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    Hi! Its been awhile since I was on here and I thought I'd say hi.. I noticed you liked Code Geass (From your icon) AND OMG. ONE OF MY FAVORITE ANIMES EVER. AHH! (`・ω・´)
    And Death Note is reaaallllllyyy awesome too and it looks like you were talking to other people about it so yeah. :)
    Ah, made it just in time. Happy Birthday Abbs! Hope you had a super/awesome/fantastic day! :3
    I'd love to see L and Near in a room together, just the sheer aswesomeness might kill me. Then their brains start working and it's all too much. XDD
    The series is actually very well done, seeing as they added Near in, he actually does a pretty good job even if he is a lot like L, I think that was kind of their idea even though it didn't go down too well with the viewers.
    I agree. Near annoyed me at first but to be honest nearer (lol) the end he was better, but really he was L.
    You like Death Note? I finished the entire series in under 2 days. That should tell yuo how much I am a fan of it. :P
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