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  1. Link V

    SKA Music

    I DO like Ska however but not as much as Hardcore Punk (The Germs, Dead Kennedys, The Exploited, Bad Brains, black flag, minor threat etc.) Pop-Punk (Rancid, Sum-41, blink-182, Rise Against) Punk (The Sex pistols, Uk Subs, the ramones, stiff little fingers) Oi! punk (The adicts, Flipper, etc.)...
  2. Link V

    Can Anyone Think of a Name for My Band?

    I haven't told them yet, I could email them but i think we might be "the Rats". but idon't know yet. i'll tell u if we decide on pyrotex.
  3. Link V

    Can Anyone Think of a Name for My Band?

    Pyrotex is perfect! our drummer is a huge gear-head he builds go-karts and cars and stuff w/ his dad. He also a pyro maniac, he burns anything in his "Flame pit" in his backyard.
  4. Link V

    Can Anyone Think of a Name for My Band?

    hmm sudden death sounds good, but it doesnt give much room for the other genres, but still a possibility.
  5. Link V

    Can Anyone Think of a Name for My Band?

    Yeah i like reality pill. it sounds kinda alternative and grunge but idk about thrash. I'll ask my freinds to C if they like it
  6. Link V

    Can Anyone Think of a Name for My Band?

    I'm in a Grunge/Thrash/alternative band and we need a name! Can anyone think of anything?
  7. Link V

    The British Music Scene.

    don't forget Chaos UK and Iron Maiden!
  8. Link V

    Post Your CD Collection

    1.) Never mind the bo****ks- the sex pistols 2.)american Idiot- Green Day 3.)Greatest hits- Smashing Pumpkins 4.)Chuck- Sum 41 5. Ride the Lightning- Metallica 6. Master of puppets- metallica 7.Meteora-linkin park 8.Greatst hits- The Offspring 9. Greatest hits- Megadeth 10. Nevermind- Nirvana...
  9. Link V

    Green Day or The Smashing Pumpkins

    what?! how can u not like the pumpkins!!!!???! that was like my favorite band in 8th grade!!!!
  10. Link V

    The British Music Scene.

    well what about... the who the exploited the beatles?!?! the clash the uk subs those are good bands form brittain too.
  11. Link V

    What Song Reflects You?

    this is me
  12. Link V

    Favorite Videos on Youtube and Favorite Abridger

    most abridgers put me to sleep. it seems like they r just talking over the game EXCEPT.....Adamwestslapdog!!! I laugh so hard in his vids i had to go to the hospital!!!
  13. Link V

    What Movie is This?!

    ahh that must have been it. lol i wonder if i should see it for fun!
  14. Link V

    Zelda Art Old Of Wolf and Man

    of wolf and man is a song by metallica.....does link form a thrash metal band? lol
  15. Link V

    What Movie is This?!

    My dad told me the corniest movie he ever saw was this one horror film in which a cat food company is going out of bussiness so to save money they go grave robbing and put dead bodies in the cat food. NAD THE CATS DEVELOP A TASTE FOR humAN FLESH after eating the Food! (MWAHAAAA) Now, i know...
  16. Link V

    The Exploited

    THe exploited are a scottish punk band. (REAL PUNK, Mohawks, screaming etc.) Their new album comes out next year. is anyone else as excited as me?
  17. Link V

    My Cd Collection

    ok i have a bunch of albums. u guys rate each one. ARTIST ALBUM 1.) the sex pistols: never mind the b*****ks 2.) Green Day: American Idiot 3.)Smashing Pumpkins: Greatesthits 4.) Sum 41: Chuck 5.) Metallica: Master of puppets 6.) Metallica: ride the lightning 7.)...
  18. Link V

    Green Day

    green day was my favorite band in 6th grade. not so much anymore, i kinda realized how mediocre they r. BUT i do ocasionally listen to american idiot and i still like it as much as i did then. its good but EXTREMELY mainstream (PROBABLY THE MOST MAINSTREAM album i own)
  19. Link V

    Best Artists of the Decade

    last time i checked green day was 2nd place not usher. u should fix that. anyway new music is not that good linkin park is ok i guess. but all the other stuff..no.
  20. Link V

    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    ah red hot chili peppers. the thing that makes that band for me is the bassist, flea. he really gives the entire band a unique sound.
  21. Link V

    What is Your Favorite Method of Transportation in a Zelda Game?

