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  1. sn00pac

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    Guardians of the Galaxy 11 out of 5
  2. sn00pac


    Potato Chip and Ketchup Sandwich. Best idea? Or Best Idea Ever? I like feedback. Especially if its me; he always thinks I am the greatest.
  3. sn00pac

    What is Your Personal Theme Song?

    You're the Best Around by Joe Espsito. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oomCIXGzsR0
  4. sn00pac

    Breath of the Wild Possible Subtitles?

    Zelda Morrowind Waker?
  5. sn00pac

    Did You Build the Computer That You Are Currently On?

    No, but I wish I did. The graphics card that came with it sucks.
  6. sn00pac

    Youtube Might Buy Twitch

    What are your thoughts on the matter? :(:drama:
  7. sn00pac

    What is Your Programming Language of Choice?

    For the internetz it's Python, but for games it's C++. What aboot you? :(:drama:
  8. sn00pac

    General Zelda Most Nostalgic Game (aside OOT)

    Twilight Princess, I couldn't figure out the game, so I did the EMS glitch.
  9. sn00pac

    MM-3DS Saddest Moment in Majora's Mask

    Definitely the Gibdo dad in Ikana Canyon. I cried. I NEVER CRY!
  10. sn00pac

    Have Any Names in Mind in Case We Are Allowed to Change It?

    IcecreamfonduTeddybear3000RevelutionundergroundNumberaftersixtyeight hmmm 22 Or Snitchzel
  11. sn00pac

    All My Autistic ZDers Say "Holla!"

    Holla! Bread
  12. sn00pac

    Who is Your Mortal Enemy on ZD?

    Me #SODEAP
  13. sn00pac

    What Uncommonly Known Bands Do You Like?

    For example, I have always been a fan of Skindred and Pretenders. I am trying to spice up my Spotify, so anything is accepted.
  14. sn00pac

    Where'd the Graveyard Kid Go?

    Its simple, the boy is a ghost; just like his parents. Think about it, you never see him leave the graveyard. Why is this? Simple, the boy died whilst searching for Dampe; whom he could never find because it would be his bedtime when Dampe appeared. His ghost's search would end when Dampe came...
  15. sn00pac

    What Makes a Hero?

    Someone is a hero because they are courageous for 5 minutes longer than everybody else.
  16. sn00pac

    Spoiler Does Link Get the Real Epona Back?

    I kinda asked myself this when I first played; so thanks for showing me I wasn't crazy. Very interesting.
  17. sn00pac

    Twilight Princess Just Did the Early Master Sword Glitch on Wii. What Next?

    Is there any fun little bugs or issues that aren't game breaking? Also since I'm on the Wii, is there any way to use the Early Lanayru Glitch on Wii. I have only seen it performed on the Gamecube. I have been playing TP for years and wanted a different playthrough.:cool:
  18. sn00pac

    Majora's Mask Gyorg

    He isn't. As long as you are decent with the Zora's Mask and Ice Arrows. Just don't move like a moron and you're fine.
  19. sn00pac

    Opinion Thread

    Lemme telll you my opinion on the opinions of anybody who says "Everybody is entitled to their opinions." My opinion is that their opinion is stupid.
  20. sn00pac

    Funny Personal Stories?

    When I was little, I shouted "I'm naked!" To get the attention of a group of people. I wanted a cookie. Anybody who turned around, should not be near 100 yards of a playground. XD
  21. sn00pac

    Worst Pickup Lines? (Keep It Appropriate Please)

    Mmmmmm girl, did it hurt? When you burst through the Earth's crust from hell. Woops, I think I screwed that up a little.
  22. sn00pac

    What's Your Nationality!?

    Caucasian and guilty. XD
  23. sn00pac

    Breath of the Wild Cool Ideas for the Gamepad?

    Other than maps, items, and collections in on the pad, what gameplay elements would you think would be interesting? :monkey:
  24. sn00pac

    Hyrule Warriors Local Multiplayer?

    As a fan of Zelda(obviously) and Dynasty Warriors, do you think it will have local multiplayer? I remember Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires was incredibly hilarious to play with the corny lines and over-powered attacks. My buddy and I loved conquering Japan with swords the size of small airplanes...
  25. sn00pac

    EA Giving Away Sims 2 Ultimate Edition on Origin

    Thank you! Truly you are a wonderful person.
  26. sn00pac

    Which Games Have You Beaten?

