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  1. baronvonbehr

    A Link Between Worlds For All You 100% Completers Out There...

    Damn, I just got everything else. I only need Street pass battles, but I've upgraded all weapons on my file, can I still get those about ending blow with normal weapon, when I have super weapons only? And then of course I need the cucco 999 seconds. I only barely managed to get 100 seconds...
  2. baronvonbehr

    A Link Between Worlds Favorite Mini-Game?

    I would say Treacherous Tower if it wasn't for that it's kind of a reuse of Take 'em all on, Cave of Ordeals and so on. But I chose the Cucco Ranch because that's a game I love so much to try over and over to beat my record. It's really basic in what you need to do, but man it gets hard. And I...
  3. baronvonbehr

    A Link Between Worlds *MAJOR SPOILERS* What Do You Think About the Ending?

    I was just like, yeah, I beat the last boss, the game's over and then he comes back and I was like, oh ****, I have 5 hearts left, how should I beat him. I ended up beating his last form without loosing to many hearts, and once I beat him, I remembered that I had three bottled fairies XD But man...
  4. baronvonbehr

    General Zelda Scandinavian Zelda Site

    Hey there, I just thought about something. On social web sites like Facebook and Twitter I can't find any groups about Legend of Zelda for the scandinavian countries. Why? I can't even find any fan sites from scandinavia when searching in google. I'm thinking about making a Facebook page (and...
  5. baronvonbehr

    Breath of the Wild Off TV Play or No?

    Well, I guess that some people would like to have that feature, and it is a nice feature to have. You can play your home console on the run if you don't have a TV to hook it up to. But personally I don't really care if they bring it for Zelda Wii U. I'm not really going to use it. And I'm...
  6. baronvonbehr

    General Zelda What Zelda Project Are You Currently Working On?

    This is just the perfect day for a anniversary on ZD. Yeah, it's been a whole year, and I wrote a little blog earlier on about some great moments. I can't come up with some bad ones, so I won't write any, even though there probably were some. As for the topic of this blogging session thingy. Why...
  7. baronvonbehr

    General Zelda Mythological Creatures in Zelda

    Well, I think they shouldn't take in too much of western mythologi. I think it's best that they keep on with what they are doing allready. Yeah, it would be great with some changes. But I can't really see cyclops (as in greek mythologi) and griffins in Zelda, they have to do something with them...
  8. baronvonbehr

    WW-Wii U Was the Slapstick in Wind Waker Too Much?

    Never gave it much thought. But I found myself in laughter a lot when playing the Wind Waker, so I guess I liked it :)
  9. baronvonbehr

    General Zelda What Zelda Project Are You Currently Working On?

    Trying to get a 100% playthrough of Phantom Hourglass including all treasures and ship parts. Up until now I only need 1 pure metal and the phantom sword and then defeating Bellum (and the side quest + gems I haven't unlocked yet) and 26 ship parts (got all treasures today, yay).
  10. baronvonbehr

    Do You Ever Wake Up in the Middle of the Night?

    I don't know. It's a bit weird. I actually think I have some inner hourglass or something, because when I sleep it's like I wake up every hour, some times it's just for a microsecond and other times I open my eyes looking at the clock and going back to sleep. I've tried once, when I went to...
  11. baronvonbehr

    What You Like Most About Zelda Dungeon

    As many of you already pointed out. One of the greatest things about Zelda dungeon is these forums with the great discussions and the nice people. I also find it funny and helpful to look and write in the blogs. And of course if I'm ever stuck in a Zelda game, I know were to look. The guides in...
  12. baronvonbehr

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    The Skyfield theme from Skyward Sword. Or that is to say one of them, apparantly there are more themes when you're flying your Loftwing. I never figured that out :)
  13. baronvonbehr

    General Zelda Which Zelda Overworld Was the the Best to Explore?

    It's actually a hard question for me to answer. Because I think (most of) the games have some great exploration possibilities, but they differ in they way they present the exploration. I ended up choosing the Wind Waker, not because it's a vast overworld with a lot to explore, but because that...
  14. baronvonbehr

    Do You Listen To Music While Performing Other Activities?

