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  1. Katelynn

    Elritica's Scepter RP

    Utterly surprised by the sudden attack by "Celina", Syntha just stopped what she was doing and stood in awe of the great, dark beast galloping towards her. All she could think about was how cool it would be to write about the shadow creature for an encyclopedia...
  2. Katelynn

    Elritica's Scepter RP

    Syntha was about to start explaining about how awesome the adventure would be once they got some action but Orin didn't stop to breath before he whispered something to Darkie. She grew a little impatient and was about to turn red in the face and blurt out whatever she wanted until Faolan pointed...
  3. Katelynn

    Elritica's Scepter RP

    ((I hope this RP hasn't died, nothing important's happend yet))
  4. Katelynn

    What Did You Get for Christmas?

    Nintendo 3DS XL and New Super Mario Bros. 2.... Not much but it's probably more than others less fortunate than I...
  5. Katelynn

    Zelda Art The Hero of Spirits

    You keep using so much suspense and i'm going to implode :yuck:
  6. Katelynn

    Forest Temple (OoT) = Sealed Temple (SS)?

    It seems you haven't figured out that Nintendo doesn't use the term "sense" in the Zelda series.
  7. Katelynn

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    That fact that I'll still be a virgin even after i'm 82... jkjk I'm just busy trying to search for my Christmas gifts so I can be a child and open them early...
  8. Katelynn

    Elritica's Scepter RP

    ((The RP might flow better if everyone would make more detailed posts))
  9. Katelynn

    Breath of the Wild Do You Want ZeldaU to Be a Light-Hearted Game or Dark?

    I'm rather hoping Nintendo follows in Majora's Mask's footsteps and create a realistic, dark, and expansive game that changes the entire meaning of the series.
  10. Katelynn

    Best Game of All Time (Voting Thread)

    Being restricted to a rather small list of games, I'd have to go with Majora's Mask.
  11. Katelynn

    Do You Work Out?

    I actually don't mind being a fat glob of nothing... jkjk I rarely workout because I spend all my time eating, working or online...
  12. Katelynn

    Elritica's Scepter RP

    Syntha gasped as the cool air brushed against her eyes. She hadn't felt weather like this in a long time and she was surprised when the magnificent creature beneath her suddenly leaped into the air without warning. She watched Orin glide towards a vast row of mountains and hills and assumed that...
  13. Katelynn

    General Art Violet's Hall of Arts.

    //hasn't commented on how good your art is sob
  14. Katelynn

    Elritica's Scepter RP

    ((Geez Jenn that only took what, two centuries for you to post again? :rolleyes: jkjk i'm only teasing, mommies are busy ladies))
  15. Katelynn

    Elritica's Scepter RP

    Syntha was sort of off in her own little world, fantasizing about flying and whatnot before she heard Orin tell the group to talk about themselves. "If you hadn't noticed my name is Syntha, and technically I specialize in Archery even though-" She began to babble about random and subsequently...
  16. Katelynn

    Elritica's Scepter RP

    Syntha quickly skipped over to a Golden Griffin, she hopped up and mounted herself. "W-where do we travel first, Orin?" Syntha stuttered as she spoke, still getting used to the feel of the large creature beneath her.
  17. Katelynn

    Zelda Art The Hero of Spirits

    Curse you writers block, Homework and everything else preventing Azure from writing moar chapters!
  18. Katelynn

    General Art Aku's Art Thread :3

  19. Katelynn

    Zelda Art The Hero of Spirits

    Azure I just about died. The story is finally reaching some better aspects of everything and it's hard not to be completely engulfed by the true beauty of it. Keep writing/brain storming, I love this Fan-Fiction almost as much as my own life....
  20. Katelynn

    D&D Style Role-play Sign-ups.

    Great, I can't wait to get started!
  21. Katelynn

    Perishing Hope Roleplay - Signups

    Whoops It seems i forgot to add a minor detail xD This is during the war I think, I may have written in incorrectly... and yeah you can choose which side you're on :D
  22. Katelynn

    Perishing Hope Roleplay - Signups

    In the olden times, the land of Kyarou was an empty landscape of dust and patches of weeds. Small huts and shops were spread around the continent as places to keep warm during the 9 months of the year that it snowed, and the rest it rained. There were no rulers, law enforcement, or guidelines on...
  23. Katelynn

    General Art Aku's Art Thread :3

    Aw! kyuute~
  24. Katelynn

    Breath of the Wild What Kind of Artstyle/graphics for Zelda Wii U?

    I take the time to read the articles on the front page every now and then :yes:
  25. Katelynn

    Breath of the Wild What Kind of Artstyle/graphics for Zelda Wii U?

    It really sucks that Nintendo won't be using the same style as we saw in the HD Tech Demo. In fact they're going to use something similar to the painting style of Skyward Sword. In my opinion, that's kind of lazy and I feel like the company won't use the graphical ability to the fullest they...
  26. Katelynn

    Breath of the Wild Zelda Wii U - Taking Advantage Of Multiple Control Schemes or No?

    I want Nintendo to use EVERYTHING. No more games like Twilight Princess where you only get an item to finish a dungeon and never use it again. I want all of the controls to be used to their full potential, nothing less than that.
  27. Katelynn

    A Link Between Worlds When Do You Think the Next 3ds Zelda Game Will Be Announced?

