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Game Thread Amazing Fantasy: A Spider-Man Mafia Prequel [NIGHT 10--HIATUS]


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Jan 19, 2018
Arachnid-Dude, Arachnid-Dude
Does whatever an arachnid can do
Spins some thread, any size
Catches Crushers just like flies
Watch out
Here comes Arachnid-Dude

Is he tough?
Listen friend
His blood is a radioactive blend
Can he swing from a web?
Look at this new celeb
Hi, there
There goes Arachnid-Dude

(I'm gonna Cheer for Ex/Arachnid-Dude)


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"Three minutes? This should be simple enough." Who even was this Crusher Hogan person anyway? Just seemed like your everyday street thug, except more hairless and unclothed.

Hogan had been fighting all Day, he should be at least a bit tired at this point, even a professional wrestler oughta run out of stamina. At first the plan was simple: stand your ground and try to keep some distance, let them make the first move.

"Bring it on, baldy" - Arachnid-dude taunted, accompanied with a hand gesture.
Jun 15, 2020
Fight post: 1/5

"Baldy?" Crusher scoffs, lowers his head so the Arachnid Dude can get a good look, and haphazardly charges!!



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"Oh ****." are the only words that come out of his mouth as he tries to dodge the middle aged behemoth charging towards his direction. Unsuccessfully, because the fighter is surprisingly nimble. As if a savage ram, the lustrous head connects to the abdomen with enough oomph to make the challenger breathless for a second.

Keeping a distance felt pointless now. He had to take advantage of the close combat that was now ongoing, and fast, before Hogan had a chance to get a proper hold of a limb. Arachnid-dude quickly delivers a few swift but powerful punches to baldy's back, followed by a headlock, taking advantage of the brief staggering caused by the blows.

"Take this!" Arachnid-dude exclaims as he takes a mild vertical leap, letting gravity do its job on the way back as he uses all of his weight to bring them both at maximum speed onto the ring's floor. Hogan's face connects with a loud thump sound indicating a somewhat successful facebuster despite the sloppy and amateurish execution. "YEAAAAAAAA. HOW YOU LIKE THIS?" Arachnid-dude celebrates, asking the cheering the audience, as he turns his back to the collapsed Crusher.
Jun 15, 2020

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(Day 2)

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Jun 15, 2020
Alright Crusher, enough stalling. You've had your short rest, spent your hit dice, and recovered your action surge abilities, you should be good to go for another fight (no wait, that's another game).

2 out of 4 people have beaten you so far tonight. That's embarrassing! Gotta get that win percentage up above 50% for the last one. You'd better win, or else I'm not sure you deserve that Wrestling Champion title.

Let's see who we've got for fight #5... "The Human Spider". What's with all these spider names? First, Arachnid Dude, then the Human Spider (which absolutely sucks as a name by the way, come up with something better next time my guy), are these bozos related or something?

This guy looks scrawny too. Should be a piece of cake for you, Hogan. Go on and CRUSH him!


The Human Spider Wins!!​

Wowee! What a SPECTACULAR way to end tonight's wrestling event! With an incredible feat of athleticism that defies all sense and logic in order to win the match in a way that has surely never been done before! This one will go down in the history books, ladies and gentlemen! Those of you who were here will never forget the day you saw this astonishing feat with your very eyes!

As the event draws to a close, the fight promoter reluctantly pays you each a share of the winnings. "Read the fine print! It wasn't $10k each, it was $10k total. Three of you won, so you each get a third of the pot!" Well, I can't say that you're thrilled to learn this, but at least you're still getting some money out of the deal.

As you all retire for the evening and return to your homes, someone in the crowd shouts "Hey, has anybody seen Morbid Minish?! He was supposed to meet me here for this event, and I saw him outside before I went in, but I never saw him again after that! Please, someone, help me look for him! He acts all tough and stuff but he's just a teenager and I am worried something happened to him..."

A few concerned citizens joined the search for the missing teen... And sure enough, they find him, dumped in an alley behind the wrestling arena... Dead.

@Morbid Minish has been KILLED. Reports say they were the star quarterback for Midtown High's football team, Flash Thompson! There can be no doubt that such a rising star was Town Aligned. Why on earth would someone murder a teenager?! A question that will have to wait for tomorrow...

And then, the Night falls...

It is now NIGHT 2!

With 25 players in the Active Player pool, Night 2 will last for 50 hours (ending on September 1st at 1:30 AM Eastern Time).

Click here for an accurate countdown.
The final resolution of Day abilities (which had been waiting for the Fights to conclude in order to resolve) has altered the Fourth Vote Count of the Day. I present here, Vote Count 4B, which is not a new Vote Count but just the adjusted fourth one with the unresolved abilities taken into account.

Day 2 Vote Count 4B

KingofDominaria (0):
Tevish Szat, the Human Torch, Rubik, Spiritual Mask Salesman, Turin, theatog, TheCapsFan, Freddeh, ExLight, Storm, Paranoid King, Ragnarokio, The Black Cat, dragonteacup, Doc, Asfinyti, OsCorp, Fisk Industries, Roxxon
ExLight (1): ModVote
Storm (0.5):

The Human Torch's vote BURNS, KingofDominaria's Threshold is reduced by -2.

With an impressive 21.5 votes against, plus the Torch's BURN effect, KingofDominaria is essentially at Majority + 13.5. That's an insane amount of cooperation, considering there are only 19 available Standard Votes in the Active Player pool...

KingofDominaria had reached his Threshold, but due to his victory in the fight with the Human Torch, and his mercy over not pressing charges, the District Attorney withdrew the arrest warrant and cleared all his votes.

Not Voting:
Andjalo, Asfinyti, Asfinyti, Captan_Lunch, HangryHangryHippo, Killjoy262, KingofDominaria, Silverfish, Skystone, Vroendal

With 19 available votes, it takes 10 votes to reach a Majority (now whether or not Maj is required to Remove someone is another matter--as is evidently the case--thanks for the demonstration KingofDominaria).

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Jan 19, 2018



IT IS NOW NIGHT 2. NIGHT 2 will last until September 1st at 1:30 AM Eastern Time.

Click here for an accurate countdown.



Currently CLOSED.

The Daily Bugle: None
Fisk International: Norman Osborn
OsCorp: Norman Osborn
Roxxon Energy Corporation: Norman Osborn


Storyline: "GANG WAR!" Part 1




  1. Andjalo
  2. Asfinyti
  3. Asfinyti
  4. Asfinyti
  5. Captan_Lunch
  6. Doc
  7. dragonteacup
  8. ExLight
  9. Freddeh
  10. HangryHangryHippo
  11. Killjoy262
  12. KingofDominaria
  13. Paranoid King
  14. Princess Abigail
  15. Ragnarokio
  16. Rubik
  17. Silverfish
  18. Skystone
  19. Spiritual Mask Salesman
  20. Storm
  21. Tevish Szat
  22. theatog
  23. TheCapsFan
  24. Turin
  25. Vroendal

  1. None

  1. Tevish Szat was the Origin-Aligned Radioactive Spider
  2. Stability was Origin-Aligned Mac Gargan
  3. Morbid Minish was Town-Aligned Flash Thompson

  1. Aaarrrgh
  2. lain
  3. Mint Elv

  1. Hello World

  1. Nobody. What to join the game? Hit me up.


Welcome back to the active player pool, @Princess Abigail !

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