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  • Hey, this is your old friend Caleb. I'd like to get in touch. Let me know if you see this, and we can exchange information.
    I. COULDN'T. AGREE. MORE. Much like Zelda, Phantasy Star has such magic that just captures and enthralls. I played the game as a child in the late 80's; I spent YEARS working on it! Supposedly there was a 1-800 number you could call to get help but I didn't call it, lol

    Anyway, my favorites in the series are the first Phantasy Star with Alis, Odin, Myau and Lutz/Noah, and Phantasy Star IV which is just as awesome - no joke. Did you play Phantasy Star III? What's your opinion of it?

    I can't tell you how awesome it is to meet another fan of that series. :)
    Really!? It's my favorite, too! When did you first play it? Have you played the others in the classic series?
    Awww, no problem, anytime! If you're on and need a bot match buddy, I'll gladly play with you :)
    Not yet, my cousin is moveing to the outback at the end of the month and i will be getting it then. actually we had plans to make up our accounts this week. so ill keep you updated on that, i just like the fact that you not the typical fan boy and actually make sence. so yeah keep in touch!
    Hanyou:I love remakes, and I'd like to see more.

    dude, you need to stay in contact with me more on here or on Facebook, however you want, you are one of very few intelligent Posters on this site, and i have never disagreed with what you said after reading it. even if your opinion differed from mine in the beginning. but yeah dude, im sure you have other interest as well.

    i joined this site to make friends, and havent really other than A Link in Time. so hit me up.
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