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  1. SuperLink

    Twilight Princess What Did You Name Epona?

    Sometimes i name my files my name (russell) or link But for epona i just leave epona !
  2. SuperLink

    Ocarina of Time Do You Think Finding All the Emerald's is Easy?

    I no the fire and grass i call it are easy but water hard!
  3. SuperLink

    Ocarina of Time Do You Think Finding All the Emerald's is Easy?

    I think the first and secound is easy but in Jabu jabu's belly i just got so stuck in that just tell me if you think its easy!
  4. SuperLink

    Majora's Mask What is Your Favorite Mask?

    Lol i saw a youtube video of all the masks and ill agree with you all night mask im not sure what zora mask looks like when i play the game ill tell you!
  5. SuperLink

    Ocarina of Time Do You Find the First and Secound Boss Easy?

    Yes they are easy lol Alex. yes gabe ganon is very hard lol!
  6. SuperLink

    Who's Your best and Worst Character in Brawl?

    My best is toonlink and my worst i mean worst is! Diddy Kong. !
  7. SuperLink

    General Art The Saga of Seven: Sky Warriors

    That was awsome job , nice work i liked how you made the story so far its comeing along just cant wait to read the whole thing!:)
  8. SuperLink

    Ocarina of Time Do You Find the First and Secound Boss Easy?

    Well haha i just felt like seeing what you guys would say so what do you guys say i think they are very easy but when i started the game for the first time it was kinda tricky i got to say ! because i did not no the controls but please awnser!:)
  9. SuperLink

    Majora's Mask Do You Find Tingle Annoying?

    Well tingle is not that annoying but i guess you could say he is!
  10. SuperLink

    Majora's Mask How Old Do You Think Tingle Is?

    I think tingle is around 40s ! :D
  11. SuperLink

    Twilight Princess Did You Like Twilight Princess?

    I love to play the legend of twilight princess but right now im working on the game ocarina of time but twilight princess was like really good graphics and i liked the bosses and everything so im going to have to say i love twilight princess! (for the wii)
  12. SuperLink

    Ocarina of Time What is Your Favorite Transportation Song?

    Well ill have to say Bolero of Fire...
  13. SuperLink

    All Zelda Games Ever

    Wow thanks Dude i will go check some out in little bit!
  14. SuperLink

    Who has beaten ocarina of time completely?

    Well i have not lol i just got into zelda games but i have just started my first game wich is ocarina of time :D
  15. SuperLink

    Ocarina of Time Favorite Ocarina Song ?.

    Well i love them all but i guess i can say The Song of Time and the song of storms.
  16. SuperLink

    Pokemon Series

    Well i loved the games then for about a year i grew out of it but now the Black and white is comeing out im back into it i do have lots of games of them beat them all too :)
  17. SuperLink

    What is the Most Frustated You've Ever Been Playing Video Games?

    When i was playing ocarina of time and i was in jabu jabu's stomach and i could not do it it took me for ever!!
  18. SuperLink

    Favorite Handheld Zelda Game?

    Mine would have to be Phantom hour glass because it is the only one i have done and i just love playing it!
  19. SuperLink

    Twilight Princess Fishing Driving Me Nuts!

    Well after you get a pole When you get that you put in the water when you see it going down or tugging you just lift your hand or wii remote and you have got yourself a fisH!!!
  20. SuperLink

    What Are You Planning On/actually Doing with Your Life?

    Well i want to be When im older a cartoonest (drawer Man lol) Video game tester or maker!
  21. SuperLink

    What Superpower Would You Have?

    I would have the power to just Do anything!!! i could be invisible, wish anything !
  22. SuperLink

    Favorite Animal?

    I like cats , dogs . Because i live with a cat and a dog and i love them!!!!
  23. SuperLink

    What Are You Afraid Of?

    I am a big scardy cat when it comes to spiderS! I just hate them!
  24. SuperLink

    Ocarina of Time Question

    I think you should collect them because when you get them you go to a Skullata House and they give you very good items.
  25. SuperLink

    Twilight Princess Twlight Princess: Gamecube Vs Wii Version

    I like it way more on the wii because the map is diffrent and it has way better graphic and who does not like good graphic? :-)
  26. SuperLink

    Twilight Princess The Bond That Link Has with Midna

    Midna is mean and selfish at first but later on they grow a big bond i can tell because when you fight ganadorf when she teleports The princess and link away link trys to stop midna from Leaving.
  27. SuperLink

    What is Your Favorite In Pokemon Black and White?

    @ Master Kokiri 9Thats cool @MoblinPiglet Yea i like oshawott too! @Celeboy Snivy is my favorite !
  28. SuperLink

    Minecraft Projects or Building Ideas!

    Tell me what your working on or Tell me some building ideas! I would like to see what you have built! I do play minecraft not to much but it is a good game to me but yeah just tell me!
  29. SuperLink

    Which is It - Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess?

    Well i played both and i love them both 50-50 so i would just say there both my favorite and there awsome!:-)
  30. SuperLink

    What is Your Favorite In Pokemon Black and White?

    @jugglaj91 Awsome :-) @Beeker I like oshawott Too @gmboo Awsome :-)
  31. SuperLink

    Link's Girlfriend?

    I think It should be Zelda because That seems right from the story line
  32. SuperLink


    Minecraft is the best game ever i play it a lot :-) I'm a master builder
  33. SuperLink

    Skyward Sword- Too Easy or Too Hard?

    I think skyward sword should be hard like ocarina of time because thats what make games fun! :-)
  34. SuperLink

    What is Your Favorite In Pokemon Black and White?

    I have not got the game yet but i will say the grass starter. So how about you?
  35. SuperLink

    New Story Sign-Up

    Ok can i be my Name like Superlink or my 2nd will be Green Doron i could not think of any so yeah green doron.
  36. SuperLink

    New Story Sign-Up

    Ok how about my name be Livion Regan (kokirion)
  37. SuperLink

    Top 5 Favorite LoZ Games.

    My top 5 zelda games are, 1.The legend of zelda Twilight princess 2.The legend of zelda Ocarina of time 3.The legend of zleda majora mask 4.The legend of zelda spirit tracks 5.The legend of zelda Phantom hour glass
  38. SuperLink

    Hardest Zelda Game?

    The legend of zelda ocarina of time, Because i get stuck all the time on the game and im not even close to done with it yet.
  39. SuperLink

    Who is Your Favorite Zelda Character?

    My Favorite charactor must be Link or toonlink, So hard to pick. :-)
  40. SuperLink

    Using Guides

    I think it's alright but you should only use it when your really stuck.
  41. SuperLink

    Least Favorite Enemy?

    My least favorite boss enemy on the legend of zelda Twilight princess will Be Aragomah Spiders just Creep me out a lot! :-)
  42. SuperLink

    Favorite Boss Battle

    My Favorite Boss battle on the legend of zelda Twilight princess Ganadorf Sword battle and horse battle. :-)
  43. SuperLink

    Your Favorite Zelda Game

    My Favorite Zelda game must be. The legend of zelda Twilight princess, Or The legend of zelda ocarina of time.
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