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Spirit Tracks Murder at the Station


Sage of Tales

Why is it that heroic-types always get caught up in chains of deals? If the stories Niko has told me are true, it has happened to many before me.

In any case, I found myself in need of procuring Mega Ice in order to stop the lava flows in the Goron Village. Of course, the Aounuki ice-salesman needed a train ride somewhere. Monster slime had messed up his ice-making pond. I knew of a nice little station where a clean spring could be found. He hopped on and we were headed off through the snow-country.

I had my "spirit guide" by my side. It seemed that only the Lokomos and other sagely types could see Princess Zelda's ghost. She hung around in the passenger car, near the oblivious Aounuki. I've been wondering if my mind's gone off the rails since the beginning of this quest...

The track was loaded with enemies. I shot a few flying elephants out of the air. Those stupid snowmen that throw their heads! Never underestimate how much well-packed snow can damage a small train. Dindammed things. While I was concentrated on those, wouldn't you know it? A demon-train came up my backside!

I gunned the engine and deployed the canon. We were almost there! I could see the platform for Wellspring Station up ahead! The demon-trains were supposed to call off the chase when one has landed, right? All the other kinds of enemies seemed to vanish when the Spirit Train was parked and I was wandering the grounds. We were stopped... We were safe....


I heard the Aounuki scream and swear by his grandfather's horns that he saw a little ghost-girl. I heard said ghost-girl shrieking "Liiiiink!"

I felt like I was floating. I looked down at my fading feet. I saw my whole body still, my tunic spattered in blood, flames licking close to my skin.

And I didn't feel any of it.


Okay, so I told a little story about what happened to me today playing Spirit Tracks. I learned today that demon trains don't stop when you're at the station, even if you get there ahead of them.

Has this ever happened to you?

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