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  1. squadala

    General Modern Which is Easier???

    Twilight Princess was freakishly easy. The bosses, most enemies, most dungeons, the overworld, the upgrades, and the pieces of heart were all quite simple to undertake. Wind Waker on the other hand was for the most part easy, but a lot of the sailing elements made it complicated. I havn't played...
  2. squadala

    Spoiler New Trailer

    Did anyone else notice the harp at 0:24-0:26? At first it looked like a slingshot until I noticed the strings. I am hoping it is an element intertwined throughout the story that you can play on and get multiple songs that serve different purposes, not just a basic warp item or something. Also...
  3. squadala

    Title Screen Appreciation

    Yeah, you know I love ALL Zelda title screens. The fame of the first, the beautiful music in the seconds, and all the awesome 3d titles. Majoras Masks calmness and terror, OoTs dismal feeling, WW beauty, and TPs downright awesome-sauceness. I also really like Pokemon title screens. They've...
  4. squadala

    New Kirby Wii Game Announced

    Interesting, since they just released a Kirby Wii title. I hope they expand on more series though. Anyway, looks pretty awesome!
  5. squadala

    Spoiler What Are Your Saddest/most Emotional Games?

    This is a question that has been on my mind recently, and I've been wanting to ask it for a while now. So, what are the saddest/most emotional games you've ever played. We all might know how deep emotions can run in certain video games. But before I post I just want to point out that this thread...
  6. squadala

    What's Your Favourite Fighting Game?

    Smash Bros. all the way! Otherwise I'm not really into fighting games.
  7. squadala

    What is Your Job?

    I teach piano to a kid I know. I'm still a student and its not really a formal job.
  8. squadala

    Who Are Your 5 Favorite Video Game Characters?

    Link Ness Red/Ethan Samus Captain Falcon
  9. squadala

    Majora's Mask I Think MM Should Be Remade

    I am totally for a MM remake on the 3DS. We can already see how great OoT looks, I can only imagine the improvements they could make with MM.
  10. squadala

    Spoiler Release Date: March 27. Photo Inside, of Release Date and Game Box Cover.

    An excellent fake. It actually quite convincing. I hope the official box art is as good. I also hope its T.
  11. squadala

    Which Game Should I Get?

    Defidentaly Super Metroid. That game has a lengthy story and excellent 100% challenge. Mario 64 is also a very good choice. Excellent replay value and intuitve levels. Super Smash Bros. is the trird choice. Its a classic but if you have a more recent title, that game is constatly overuled. Then...
  12. squadala

    Majora's Mask The 4 Areas

    Yeah, I like how they kinda used each areas species instrument to vary the music. The whole number four is very big in Termina.
  13. squadala

    Video Game Music

    You know CSGuitar89? Wow! Me too! I love his work. Halo has underatted music. Its often overlooked because it a shooter, and in my opinion it the only good shooter. But yeah, One Final Effort. Good stuff.
  14. squadala

    What Are Your Top 10 Non-Zelda Games of All Time?!

    1. Earthbound 2. Super Mario Galaxy 2 3. Super Smash Bros. Brawl 4. Pokemon Emerald 5. Mother 3 6. Pokemon Crystal 7. Super Mario Galaxy 8. Megaman 2 9. Halo 10. Starfox 64 Good list by the way Komali.
  15. squadala

    What Single Aspect of Zelda Would You Want Nintendo to Expand Upon?

    Magic, magic, and magic. I love the magical attacks in OoT and missed them throughout the rest of the series. Casting the spells in certain areas like always laying down Farores Wind whenever you first entered a dungeon, just in case, was classic. I fNintendo would create some more offensive...
  16. squadala

    Rate the Character Above You

    YES!!!!! 10/10 Jeff Andonuts
  17. squadala

    Rate the Character Above You

    9/10 He's a classic boss and his throwback in PH was cool. Mr. T
  18. squadala

    Favorite Zelda Species?

    Defidentaly the Zora. I have loved their personality and beauty since OoT. They are musically talented and always live in an awesome environment. If not a Zora than the Sheikah. Who wouldn't love being some super-awesome-secret-ninja dude!
  19. squadala

    What Do Your Parents Think of Video Games?

    What do your mom and dad think of video games? Do they play any? My mom thinks of VGs as generally "bad" or "mind-dementing." She used to be an avid Animal Crossing: City Folk player, but she has started playing less and less. She also might play a title game like wii sports, party, play, or fit...
  20. squadala

    SS File Select Name

    Link for first playthrough. Maybe something funny for my second playthrough. I hope they have another nameable character like Epona in TP.
  21. squadala

    What Zelda Might Be the Best First One

    Ocarina of Time was my first and a good first. I have introduced several of my friends to the Zelda series through OoT and they have become avid players. OoT has everything a good game needs, great story, simple yet challenging, excellent control scheme, etc. While a newbie to the series may...
  22. squadala

    What Are Your Top 10 Video Games of All Time?

    1. Majora's Mask 2. Earthbound 3. Ocarina of Time 4. Super Mario Galaxy 2 5. Super Smash Bros. Brawl 6. Pokemon Emerald 7. Twilight Princess 8. Wind Waker 9. Mother 3 10. Pokemon Crystal I recommend anyone who reads this plays them all. :)
  23. squadala

    Rate the Avatar!

