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My Cd Collection

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Tommorow belongs to us...
ok i have a bunch of albums. u guys rate each one.
1.) the sex pistols: never mind the b*****ks
2.) Green Day: American Idiot
3.)Smashing Pumpkins: Greatesthits
4.) Sum 41: Chuck
5.) Metallica: Master of puppets
6.) Metallica: ride the lightning
7.) Megadeth: Greatest hits
8.) Stiff Little FIngers: Inflammable Material
9.) Linkin Park: Meteora
10.)The offspring: Greatest hits
11.)Aerosmith: Greatest hits
12.)Green Day: Iternational Superhits
13.)Nirvana: Nevermind
14.) Linkin park: live in texas
15.)Green Day: 21st century breakdown

So is my collection great or lame? tell me what you think.


its not bad kinda like my collection was when I started collecting albums, how long you been buying albums/ been into music, also let me give you a tip if your going to want to have a large CD collection then don't buy best ofs trust me studio albums are where its at.
Also I can see you becoming a lot more Metal in the future that means less Offspring and Green Day so be carefully when you think about buying albums by these bands I recently got rid of a ton of old non metal albums my CD collection is now strictly metal with the odd random band here and there but yeah man good start, could I recommend you get some albums by Slayer and Anthrax

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