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    Nice avatar, i love TINGLE!!!!
    It's alright.

    No!! I hope you get better soon then Majora :)
    Anyway have you been Anyway I think i'm getting Facebook on the weekend, so if you have it maybe I could add you?
    Haha, well im good now. Summer for me is just around the corner.
    So what about you? We haven't talked for awhile.
    Hey~! I'm back from being sick... I may be a little late, but oh well ^^"
    So how've you been Majora16?
    WHOA! I didn't get to go to the PNE this year!!! PM me where you're from man it's obvious we both live in BC?
    Thanks! I'm good...been playing LoZ all day, and the second quest is causing me many game overs. :right: Should have been doing cooking and cleaning but it's a holiday weekend. Yay for breaks!
    Hi! I have found myself wanting to rep a couple of your posts and...not being able to, because I gave you rep to recently. _._ So I sent you a friend request instead, heh.
    Salute! My summer was quite well after Summer School and getting sick XD I went to an anime convention as Tetra and participated in a Zelda Photoshoot! Then I went to Disney Land and fulfilled my childhood dreams. How was your summer?
    Hey Majora16, did you see the MM article ? Someone beat us to it, and now Blizzy is sad.
    There's not much we can do about it I suppose...
    Well Yes but like if you have a DS there are for 4 you can get plus ebay is a good spot to find them

    PS If you want I list of all the ZELDAS tell me thanks.
    :mastersword:Hi nice too meat you I am DARK MASTER I like Main zeldas and rare zeldas like the LCD games or the tingle games and much much more will you be my friend thanks.:keese:

    I just wanted to say I like your avatar and signature, their awesome~~!
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