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Link V

Tommorow belongs to us...
MWAHAHAAA awesome thrash-metal band! does anyone else on ZD listen to them?
if not.....
Megadeth is a Thrash band much like metallica but less recognized. Some of their best songs are

Kill the King
Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
Hangar 18

Listen to it on itunes or you tube or whatever.


I don't suffer from it ..
Jun 17, 2010
Been listening to them for about 20 years now. The Conjuring, Good Mourning/Black Friday, In My Darkest Hour, and Lucretia are among my overall faves. I've got all their albums up through Risk (and have owned their first 5 albums on both cassette and CD).


Megadeth are fantastic I have the albums Rust In Peace, So Far So Good So What, Countdown To Extinction and Youthanasia all of them are amazing my fave Megadeth song has to be In My Darkest Hour what a masterpiece and as an added bonus I'm seeing THE BIG 4 next year hell yeah

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