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For Those of You Too Incompetent to Operate a Blanket...


Sage of Tales
I was on a thread I'd started at the TV Tropes Forum (Yack Fest) about bad commercials. My thread was about worlds you see inside commercials - as in, some of the weird narratives that commercial campaigns bring us. Specifically, I made a rant about the TV/Cable provider that has the commercials with those horrible freaky puppet-people.

Anyway, it turned into talk about infomercials, or, as TV Tropes likes to call it "Too Incompetent to Operate a Blanket." - Normal-looking people in them are so totally helpless, above and beyond any handicap or excuse. If you cannot crack an egg not because you have some kind of disability, but because you *don't know how to crack an egg* - nature is probably telling you to starve.

Anyway, someone on the site posted this little music video and I thought I'd share for your enjoyment:


So, what do you think about some of the weird alternate realities that TV commercials present to us?

I think those kids are being abusive to that poor rabbit and ought to just give him some Trix, already.


Hello Sweetie!
Jun 18, 2011
Thank you for that laugh! I don't watch overly many infomercials or commercials like the ones presented in this video, mainly because adverticing over here is mostly done differently. Out commercials tend to be specifically designed to entertain and amuse while still making us aware of the product, and we even have our own award show where particularily clever commercials are being rewarded.

So for some more entertainment, here are some of the best ones:
The Lottery - tagline: Lottery millionaires aren't like other millionaires:

KIMs brand chips/crisps - tagline: No KIMs, no enjoyment:

NAF Roadside rescue (linking instead of embedding due to some nudity)


Sep 20, 2008
Joliet, IL
They are the best commercials in my opinion, since they are just so hilarious. I feel the worst part about them is being in them though. I feel bad for the actors, especially when that is all they are known for then. Getting recognized on the street for being a bumbling fool must suck.

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