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    Ghirahim in Smash Bros.

    There are a huge amount, in SSBB I think there were a total of 40-50? once you take into account the characters that can change their form/appearance, It's been a while... but yeah, quite a large amount.
  2. Crash

    Is Fi the New Navi?

    Navi simply isn't annoying, every so often she'd say "Hey" and if you didn't push the c-up button, she didn't say anything else. Fi doesn't give you that option... she constantly appears, states the obvious, sometimes really when not needed, and disappears again without pushing anything. Navi...
  3. Crash

    Ghirahim in Smash Bros.

    Sheik IS Zelda though, which is how she got in. I think one of the qualifications is that each character has to be in at least 2 Nintendo games in order for them to get into the roster.
  4. Crash

    The White Sword (?)

    Sounds to me that the White Sword in the more present games is just a respectful nod and reference to the older ones.
  5. Crash

    Whose Soul Has the Deku Mask

    That shouldn't even be speculation at that point, considering when you examine it Tatl says it looks a lot like you and at the end the Deku Butler is crouching in front of it and shaking. Also, he says you look a lot like his son. It's practically saying it...
  6. Crash

    Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess

    There is proof to dispute it, and that's when Link gets his Tunic in TP, the Light Spirit tells him that it was worn by the Old Hero, which... Link would have already had a green tunic if he was the same Link from MM.
  7. Crash

    Spoiler SS Boss Sword + The Triforce.

    Actually... that's a bastardized term, like the Swastika. The real upside down cross symbolizes St. Peter? (I think) Who was to be crucified, but he didn't feel himself worthy to be crucified like Jesus so he told them to crucify him upside down. (off topic I know, but I had to say it)
  8. Crash

    Spoiler Farore Woods=Kokiri Forest?

    I personally think that the Tree of Life turns into the Great Deku Tree. Sit on the stool next to the tree and it'll zoom in on it. A text box then appears with a very simple "..." Now... we know that Link doesn't get a text box in any game ever, and there's no one in the vicinity that would say...
  9. Crash

    Zelda Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time Map Almost Identical! MAYBE SPOILERS??

    The Master Sword is always in the forest, and was originally going to be the same in OoT as well but they changed it and placed it in Castle Town for shock factor when you come out and find a town full of Re-deads. It's already been confirmed that TP comes after OoT by the developers and SS...
  10. Crash

    Skyward Sword Gliding >.>...

    Lol, I was the one who got the rattle the other way :P The way to do that is to wait for Beedle's shop to get close to the windmill, stop it and go onto the platform and then use the gust bellows from the platform to blow away the sand and then use the beetle to get the rattle. It takes some...
  11. Crash

    The Legend of Dragoon Remake, What Do You Think?

    Exactly as the title says, before it gets any further, no, there's not one being remade, but anyway, I think it would be awesome, and I really want it to happen, if this game were remade. To those who have played it, you know how the story and gameplay goes, would you like a remake? In...
  12. Crash

    Skyloft, Termina, Twilight Realm One Hit Wonders?

    No, cause Adult Link disappeared from the Adult Timeline, not the child timeline. At the end of MM he's seen riding back through the Lost Woods, so he does return to Hyrule in the Child Timeline.
  13. Crash

    I Think There Should Have Been More to Do.

    Hyrule Castle doesn't exist and the bird replaced Epona quite effectively for this game. Besides, the surface was too packed for a horse to be useful anyway.
  14. Crash

    Just Some Thoughts

    I think it's reasonable. Most of these "flaws" have been part of the franchise since day 1. People will complain that it's too different or complain that it's not different enough, some of the reasons really are stupid... Like I've said to many people... If you want something different, play a...
  15. Crash

    Theory Questions Regarding the Ending of TP (Sorry if Repost)

    It doesn't foreshadow anything, the whole theme of Twilight Princess was light and dark. It was the ramblings of a pissed off and dying man. If everything you worked for and almost succeeded in was destroyed by a teenager wouldn't you mutter some curse words too?
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