    Well, it depends really much on what I'm doing. As you state daily work, like cleaning your room or something is a situation I would listen to music. Basically I listen to music in a lot of situations, but some situations I don't do.
  15. baronvonbehr

    General Zelda The Hyrule Historia Error Thread

    Well, I didn't give it much throught, but yeah, it is actually pretty important. But then again, not really that important because they state earlier/later that Link is going across the overworld getting the goddess' flames and so on. So I guess they kind of told us and kind of not specified...
  16. baronvonbehr

    Game Help Romanos Shooting Range - Phantom Hourglass

    I'm in quite a bind here. I can't seem to get more than 1900 points, but need 2000+ for the Heart. I figured that I'd have to hit the signs faster, but I can't seem to figure out how to hit them before they turn. Sometimes I succeed in hitting them before they turn and other times I don't and it...
  17. baronvonbehr

    Breath of the Wild How Can Zelda Wii U Improve The "Rupee System"?

    Well I think it would be amazing if there wasn't a limit. Let me explain. Take the banking system from Majora's Mask, but instead of having a limited amount in the bank, then only have the limit to your rupee bag. Now what to do with all these rupees? Downloads of course. Have some really...
  18. baronvonbehr

    General Zelda Which Zelda Game Was the Most Influential?

    What's the other thing? I do agree though. I'm beginning to get tired of the fandom seriously wanting Zelda to copy other series. I'm fully aware that Zelda isn't perfect, but I don't see why they should copy other series. Yeah there are some problems with the difficulty and some people think...
  19. baronvonbehr

    The 5 Zelda Games You Have Played the Most?

    Hmm... that's a tough one to remember, but I guess these four are the top 4 in no specific order. Wind Waker Phantom Hourglass Twilight Princess Skyward Sword As for the 5th I think that's going to go to Ocarina of Time if you count in the Master Quest.
  20. baronvonbehr

    General Zelda Are You a Liberal or Conservative Zelda Fan?

    I'm kind of in the middle. I would buy the next game either way. Though I think it would be nice with some radical changes, I don't want it to change too much at one time.
  21. baronvonbehr

    General Zelda Has Zelda Ever Made You Cry?

    Yes is the short answer. The long version is as follows. Twilight Princess - the end. I never liked Midna until a point in the middle of the game in which I began intensenly (sorry for bad spelling) to care for her. And saying goodbye was simply not possible. Skyward Sword - Fi's/Impa's...
  22. baronvonbehr

    Adventure of Link Playthrough Challenge! No Attack-upgrade!

    Wow, this is simply amazing. I haven't watched this yet, but intend to do so, since it sound incredible. This guy is going to beat the game with no level-grinding at all. I don't know if he's going to be upgrading anything, but presumably he won't upgrade his attack-power:O Respect! Zelda 2 NES...
  23. baronvonbehr

    General Zelda What Was the First Zelda Game You've Ever Played?

    Though I don't really remember that well, I think I played either the original The Legend of Zelda for the NES or Zelda II: Adventure of Link as my first game. If that's not the case, then it must be Ocarina of Time, though that was only for about 10 minutes at my friends house. The first...
  24. baronvonbehr

    A Link Between Worlds Transportation in Zelda 3DS

    I would love to see a new version of the warping system like the one in OoT. But I don't think it needs to be another instrument. As for other ways of transportation? Actually I hope that's the only one, maybe an upgrade like the bunny hood in MM would be a good idea, but it all depends on how...
  25. baronvonbehr

    Do You Pay Attention To the Lyrics in Songs?

    I mostly pay attention to the song. I also know a lot of people that don't even care about it. Even some who don't care about the music itself, i just has to be something with a lot of pulsing rhythms. For me that's odd. I usually try to hear every single little detail in the music, and it's...
  26. baronvonbehr

    Do You Prefer Handheld Gaming or Console Gaming?

    I voted for "main"/"home" console, but I'm actually a bit doubtful as of now. I've always thought that the home console games (in general for every series) was the best, and handheld was just something for car trips or something like that. But recently I've played some pretty good games for...
  27. baronvonbehr

    The Legend of Zelda Beating Zelda Without Any Help or Guide.

