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General Art Heroes of Nintendo: Pit of District Skyworld


Sage of Tales
:sonic: - Okay, a sonic screwdriver for the heck of it.

Anyway, I did a new poster for my planned series of "mock-ups" (pun intended) of the District Heroes posters for Mockingjay, Part 1. Each poster will be a character appearing in the Super Smash Brothers series (Nintnedo-native games only) representing a franchise from Nintendo.

So far, I've done a poster of Link modeled after the poster for Panem's District 10.

And now, a parody of the District 6 poster with Pit.


I forgot the save the link I had to that poster and the last time I clicked it, Yahoo wasn't cooperating. You can find it on the "Capitol" website, anyway, last I saw, if you want to do a comparison. The original poster is a strong young man holding up a giant tire in one hand.

I am sorry for the gore. This will be the most gruesome of the posters / the only poster like that, I promise. Pit with Medusa's head was too good an idea to pass up.

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