    NES- -Metroid -Zelda -Zelda II -Mario Bros. SNES- -Super Metroid -Zelda: Link to the Past -Mother -Final Fantasy 4 -Chrono Trigger -Super Mario World Sega Gensis- -Sanic the Hedgehag N64- -LoZ: Ocarina of Time -LoZ: Majora's Mask -Super Mario 64 -Animal Forest -Starfox 64 PS1- -Final...
  27. sn00pac

    How Do You Think?

    I don't.
  28. sn00pac

    Is Your Body Ready

    My body has been ready from birth. #ReginatorofTime
  29. sn00pac

    Breath of the Wild Should the New Game Have a Helper Guide?

    A poet and you didn't know it, or maybe you did?
  30. sn00pac

    Breath of the Wild Possible Subtitles?

    The Legend of Zelda: Moblivion :lol:
  31. sn00pac

    Can You Mases?

    Trick question, no one can. Only mases can mases.
  32. sn00pac

    Is Your Body Ready

    Or are you a casual? :dry: Rate your body's readiness from 1 to 10.
  33. sn00pac

    Breath of the Wild What Would You Want As The Game's Instrument

    Being in a band, I always loved Zelda's love of music and it's use as a game mechanic. I think a violin or guitar would be interesting; maybe even a trumpet.
  34. sn00pac

    Breath of the Wild Does Anyone else Want a 50+ Hour Game?

    I'd rather see quality over quantity, after all Skyrim and Final Fantasy both often face issues because of their length.
  35. sn00pac

    Breath of the Wild Possible Subtitles?

    Dunno if this is a new post, but what do you think the subtitle should be? Funny and serious ones please. :)
  36. sn00pac

    Breath of the Wild Zelda Wii U Will Be Better Than Elder Scroll Skyrim?

    I don't really think its a fair comparison, because the only thing they truly share (as we know of yet) is the open world. Apples and oranges are both fruit, but they are wildly different.
  37. sn00pac

    Breath of the Wild Should the New Game Have a Helper Guide?

    They would be incredibly annoying like Navi or Phi, plus they might ruin some of the discovery that the creators are trying to achieve. What do you think?
  38. sn00pac

    Breath of the Wild Spooky Themes in Zelda U

    I would love to have a horror themed dungeon, maybe even a return to the well. It really does add variety to the general child-friendliness of the Zelda series.
  39. sn00pac

    Breath of the Wild Will You Play As Multiple Characters?

    As we can see by the trailer and Nintendo's comments, its possible that "no one said that was Link," could mean it would be another character. What do you think?
  40. sn00pac

    Breath of the Wild Sequence Breaking As a Game Mechanic

    Do you think it would be interesting to purposefully allow sequence breaks by advanced players rather than just have them there by accident. The Metroid series did it before with bomb-jumps and wall jumps. :samus:
  41. sn00pac

    Give the Person Above You a New Name

  42. sn00pac

    Apples to Apples with Pokemon Moves

    Beat Up You're writing on Zelda Dungeon, but suddenly Mases knocks at your door...
  43. sn00pac

    Worst Pickup Lines? (Keep It Appropriate Please)

    Do you believe in love at first site? Or should I walk by again? Up top! O/ \O 1 1
  44. sn00pac

    What Would You Do If...?

    I would teleport everywhere; I can just grab clothes and teleport out of the store right? WWYD if the only way to save the world was by destroying your homeland?
  45. sn00pac

    Males Vs Females Game

    26 brosifs
  46. sn00pac

    Create a Follow-sentence! We'll Write an Entire Book Together! :D

    , but of course Billy just had to play house rules; so he asked to borrow money from Locke. Locke was angered and pulled out a...
  47. sn00pac

    The Forever Cheat

    ...everything, then
  48. sn00pac

    Create a Follow-up Senetence, Well See if We Can Make an Entire Book. :D

    pulls it out of his sheathe to attack Billy. But all of the sudden, the earth shook, volcanoes quaked and babies cried as the epic overlord ...
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