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  1. Retsdob

    Ok, Lets Do It, Making into the Timeline :S

    Not bad. I see no major flaws as far is it's concerned. The main question is where does Ocarina of Time 3DS Fit in? (Note I am making a bad joke.)
  2. Retsdob

    If You Got the Chance to Live Anywhere in the Zelda Series Where Would You Live?

    Do I have to be that guy that says Hyrule? Or has someone else said it?
  3. Retsdob

    Spirit Tracks Duets

    I found them pretty simple, though it's a lot more difficult than previous instruments seen in Zelda. I'll have to agree with you that it would be cool to have a mini game with them though. I really enjoyed them.
  4. Retsdob

    Majora's Mask Is Majora an Idiot or Just Overconfident?

    I believe it is the skull kid who influences majora's personality to an extent, making him feel like it's a game so to speak. I think Majora might have been able to see Link as a threat, but skull kid went all vegeta during the cell saga and wanted a bit of a challenge, or just didn't even...
  5. Retsdob

    Oradon Province

    Oradon is to Hyrule as the Virgine Isles are to the U.S. Not really a part of the bigger one, but might as well be. And it's impossible to say when Oradon sprang up. Since tp was after oot and there wasn't oradon in oot that could mean that it didnt exist or was simply off the map during oot...
  6. Retsdob

    BS Zelda...should It Count?

    I know a bit about this, and I believe obviously, that it should fall into the category of a rare Zelda. It shouldn't be as highly regarded, but I think stone tablets can still be used in timelines, or not...You know, like theCd-i. I actually believe they have a bit more relevance because it...
  7. Retsdob

    Why Doesn't Voldemort Have a Nose?! He's a Wizard

    We all know that Voldemort is one of the most powerful wizards known, so why doesn't he just grow a nose? He can divide his soul, raise the dead, become disenbodied, apparate, but he can't grow a nose?
  8. Retsdob

    Dragon Ball Z Kai, Favorite Character?

    I, for one, love Dragon Ball Z; however, I'm rather dissapointed in Dragon Ball Z Kai. It is made for young children therefore it is heavily censored almost to the extent where it loses a bit a value. Not only that, but it cuts a lot of the episodes in order to make it as straight forward as...
  9. Retsdob

    Ocarina of Time Is Oot Out of Date or Wil It Ever Be

    It kind of is "out of date", but that's an odd term in video games. If it's still good it will become a classic, and even though its technology may not be up to date, it will still be just as good as ever, if not better for nostaligia purposes. I still find AoL as my favorite Zelda game even...
  10. Retsdob

    A New Approach to Zelda Games

    True, nintendo could, but that's not it's style....at least not directly. They move things in new directions so slowly Sling Blade can pick up on the changes(and not hach their head off). Nintendo is like the world, it nudges just a bit at a time, more evolutionary than revolutionary (except...
  11. Retsdob

    Twilight Princess Target and Guard As the Same Button is STUPID.

    I can understand your problem.....but how does having the sheild up during close combat handecap you in anyway? Plus It helped me loads with the sheild bumb...Actually the more I think about it, the more useful the sheild is...as long as you know how to use it correctly.
  12. Retsdob

    Skip Tutorial/guide?

    I think that it should be an option to opt out of the tutorial after you've beaten it once. The tutorial should be before anything actually important in the story so there aren't any cut scenes, but make it a mechanic thing such as a trial that all boys go through or something like that so we...
  13. Retsdob

    Can Anyone Think of a Name for My Band?

    Screaming Silence. That or any other oxymoron you can think of.
  14. Retsdob

    Ocarina of Time Glitch or Secret? Did You Know...

    I agree wit this....for the most part. The original event of being able to get past Guerdo Valley is obviously a secret, yet because it may have been added in towards the end or without much thought so un-predicted gliches happened such as the one JamesBond007 pointed out.
  15. Retsdob

    Things You Have In Common With LoZ Characters

    This is difficult. As far as I can tell characters are very one-personality oriented when the actual mind is made of layers. I'd say I'm a bit like shad intillectually and I have glasses. A bit like tingle in being Zelda-obsessed....And I have a little Zant in me because when someone very...
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