Waker gave me LOADS of that fairy tale / fantasy book feel that I've gotten from prior Zelda titles. New Hyrule / Adult Timeline feels a bit more modernized, but it still has that charming heroic fairy...
  29. Shadsie

    General Modern Weird Settings in Future Zelda Titles

    ...Korra" took an animated Asian/Medieval setting (for "Avatar"), industrialized it and turned it into the rough equivalent of the 1920s. I actually *don't* want to see that for a proper Zelda game because Nintendo would be accused of ripping off the good folks at Ginormous Madman Productions...
  30. Shadsie

    General Art Road Trip__ (A Super Smash Bros. Zombie Apocalypse)

    I completed this story just before Halloween. There's too much editing to be done to make it formatted to this board, so I'll just link it: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10695550/1/Road-Trip Topped out at 11 chapters, with three of those being three different alternate endings. There's...
  31. Shadsie

    Lost Respect for Nintendo

    I've never used DLC, myself. But, meh... if they do it, it wouldn't surprise me. I'm annoyed they cut off online play for Brawl and the online services on Wii to try to bother me into getting a Wii U, which I do not feel the need to get. Paying rent and having groceries are a little more...
  32. Shadsie

    Pokemon Art Heroes of Nintendo: Pikachu of the Pokemon District

    Part of my Hunger Games crossover poster-parody series of the "Heroes of Panem" series. Pikachu modeled after the District 12 poster. Who is cuter? The original little girl or everyone's favorite electric rat?
  33. Shadsie

    Characters You Just Never Play As (Smash Bros. Series)

    Wario just kind of grosses me out too much, and I can never get a handle on him. I've tried him a couple of times, but... eh. R.O.B. - Also can't get the hang of him. Stiff, robotic moves, I guess.
  34. Shadsie

    Things That You Don't Forgive

    Sorry, dude. I'm unrepentant Icarian.
  35. Shadsie

    Things That You Don't Forgive

    I feel like I should be able to forgive anything, because I've made a lot of mistakes and I believe strongly in the ability to change for the better and in redemption. However, there are some things that I will go on imagination-torture-sprees over and things that will make me look side-eyed...
  36. Shadsie


    Yep. *Hears news that Tatl was murdered when her character, Dagger, came to life and stabbed her.* ... Shock, sadness, mourning, a little prayer far away from those who don't like such things on these boards.
  37. Shadsie


    I saw this game at the TV Tropes member games forums and realized I couldn't properly participate in it because I don't know a lot of the people there well yet. So, I thought I'd bring it here, since I know most people to some degree here, and many know me. Anyway, this is a morbid game...
  38. Shadsie

    General Zelda Who Was Your Favorite Teacher of Techniques?

    The Hero's Shade, definitely. For one thing, he's undead, which is something I like. For another, he's a stern old soldier, who is around because he cares about the country and about you. He's not afraid to insult you if you mess up, yet you can practice with him until you get it right...
  39. Shadsie

    General Zelda Am I The Only One Who Actually HATES Link?

    Why, yes. Yes you are.
  40. Shadsie

    What is Something You Just LOVE Doing but Others Look Down on You For?

    My parents never understood my nerd activities. They thought my anime-love was downright weird. They continue to think most things I like are weird. Sometimes, I wonder if I was born into the wrong family. I no longer live with my parents, so... it's not a problem. I just think it's kind of...
  41. Shadsie

    Favorite Pseudoscience

    I really, really want people to someday find a Bigfoot. I don't exactly believe in Bigfoot, but I think it's cool that people are looking, even though other people call them idiots, because if someone actually found one, that would just be kind of neat.
  42. Shadsie

    How Internets-Famous Are You?

    Lately, I've been finding I have a weird amount of fame for a no-life netizen. Not long ago, for instance, someone with whom I was PMing called me a "celebrity," in a way... not a real one, but we were talking about the nature of fanfiction.net and the accounts of people who have died...
  43. Shadsie

    What is a Hobby of Yours That No One else Cares to Partake in with You?

    Cleaning and collecting animal bones. Then again, I don't *expect* anyone in my real life to be into that with me. I'm actually surprised I've found clubs of artists on Deviant Art who do the kinds of things that I do with making bone-art (often better. Those people who do intricate carvings...
  44. Shadsie

    General Art The Bonekeepers' Union

    The Bonekeepers’ Union Chapter 2 Joseph Murrika – Log. First Day Post-Arrival: The wallpaper in my hotel suite had disturbing stains on it. I didn’t choose the highest-end of hotels, but I didn’t choose the cheapest in town, either. I don’t want to know what the rooms in the cheap...
  45. Shadsie

    General Art Heroes of Nintendo: Pit of District Skyworld

    :sonic: - Okay, a sonic screwdriver for the heck of it. Anyway, I did a new poster for my planned series of "mock-ups" (pun intended) of the District Heroes posters for Mockingjay, Part 1. Each poster will be a character appearing in the Super Smash Brothers series (Nintnedo-native...
  46. Shadsie

    Spirit Tracks Murder at the Station

    --- Why is it that heroic-types always get caught up in chains of deals? If the stories Niko has told me are true, it has happened to many before me. In any case, I found myself in need of procuring Mega Ice in order to stop the lava flows in the Goron Village. Of course, the Aounuki...
  47. Shadsie

    General Modern Most Interesting Place You Were When Beating a Boss

    No "General 3DS" tag? or "General Handheld" tag? I suppose being in interesting places can occur with a big console (take it to a hotel or something if they allow that), or some kind of weird event happened while you were on a game... but this seems like something that would happen more often...
  48. Shadsie

    For Those of You Too Incompetent to Operate a Blanket...

    ...totally helpless, above and beyond any handicap or excuse. If you cannot crack an egg not because you have some kind of disability, but because you *don't know how to crack an egg* - nature is probably telling you to starve. Anyway, someone on the site posted this little music video and...
  49. Shadsie

    Hyrule Warriors Ganondorf: The Mane

    Business up front, party in the back!
  50. Shadsie

    Alternate “Dungeon” Sites (Hypothetical)

    A Super Smash Dungeon would be EPIC and is a thing we should do/have.
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