    1 walking (it lets me look at the scenery) 2 Epona (When i need to go somwhere fast) 3 Other Eg. Teleportation, boat , wolf link etc.
  22. Link V


    MWAHAHAAA awesome thrash-metal band! does anyone else on ZD listen to them? if not..... Megadeth is a Thrash band much like metallica but less recognized. Some of their best songs are Kill the King Holy Wars...The Punishment Due Hangar 18 Listen to it on itunes or you tube or whatever.
  23. Link V

    What is Your Fav WW Island?

    windfall island is my favorite cause it looked like typical medeval town and........ IT WAS PACKED WITH SIDEQUESTS AND REWARDS! there were like 9 peices of heart on that island and tons of minigames and sidequests for money secrets, hearts, bottles and the magic armor AND that hero's charm mask...
  24. Link V

    Most embarassing/Worst Game you've ever bought?

    hmmm easy. galidor for the gameboy advance (WHAT WAS I THINKING) :facepalm:
  25. Link V

    The Casualties

    The Casualties are a hardcore/street punk band from New York. Their debut album is "For the Punx". but.....it seems im the only guy on Zelda dungeon who listens to them. Dosnt anyone else?!? tell me what you think. If u wanna hear their music it should be fairly easy to find on itunes or...
  26. Link V

    Iron Maiden

    ah iron maiden. probably one of the greatest metal bands of all time to exist. I think they have a new album coming out soon but its their last one :( .
  27. Link V


    hmm interesting. I'm not offended cuz they r not my favorite band i just kinda think they made sum good songs.
  28. Link V


    Man, those guys are great! does anyone else know them? whats your favorite song by them?
  29. Link V

    McDonalds Vs. Burger King

    Burger King is better. Better milkshake, bigger Burger, Crispier fries. Mc donalds is nowhere near as good.
  30. Link V

    The Replacements

    yeah ive heard of em! too bad a lot of people havent though :(
  31. Link V

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted but you wish you were bordd again I wish for 50 bucks
  32. Link V

    Hardest Alttp Temple

    Skull woods was so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!
  33. Link V


    There is one game in the series that acknowledges that u beat the boss though...Minish Cap. U get the light Force triangle at the file select screen but other than that its still overrun by evil.
  34. Link V

    Guns 'n' Roses

    I wonder if Axel the Beast ever noticed he has the same name as the singer in GnR.......... Anyway I think theyr'e great!
  35. Link V

    How About a Zelda Where Link is the Bad Guy?

    Actually, There was this one website that made a preview for a game like that on April Fool's day as a prank. I thought link was gonna be the villain. Lol I actually would NOT like that. Maybe if they gave u a choice like in the Fable Games. but idk.
  36. Link V

    Seasons or Ages?

    There are only 3 games in the series I have not played: Links aweking OoS OoA Sorry but I just never got around to playing them.
  37. Link V

    What instrument do you play?

    you play mayonaise? I PLAY MUSTARD! If we had a ketchup-ist we could form a band!......Or make a really good hot dog.....
  38. Link V

    If You Could Be Any Zelda Character Who Would It Be?

    I'd be a Rito. Those guys were awesome! Who would you guys be?
  39. Link V

    King of Hyrule

    The king in Mc is named Daltus. No connection, other than they are both kings of the past. not the same king.
  40. Link V

    What instrument do you play?

    Hmm... well i guess it depends on what your definiton of an instrument is..... lol joking. I play guitar
  41. Link V


    I like their song, off 10,000 fists : I'm Alive
  42. Link V

    What Are Your Top 10 Favorite Bands?

    btw I'm glad lots of people responded to this thread! I even forgot that I posted it!
  43. Link V

    What Are Your Top 10 Favorite Bands?

    What about Iron Maiden? Judas Preist? ANthrax? Megadeth? Slayer?!?! what about those?
  44. Link V


    Descendents is Awesome! join the Punk Rock Fan club Joseph II!
  45. Link V

    Worst Movie Ever Seen

    two actually:(in Order of lameness) 2.) 10,000 BC- That movie was just horrible! My mom and I were litteraly laughing through the whole thing! I mean they go through FOur differnet Ecosystems in a Matter of days?!? WTF? 1.) And of course the Official worst movie of all time (DRUMROLL...
  46. Link V

    Snowpeak Snowboarding

    I really liked it but lets not forget the canoe down Zora's River! btw Yeta was kinda annoying...
  47. Link V

    Ocarina of Time Who is the Poe Keeper?

    in Majora's mak it said he was one of the wandering Spirits of Ikana
  48. Link V

    Twilight Princess Why Is Zelda So Serious

    Its because she is a princess, and unlike other girls she needs too mature more quickly to do what is best for her people.
  49. Link V


    YIKES! I forgot: Flipper Sham 69 7 seconds UK subs
  50. Link V


    Great I need at least two more members, ANy other zeld-dungeoners wanna join?
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