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Kilton's Monster Manual


Sage of Tales
Hi, there. Some of you ancient people might remember me, but I don't expect anyone to know who I am anymore, since I haven't been here in.... two years?

Anyway, I'm just popping back in to shamelessly plug a fanart project that I started (that I feel like I am insane for starting because it may become a neverending project).

"Kilton's Monster Manual and General Guide to the Wildlife of Hyrule"

I'm doing dip-pen and brush-ink illustrations of "Breath of the Wild" monsters and animals set up like a book - specifically, as a naturalists' guide. (Like a bird book).

I got inspired to do this while thumbing through a print copy of one of my own books (that I publish through Amazon Kindle). I illustrated one of my fantasy novels with a beastairy and just thought when playing BotW that I wanted to do the same thing for the game because I had a lot of fun doing beastiary-style illustrations of mythical creatures for my own, original work...why not do a fanart version for Zelda?

Anyway, I have it set up in a sub-gallery on my Deviant Art page. Look for random updates.


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