    Nintendo never actually gives us specific dates untill around the release date they secretly set. And I don't want the new Zelda 3DS to come out any time soon, because I want Nintendo to put great effort into making it better than the previous DS Titles.
  28. Katelynn

    Zelda Art The Hero of Spirits

    Dear God Azure Do you realize just how ****ing epic this entire fan-fiction has been? I've been in love since the first chapter. I. Love. This. To Death. Write more, seriously I ****ing want more.
  29. Katelynn

    General Modern Which Did You Dislike More: the Twilight Realm or the Silent Realm?

    I feel that the Twilight Realm is considered boring and "tedious" because people have a way of nitpicking Nintendo for the stupidest reasons. I'm not saying the Twilight Realm wasn't kind of long and that it didn't take up a lot of time, but you have to consider they planned out how it would...
  30. Katelynn

    General Modern Which Did You Dislike More: the Twilight Realm or the Silent Realm?

    That was kind of the point lol. Their only purpose(other than to add a little sliver of fear in the game) was for you to restore Light to each of the Realms. The Silent realm while not exactly evil were kind of creepy from the blank BG Music to the lifeless Gaurdians. While both required you to...
  31. Katelynn

    General Modern Which Did You Dislike More: the Twilight Realm or the Silent Realm?

    I think that this was a really bad move on Nintendo's part, but I think they tried to lengthen the game in the worst way possible. It would have been better if you just had to collect them in a small area instead of having to explore an entire realm to even kill one bug. The main problem with...
  32. Katelynn

    Is Link a Person or a Link?

    Link is a Link is a Link is a Link, did I mention he's a Link?
  33. Katelynn

    Do You Watch TV Anymore?

    Haha, I think I stopped when Spirit Tracks came out. I've been too busy fangirling over new Zelda games and of course, playing all of the Mario remakes to even think about TV.... I'm usually awake early in the morning or late at night watching Perry Mason though, so I guess that's a flaw in my...
  34. Katelynn

    General Modern Which Did You Dislike More: the Twilight Realm or the Silent Realm?

    I don't think Twilight Princess was as much as a disappointment as it was lazily put together and over-all eventually just ended up being anti-climactic.
  35. Katelynn


    ((oddly enough I signed up for this lmao idk why though.... 'must have been high....))
  36. Katelynn

    General Modern Which Did You Dislike More: the Twilight Realm or the Silent Realm?

    The Silent realm, in my opinion had a greater amount of fear put into it than the Twilight realm. While the creatures of the Twilight were more ferocious you could actually kill them, and you didn't have a timer dictating when they would come to scare you ****less, unlike the Silent realm; when...
  37. Katelynn

    "Trainers" RP

    ((are the sign-ups for this still open... or is it a done deal))
  38. Katelynn

    Spoiler Favorite Link?

    Hands down Spirit Tracks and Skyward Sword were my favorite Hero of Legend....
  39. Katelynn

    Mac or PC?

    So basically, hands down I think Mac Computers are pretty awesome, not only because the hardware is considered "safer" and much harder to hack, but also because it's got a really good set of graphics that make all of the programs and apps look really good. PCs are kinda nice, I mean that's what...
  40. Katelynn

    Rate the Siggy!

    Spirit Tracks was one of my favorite Zelda Games, so no doubt this makes me feel warm inside~ 10/10 for BlueLakeKylie because the effects are lovely, and it all out beautiful!
  41. Katelynn

    D&D Style Role-play Sign-ups.

    Name: Syntha Race: Elfen Gender: Female Age: 19 Weapon of choice: Bow and Arrow Armor: Braces of sorts that cover her arms from the elbow down Bio: Is considered by most folks a "weird" girl, because of her quirky attitude, lives as a lower class citizen Appearance: Body Syntha Derp by...
  42. Katelynn

    Competitor to the Thread "Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in Zelda Dungeon History"

    Over-used topic for a thread but oh well~ I love all of you guys because you wanna know why well ill tell you you're all so facking kawaii desu so that amg i can't stand it and so thus ends the fabulous tale of why i love you good day and good night oghodwhatamievendoing
  43. Katelynn

    Rate the Siggy!

    Vain, I think i'm in love with your ZD Family Tree <3 9/10 because I can hardly read the yellow text....
  44. Katelynn

    Super Smash Brothers Universe Wishlist

    Probably not going to happen but it would be really adorable to have WW/ST Zelda and possibly Tetra(?) in there some how.... I mean, when could be cooler than this little cute princess coming out and KOing you with this tiny little bow and arrow OTL
  45. Katelynn

    You as the opposite sex

    I think I'd be gay. Seriously, i'm not all that into girls lmao. But if I think about it, it'd be kinda awkward to be a guy who loves to eat and shop at the same time(I love those cheese covered pretzels you get from the mall)
  46. Katelynn


    I think, the only crush I have is probably Linebeck... Idk why but for some reason I love his personality (what there is of it) and come on, he has a boat for cripe-sakes. Who wouldn't want to explore the ocean with the man you love? But then there's Jolene... hrmmm... idk I love Linebeck anyway~
  47. Katelynn

    Create a Word from the Last Letter

  48. Katelynn

    How Often Do You Eat Out?

    We went out to this cute Cafe this afternoon after Church, actually. We used to have Mcdonald's every other Friday, but then my mom lost her Job...
  49. Katelynn

    Application Thread for "The Legend of Zelda: The Shadow Insturments"

    Ohhh I love the creep feeling you gave the forest one!
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