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  • It seems so easy when you talk like that! No one in my school plays music, I only found a guitarist.
    Not really, sadly one of our members left our town. Hopefully next year when ill be in highschool I will find new people to play with.
    Sorry it took me so long to reply, I was busy and unfortunately I don't have much time for the forum right now.
    Anyway, it was pretty god but I think you should get a better camera/sound equipment because it sounds a bit twisted some times.
    I thought so, the camera moved and I thought you said "I love you mum".
    Not really, I just found out that one of our three "members" is moving on february. But tomorrow/friday I'm gonna see my friend's new guitar so maybe we'll start playing.
    But you should watch the movie, its really easy to find in the internet, just google "tenacious d in the pick of destiny online" and you'll probably find it.
    Five minutes after I post your name here you changed the names at your youtube channel.
    Oh, I spoke with my friend again today and on february I'm suppose to move next to him cause my family is fixing our house (its gonna be huge but i'll miss my old house) and then we will play together and make this band real, but our third member is moving far away at the same time I move. :shake:
    Have you ever seen the movie Tenacious D and The Pick of Destiny?
    Great, but there's only guitar solos, when would I see you and the rest?
    So your name is Johnny, its nice to know your real name.
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