    That kids an assist trophy right? Anyway... 8/10 because the effects are pretty nice.
  24. squadala

    King of the Hill!

    I ask nicely.... You're a good person and you give me the hill. Thank you.
  25. squadala

    Ocarina of Time What's Your Fav Music of LoZ OoT?

    Song of Storms Gerudo Valley Song of Time Kokiri Forest Zoras Domain To name a few of the best songs ever composed.
  26. squadala

    E3 2011?

    We all remember Super Smash Bros. Brawl right? They delayed the HECK out of that game before obtaining a steady date. I have a dreadful feeling they may be doing th same thing. If Nintendo needs to delay the game to polish everything up, let them do it. I'd rather have a refined, delayed game...
  27. squadala

    Ocarina of Time The Fairy Ocarina

    Link had to leave the fairy ocarina to make room for the Ocarina of Time. It totally replaces it and even Saria says that it sounds different, but she seems to understand why it was required for Link to leave her gift because she knows he has a greater purpose. Anyways, that just me rambling.
  28. squadala

    Pokemon White or Skyward Sword?

    Those are both excellent games that I also want to purchase. The plusses for Zelda are a longer story and new gameplay. While even though Pokemon is always fresh it has the same elements from past games. So start with SS and save up for white. I hope this helped!
  29. squadala

    Interactive Ocarina

    Wow man! Thats awesome! When I saw who made it I recognized your name cuz I really like your top 10's! Great job! I'm waiting for your next awesome video.
  30. squadala

    Graphics: Skyward Sword Vs. Twilight Princess.

    I myself was originally taken aback by the graphics when I saw the E3 trailer. But I have grown fond of them by now. I do however love both graphic styles.
  31. squadala


    They have T-shirts in Austrailia? Cool! I just used all my points to buy Zelda posters.
  32. squadala

    King of the Hill!

    I summon a flying monkey in a shopping cart to throw lawn darts at you. eye klame teh hilz. lolololololololololololol
  33. squadala

    Video Game Music

    Besides classical/baroque/romantic I am always listening to Video Game Music. Some people I know don't count it as real music, but compared to many other modern genres VGM is more musical and appealing (in my opinion). I love it either in its original state or remixed, reorchestrated, or...
  34. squadala

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Excellent choice! I love romantic piano. I am listening to Dvorak's New World Symphony. Great stuff.
  35. squadala

    Can the Story Be More Important Than the Game?

    There are always a group of players that happen to find something to troll about in a game. "These graphics suck!" "The ocean is boring!" "I hate the controls!" When the story may be amazing, displaying multiple emotions that a real player may vicariously experiance. To me Zelda has never...
  36. squadala

    Rate the User Name

    10/10 Cel-shading is awesome, dekus are awesome. You win.
  37. squadala

    No Navi/Midna Type Character

    One of the thing I miss the most from the original N64 games is enemy instant enemy identification. A partner can always be annoying with lengthy, repetitive diologue or buzzing all around you. Maybe a guide book or quest log similar as FR/LG combined with something like the Metroid Prime...
  38. squadala

    Twilight Princess Hawk Grass

    Has anyone else noticed that the hawk grass sounds a lot like Sonata of Awekening. Is that a coincedence? Is there symbolism? Just curious...
  39. squadala

    What Zelda Game Are You Playing As of Right Now?

    As of right now I am playing OoT 100% for the trillionth time. I'm going to play MM 100% next. :)
  40. squadala

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted but all the character want to kill you and you'll never escape! I just wish I could believe its not butter...
  41. squadala

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^ Is dissapointed because I am no bulbin < We're off! v Is trying to find the secret of converting scrambled eggs into screwdrivers.
  42. squadala

    Rate the Character Above You

    2/10 The clone wars series fails. King Harkinian
  43. squadala


    That had so much win in it. Thank you for making me laugh my head off. I now have a new favorite Zelda couple.
  44. squadala

    Majora's Mask Favorite Music in MM.

    Stone Tower and Deku Palace. Also Pirates Fortress is seriosly underated.
  45. squadala

    Ocarina of Time Anyone Ever Notice...

    Its actually just a moon. Now Wind Wakers moon looks like OoT's just a plain old moon that happens to have phases. No scary face.
  46. squadala


    If Link were to be distracted by love. (which he usually isn't). Which women would be the best for him to pursue. Besides the obvious Zelda, I like Link the best with either Malon or Marin.
  47. squadala

    If You Could Cosplay...

    If I could cosplay at any sort of convertion I would either want to be Link, Skull Kid, Fierce Deity, a Zora, or Gambit (from the X-men.)
  48. squadala

    Boots with Abilities Poll

    The sky and cloud factors of SS could lead to some great uses for the hover boots. I'd also love to see the pegasus boots return.
  49. squadala

    Lord Jabu Jabu?

    If Zoras appear in SS, which I really hope they do, they might have a young Jabu-Jabu or even have Jabu-Jabu's ancestor! They could do the same thing for the deku tree as well.
  50. squadala

    Items from Previous Titles You Want to Return

    Defidentaly the magical spells in OoT plus some new one. Also, am I the only one who prefers the kookshot to the clawshot for no apparent reason?
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