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General Modern Most Interesting Place You Were When Beating a Boss


Sage of Tales
No "General 3DS" tag? or "General Handheld" tag? I suppose being in interesting places can occur with a big console (take it to a hotel or something if they allow that), or some kind of weird event happened while you were on a game... but this seems like something that would happen more often with the pocket-systems.

Anyway, have you been in unusual places while defeating a boss or doing something else important in one of the Zelda games.

Yesterday, I defeated Phytops - whatever that squid/rosebush thing is - in the Ocean Temple in Spirit Tracks... while getting a haircut. I'd just about got him down when the hairdresser made the last snip to my back and asked me to look up so she could get the bangs around my chin. I brought my 3DS to pass time waiting at the salon, but wound up keeping on playing it in the chair - no one minding because I needed to look down for the cut I'd requested.

Yay, GreatClips and The Legend of Zelda - a winning combination!

I'm sure some of you have achieved victory in stranger places.


Jul 1, 2012
Hmm I only really have one interesting place as I rarely play any Zelda handhelds on the move.

Anyway, I remember this quite vividly as I was on holiday at the time and I brought my DS with me (the eyesore that was the light blue edition :I). At the time I was kind of obsessed with new series that I played in the past once before very briefly, Zelda, more specifically Phantom Hourglass. If I remember correctly I was stuck on the final boss, Bellum and I beat him while I was looking over the edge of the Cruise. Pretty stupid in hindsight as I could have easily dropped the DS straight into the ocean, lol.

Therapist Bill

The Pianist
Dec 29, 2013
Shreveport, LA
Hey :)

Funny you should come up with this thread since only the other day was I thinking about a particular Christmas I once had back in Shreveport. My lovely Mom had just put away all the dishes and we were all full on her fantastic speciality; Mom's sweet potato n' sausage. I know most of you might be going "WHAT? sweet potatoes AND sausages??" but yeah, that is the way we roll in my family house hehe. :P

Anyway, I was very full on food and went up stairs to play the latest Zelda game (this was back in '99 good folks!) called Ocarina of Time. I had already by the age of 7 completed the game a few times but having fallen in love with it I just could not bring myself to stop playing. I remember that the sausage n' tomatoes were on the verge of escaping my stomach. I was playing through the game for maybe the 3rd time and was close to coming up to the boss in the Forest Temple. Although suprise surprise it started snowing! And this is sort of a big thing in Shreveport, LA. I got so happy and called for my parents & little sisters. We all sat there, whilst I was playing OoT of course (don't forget I'm a hardcore gamer hehe), and looking at the snow.

The place literally might not have been that special, it was in our house's living room. But the feeling made this the best place to be and play Zelda in the world. :)


Quid est veritas, Claudia
Feb 9, 2010
Well I've never taken my consoles anywhere... And I never take my handheld systems anywhere either... I mean other than like vacations, which I play them in the car, so I guess that's the only out of the ordinary, but I don't usually play games outside of my house :P


It's me!
Mar 20, 2012
I beat the Giant Octo in Minish Cap while at the dentist. And later, I would beat Cragma from Spirit Tracks in the same dentist building! And this time it was my game and not my brother's! :cool:

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