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  1. Pinkfish11

    Theater or Theatre: How Do You Spell It?

    You know, that makes sense. I never thought about it that way.
  2. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art Navi The Fairy

    I love the contrast of black and white!
  3. Pinkfish11

    Theater or Theatre: How Do You Spell It?

    Both are technically correct. Personally, I prefer theatre because it looks better on paper for me. I've been curious about this for quite a while now. If you like, please post the reason for your choice.
  4. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art Random Drawings

    I love it how toon Link's hammer is twice the size of adult Link's.
  5. Pinkfish11

    General Art Origami

    Oh goodness... Those are amazing! I am not that good by a long shot!!
  6. Pinkfish11

    Pokemon Art Pokemon Fusions

    Somehow, the fusions seem fiercer than the originals... Great work mate!
  7. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art My (mostly Zelda Related) Ceramic Creations.

    Awesome!!! I love how the color turned out! Also, did you make that Yoshiesque egg?
  8. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art Awesome Link Time Lapse!

    Amazing!!! It never ceases to amaze me that people can be so skilled at what they do!
  9. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art Playing in the Forest

    Beautiful! You drew Skullkid's hands really well!
  10. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art Goron's Bracelet-Hand Made

    Really cool! So it's made of leather?
  11. Pinkfish11

    LEGO Zelda Released December 2012???

    LEGO Zelda would be so cool! We would buy every set. And about making a LEGO Zelda video game, I don't think it's a good idea. Mainly because you can't make a video game out of a video game, because they would be the exact same (unless Lego makes up an entire new storyline)
  12. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art Zelda Theme Spanish Guitar Version

    Really cool! I love your unique way of approaching Zelda music!
  13. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art My (mostly Zelda Related) Ceramic Creations.

    Amazing flute! The moon looks menacing even when it doesn't have it's beady, yellow eyes yet.
  14. Pinkfish11

    A Beautiful, Artistic Ending/backstory to a Sequel. Thoughts?

    The only issue I have is about the pregnancy. In TP the woman was MARRIED and had already had another kid (unless your talking about something else) How about Link was already married before the game begins? That allots about 2-4 months before a bulge shows.
  15. Pinkfish11

    Spoiler Ghirahim: Your Thoughts?

    Ghirahim is by far the most fabulous villain ever.
  16. Pinkfish11

    General Art Searing Shadows - Starthorn Tree Prequel

    Really Good! It formed a really vivid picture in my head.
  17. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art My (mostly Zelda Related) Ceramic Creations.

    That poor ocarina! It's so cool that you can make a working flute!!
  18. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art *cough* DERP *cough*

    Yes, because it shows where the plants thrived. (and if you want, removing "of" in the first sentence and adding "that" after "shrubs" might make it flow better) "In the Lost Woods, there thrived so many trees, thickets, and shrubs that it was like someone had dumped green paint all over the...
  19. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art My (mostly Zelda Related) Ceramic Creations.

    Nice pot! You could put the rupee in there. ;) And Zelda's bracelet looks cool! Sorry about the glaze issue though.
  20. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art Flowers for Fi - (a Journey of Love Through the Ages and Timelines)

    wow... That was amazing. And to think that scrapper took care of the Master Sword for all those years!
  21. Pinkfish11

    Spoiler How Long Did It Take You...?

    I did it on the first try (although I used a guardian potion + with a potion medal) so it was sort of cheating...
  22. Pinkfish11

    Why Don't You Think They Put Tingle in Skyward Sword

    Dodoh was fine enough for me.
  23. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art My (mostly Zelda Related) Ceramic Creations.

    Awesome! That chuchu looks big. How tall is it?
  24. Pinkfish11

    Pokemon Art Pokémon Idea Evolutions

    Really cool! And Event Horizon seems like a pretty cool ability.
  25. Pinkfish11

    Zelda As Main Character???

    It would be cool, if they do it right that is. I wouldn't highly encourage it though...
  26. Pinkfish11

    Which Zelda Games Have You 100%ed?

    I've only 100%ed SS and ST
  27. Pinkfish11

    Pronouncing "Malon"?

    I pronounce it Ma-lawn (the a as in Snack) with emphasis on the ma.
  28. Pinkfish11

    Majora's Mask Link - The Green Whizz

    Or maybe they're just as oblivious as the Hyrule/Deku palace guards.
  29. Pinkfish11

    OoT-N64 Where Did Jabu Jabu Go?

    Maybe the Zoras shipped him to the nearest ocean when they found out about Gannondorf taking over.
  30. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art At Arrow Point

    I could picture it now. Link winds up at the new Inter-species university of Hyrule. And when he meets the student counsel representative, he whips out his bow before the poor Octorock could say any word of welcome.
  31. Pinkfish11

    General Art Rainy's Art^^

    Pretty good! Better than I could ever do... And if you like to draw, by all means continue to do so.
  32. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art My (mostly Zelda Related) Ceramic Creations.

    pretty good! Ceramics is so fun yes?
  33. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art *cough* DERP *cough*

    Oh I meant "In the" Sorry if it wasn't clear.
  34. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art At Arrow Point

    ya lol. My brother and I love to think up funny things like that.
  35. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art Hylian Crusade Fan Art: Malon Hacey and Jacey

    Oh dear, that is so sad...
  36. Pinkfish11

    Pokemon Art An Idea for a New Pokémon

    Really cool! Can't wait to to the evolutions!
  37. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art At Arrow Point

    Poor thing. It can't help that is has allergies :P.
  38. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art [WiP] The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Warrior *Created with Project Zelda Engine*

    That sounds really cool! Funny how a little thing like a cave falling in would change the course of history.
  39. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art Makar: Crochet Stuffy

    Thank you so much for your compliment!
  40. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art *cough* DERP *cough*

    Cute! the only thing I could say is that the first word of the story probably should start with "In" instead of "The". Other than that, pretty good for a first fanfic!
  41. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art Just a Far Out Dream of Mine...

    Amazing job! What is peeking up from behind the mountain?
  42. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art Hylian Crusade Fan Art: Malon Hacey and Jacey

    Very well done! I would be happy too if nobody threatened to kill me lol.
  43. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art Makar: Crochet Stuffy

    Have fun!
  44. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art Hero of Hyrule

    Awesome! Very dramatic.
  45. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art Zelda Art Work

    The last one you did was awesome! I could see the improvement, especially in the hands.
  46. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art My Link and Zelda Picture

    Hey, the more you color, the better you get! Great job by the way!
  47. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art Zelda Art Made by My Wife

    Cute! Did she change Link's hair color to match yours? If so, that is so romantic!
  48. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art I've Been Making Some Zelda Plushies

    That is so adorable! I love how you stitched on each individual spot on it's tail. Was the fin difficult to sew the spots on?
  49. Pinkfish11

    Zelda Art Random Zelda Art

    Amazing! It must of been hard to carve the crest with the crest reversed! that must of been frustrating...
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