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  • Lol I kind of lost the drawing tablet so I had to try and use my laptop mouse XD But you're welcome anyway :33
    Did you think you could get away without the entire community realising is was your birthday? :P
    Bleach was awesome! I loved it when you had that pic as your avatar! XD I didint watch all of them but they were cool!
    Hey TheGreen I just wanna thank you for reminding everyone about the video game deathmatch. Hopefully, that will tip the scales and Zelda will win. :)
    haha thanks. I've picked up some classic Batman trades but haven't read them yet. And I really have to play Arkham Asylum, I keep hearing good things about it.
    I've been wondering...who are the Batman villains in your sig? I don't know much about Batman but those characters look pretty cool.
    Really, well thank you. I was having a lot of trouble adjusting to play as mafia lol. I'm not that good at being anti-town T_T lol.
    Haha yeah, your play style really work well. The town and mafia left you alone for a good while. In the end it was really only I and (mostly) Bay who thought you were someone to get lynched. The night I was taken out I started to think that the serial kill was Scarecrow. Though I didn't figure out that you where the Scarecrow until I died.
    Eh you probably would have gotten away with it if Jo hadn't got after you so much. The poisoning was great, it really did make things confusing. I bet you had fun with that :D

    Well played sir, well played.
    Hello I've Seen You Around The Forums And Thought I'd Introduce Myself I'm Gunner :) And I lOve Makiing nEw Friend s:D Are You Excited For SS and OoT 3D :D
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