    Well I also played Twilight Princess as my first Zelda game and wasn't able to beat it without a guide. Now I've played several Zelda games (look below) and though I used guides for the first ones, I began easily to see through the puzzles. The thing that still is a bit hard for me is getting...
  28. baronvonbehr

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    A remix of Kotake's and Koume's theme from OoT :)
  29. baronvonbehr

    Breath of the Wild Discussion About Zelda Wind Waker U

    Hmm... were to start? Well I think they are going to make new controls. I hope they do something like use the game pad as a camera (pictograph) - hopefully it's not as picky as the GC-version. Maybe using the wii-mote as the Wind Waker? Maybe the game pad for the baton? I'm also looking forward...
  30. baronvonbehr

    General Modern Voice Acting in Zelda!

    I don't really care for voice acting. I think sometimes it kills the creativity of your own mind, while you don't get to imagine how the character would speak.
  31. baronvonbehr

    Favorite Item?

    The Lens of Truth is awesome. It's so great in the chest mini game in OoT. I wouldn't have made it to the end on luck alone :)
  32. baronvonbehr

    Did You Like the Dungeon Non-Linearity?

    Yes, I really liked the dungeons in ss, and I often dislike the linear dungeons, but of course, it's good to get a couple linear dungeons for a change. And yeah I liked the exploration factor in these dungeons, it wasn't just going a to b and so on, but you really had to look in every corner...
  33. baronvonbehr

    How Long?

    Hmm... didn't really take time, and I got it in the middle of the exam month, so my first playthrough was a lot broken up, but I guess it took 60-70 hours or so.
  34. baronvonbehr

    Mirror Shield

    I didn't really miss the mirror shield. Of course the concept of the mirror shield is awesome, but I've just had so many problems when using it, that it didn't really bother me at all, that it wasn't there.
  35. baronvonbehr

    What Happened to the Kikwis?

    Yeah, it would make sense with them being pre-deku scrubs, but I must also agree, I don't think Nintendo thought about it (yet) :)
  36. baronvonbehr

    Why is Skyward Sword So Awesome?

    Yeah, ss is an awesome game, maybe not the video game I've had the most fun playing, but it's definetely up there :) And I now how you feel, waiting and waiting, but hey, now one year has passed since ss, so now it's not as long as there has been :)
  37. baronvonbehr

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    My latest two purchases are ALttP on the Virtual Console and tWW collector's edition (it hasn't arrived yet even after 3 weeks)
  38. baronvonbehr

    How Often Do You Eat Out?

    Almost never, and when I do, I'm mostly not paying for anything. I prefer making my meals in my own kitchen.
  39. baronvonbehr

    Do You Wear Socks To Bed?

    Yup, always. And when it's winter, they're thicker :D
  40. baronvonbehr

    What Do You Eat For Breakfast?

    Well Yogurt, and then I had lunch :D
  41. baronvonbehr

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I beat ALttP for the first time today, and without the help of a walkthrough (exept for some sidequests) :D
  42. baronvonbehr

    Have You Ever Had Dreams Related to Zelda?

    Well, I rarely ever have dreams (that I can remember), so I guess I never dreamt about Zelda...
  43. baronvonbehr


    Yay, Happy Birthday Skyward Sword!
  44. baronvonbehr

    Is Ocarina of Time Really the Best-made Zelda Game?

    While being revolutionary of it's time I do not think that OOT is the best made Zelda game ever, no there wasn't that many flaws in the game, but I don't think the flaws define if a game is well made. When a game is well made, the player has fun playing it, which I had when I played OOT, but it...
  45. baronvonbehr

    General Modern How's This for a Remake!!!

    This is a great topic, but personally I don't think they should even make any remake at all. I would for them to make a new 2D game since that would bring back so many memories from the NES and SNES. I haven't actually played any of the games with toon link (yet) so I can't really express my...
  46. baronvonbehr

    Are You a Roller or a Walker?

    Always walking, it happens from time to time that I roll, but I don't usually do it :)
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