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Cool Ideas for the Gamepad?

Jul 31, 2014
I personally want something that hasn't been done before with the gamepad. I'm pretty sure a lot of items will most likely be gamepad oriented just like how the items in skyward sword were motion oriented.

I really hope that the players can use the gyroscope on the game pad the see a 3d panaroma of Hyrule just like in Orcarina of time 3d. Personally I found that it made the world more immersive. It also helped with the Z -targeting because you could use the buttons to change your view then use the gyroscope to adjust your angle.

One new feature I would like to see is perhaps using the gamepad to fight enemies. For example whenever you pull out your bow, the player could use the touch screen to to zoom in and get a first person view from the gamepad. They can then aim using precision and fire from long distances while Link is still vulnerable on the TV.This will make it more realistic as it will force the player to pay attention to what's on the gamepad as well as the player's surroundings. I also hope that this will allow Link to run and shoot the same time which would be pretty cool;);););).

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I'd rather keep the action on the screen and have the gamepad as an optional interface for things such as menus and maps. Personally I would prefer if the Pro controller was an option for this game. The less gimmicks Nintendo tries to force the better.

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