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Worst Movie Ever Seen

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Tommorow belongs to us...
two actually:(in Order of lameness)
2.) 10,000 BC- That movie was just horrible! My mom and I were litteraly laughing through the whole thing! I mean they go through FOur differnet Ecosystems in a Matter of days?!? WTF?

1.) And of course the Official worst movie of all time (DRUMROLL PLZ)........SUper Mario Brothers.
The games are so great but the movie is horrible in so many ways!


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Jul 12, 2010
San Antonio
worst film ive ever seen was the shining it just didnt make sense

OMG how can you say that?
I also don't get people saying a movie was the worst film ever that was clearly not the worst film ever!
Harry Potter might not have floated your boat, but c'mon have you seen any tv movie ever?

I'm just kind of a fanatic when it comes to movies i guess.

I should have never read this thread. I'm losing respect for people :xd:


Jun 2, 2010
Windfall Island
While I don't have one in mind, here's something interesting. IMDB lists "Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2" as the worst movie of all time. I just happen to go to school with the Fitzgerald triplets from the movie who played the "Big Kahuna", one of the main characters of the film. LOL, I wonder how they feel about their movie being the worst movie of all time... :/

EDIT: Ok, I just watched a movie that'll blow all these other movies out of the water. Has anyone seen the movie called "The Room"? It's EASILY the worst movie ever. It's so bad that it was originally supposed to be a drama/romance but everyone thought that it was so cheesy and hilarious because of the bad acting, that the producer (who was also the director, writer, and lead actor) decided to market it as a black comedy. Even though it's so bad, it's now one of my favorites because it makes me "LOOOOOL."

**SPOILERS** The lead actor (Tommy Wiseau) looks like a mix of Jesus, Fabio and a cyborg and he has a Swedish/Russian/French (SOMETHING European..) accent. The main fight scene consists of chicken impressions and it ended with Johnny (main character) saying "I fed up wit dis worurld." There's MANY repetitive scenes such as Johhny's wife Lisa talking to her mother and the dialogue always goes like this:

"I don't love Johnny anymore"
"But he supports you."
"He's boring and I love Mark."
"That's not right Lisa."

There's about 5 sex scenes that almost look exactly the same and look really awkward. Every time Lisa's new boyfriend Mark comes over, she tries to seduce him and EVERY time he has no clue what's going on. He still looks confused the 5th time she tries to seduce him. There's about 3 or 4 scenes consisting of Johnny and his friends playing football in the alley in tuxedos (Don't ask me why..) There's also about a billion pointless subplots that happen in scenes that add nothing to the main plot of the movie and aren't even mentioned again such as:
-Denny (some 14 year old that Johnny and Lisa hangout with) having a gun pointed at his head because he didn't pay for his drug money. There's this whole dramatic scene but it leads to NOTHING and is never mentioned again.
-Some random couple that were never introduced come into Johnny's house to have sex on the couch. Again, this serves no point.
-Lisa's mom CASUALLY telling Lisa that she's dying of breast cancer. Lisa CASUALLY responds with "It's nothing to worry about." Never mentioned again.
-Denny telling Johnny that he's madly in love with Johnny's girlfriend Lisa. Johnny doesn't really care and responds with "Dat ok Denny. You can love someone as a human bean wit yur heart on dee inside."

The movie's also famous for really unorganized dialogue such as:
"Yeah, can I have a dozen red roses" *Takes of glasses*
"Hi Johnny, I didn't recongnize you." (Pause) "Here you go"
"That's me!"
"That's 18 dollars"
"Here you go keep the change hi doggie" (All in one long sentence, while running out of the store)
"You're my favorite customer"

^BTW it doesn't sound as bad as it is unless you actually look it up on youtube.

"Did you get the promotion?"
"Hmm.. You didn't get the promotion, did you?"

"YOU ARE TEARING ME APART LISA!!!!!!!!!!!!" Said like the Hulk.

"I got a new client at the bank today."
"WHAT?! WHO?!"
"I can not tell you. It is confidential"
"Come on, tell me."
"No I can not anyways so how is your sex life?"
^That was changing topics a little too quickly..

There is SOOO much more but I've ranted a lot. This really is a movie that you have to see to believe.. The best thing to do is to type in "Nostalgia critic review of the room" or "Obscurus Lupa review of the room" on youtube. It'll show you just how bad the movie is. SERIOUSLY, WATCH IT!
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Jan 31, 2010
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I don't know what they're called, but I would say the worst movies are those stupid movies that are full of sexual innuendo, cursing, and violence, and have a very simple plot thrown in. There are so many of them that I can't list them all, but I'd consider any of them to be the worst movie I've ever seen.

I didn't bother to remember their names, that's how bad they were.


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I don't know what they're called, but I would say the worst movies are those stupid movies that are full of sexual innuendo, cursing, and violence, and have a very simple plot thrown in. There are so many of them that I can't list them all, but I'd consider any of them to be the worst movie I've ever seen.

I didn't bother to remember their names, that's how bad they were.

^ This.

The worst movie I've seen beginning to end is probably Transformers. It actually fit this description perfectly, and it's funny how surprised everyone was when the second movie turned out to be horrible--the first movie was an incoherent action-fest, so why did anyone expect the second to be any better? I also have very little respect for the slasher genre or exploitation films. I thought Kill Bill was kind of horrible and have no idea why it's so popular. Also, Meet the Fockers might be the worst, least funny comedy I have ever seen.

I usually make it a point to see movies I've heard are good, so I guess that's why the worst movies I've seen aren't widely considered the worst. In the case of Meet the Fockers, it got bad reviews but I loved the first movie so I saw it anyway. Bad idea.

Tommy Wiseau's The Room sounds like it would be worse than anything on this list, but I've only watched parts of it and seen reviews (the Nostalgia Critic's review is particularly funny).


The Vanished
Nov 25, 2008
I would say the Room, but I haven't actually seen it. So I'll say the Starwars Holiday Special.


Oct 24, 2010
The worst couple of movie I've seen in the last week or so was Daybreakers and The Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Both were boring while Daybreakers was unnecessarily a gore fest and The Wall Street was predictable and sappy.

But none of those movies are anything compared to The Room.



Id have to say none other than twilight! The guy they chose for edward literally killed the idea of edward himself. I'm saying they killed a vampire. The movie was fair but the acting was lacking something...
Im not quite a fan of the series but I hope New moon is better. The trailers look good. So i might be in the theaters sometime soon.

Ugh, I know right?
The book itself was pretty bad, and the movie only made me long that Smeyer's idea of vampires could have been killed by onions and wooden sticks.


Oct 4, 2010
Ugh, sorry Twilight fans, but I didn't think the movie was too good. I mean the only people who actually enjoyed the movie was probably the girls screaming in the back....


Sep 20, 2008
For me, the two worst movies i've ever seen are (in no particular order)

1- Meet the Fockers

For a movie that was supposed to be funny, I found it to be incredibly boring. The only funny part was...oh wait. There were no funny parts. It was a waste of my time renting it out and watching it. I want my $4 back. -._-.


I know i'm going to get alot of rap for this, but I hated the movie. I watched the first hour, and it was terrible. Absolutely attrocious acting and direction. I actually pulled out my DS and played around with ST while my friend and his sister watched it in awe. :dry:


Mar 28, 2010
Great Bay, Racing the Beaver Brothers
300- I know that it has a lot of epic quotes like "THIS IS SPARTA!!!!" But there wasn't enough action, and too much mystical stuff to make it seem like a real movie. I remember they were making a wall out of skulls o_O.... how creepy is that?

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