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  1. earlynovfan

    What Is Your Favorite Final Dungeon/Area Theme

    This is the only one I can think of at the moment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQ6yqiVOHT0
  2. earlynovfan

    Connection Between Hyrule and Termina: Lost Woods and Fairies

    Perhaps Majora's Mask is just a story in Link's head when he became a Stalfos!? O_o" Ooooooooohhhhhhh. But in all seriousness, he probably knew his way around Lost Woods because of all the times he had to travel there in Ocarina of Time.
  3. earlynovfan

    General Zelda Character Designs for Zelda

    I think it'd be really cool! I love Akira Toriyama and I never realized he did the art for Dragon Quest or Chrono Trigger! Some Fanboys may freak out saying her design should never be changed, but I'd love to see a new one. Maybe not published into a game, but perhaps just a concept sketch?
  4. earlynovfan

    General Classic Remembering the Classics

    Well, I wasn't born for Zelda or Zelda II, so I remember playing Zelda II in the late 90's as a 4 year old. I had no idea what was going on...that's when I popped in Kung-fu or Mario 3. So, that's not really a memory, more of a dumb story XD
  5. earlynovfan

    General Zelda Which Dungeon Had the Most Atmospheric Theme?

    I know! I still haven't figured out if I have one of the original carts of OOT. Whenever I play the fire Temple, I never really pay attention to the music XDD
  6. earlynovfan

    Spoiler Happy Mask Salesman, Ghost Theory

    This is actually a very cool theory, and not trying to destroy it anymore. But what makes you think he is dead other than his strange movements? (Perhaps I could have missed something in the article)
  7. earlynovfan

    General Zelda What Music from Any Zelda Game is Your Favorite?

    I will definitely subscribe when you make this account. Sorry for Double Post, My favorite song would have to be the DRAGON ROOST ISLAND THEME (WindWaker). All the instruments just sound beautiful!
  8. earlynovfan

    General Zelda Which Dungeon Had the Most Atmospheric Theme?

    Damn, all these replies are spot on. Though, I'm gonna have to add the Fire Temple from Ocarina of Time. The Chanting and ambience were just awesome!
  9. earlynovfan

    General Zelda Anybody Miss the Hookshot?

    I loved the hookshot and Grappling Hook. But anyone ever wish for the Link to the Past Hookshot to come back for a game?
  10. earlynovfan

    Link's Awakening Why is Link's Awakening So Underrated?

    I really enjoyed LA as well. I think that some don't like it because it's on Gameboy and some people only play the console games. Perhaps some don't like it because they don't really give you a direction to go in the beginning. They just let you loose. Either way, I still think it's in my top...
  11. earlynovfan

    Link's Awakening Favorite Characters

    I love everyone in that game, except for all the kids. My favorite would probably have to be the Raccoon version of Tarin.
  12. earlynovfan

    Top 10 Things You're Looking Forward to Seeing in Wind Waker HD

    Wait...We're actually getting Wind Waker in HD?! ****! Now I gotta go buy a Wii U! :D And the price went down! This may sound odd, but I'm really excited to see the Wind Animations in HD.
  13. earlynovfan

    Kaepora Gaebora

    Hm, makes sense. But now this makes me wonder about all the other characters Nintendo has reused like Mario and Luigi (Talon and Ingo etc.) Hrm, maybe this could be a youtube video or article.
  14. earlynovfan

    Kaepora Gaebora

    Alright, so correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Kaepora Gaebora, (The owl in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask), also in Link's Awakening? There is a possibility I'm wrong, but I've become very curious. Thanks guys. :)
  15. earlynovfan

    Looking for Voice Actors and a Animater for a Project.

    I could try Smasho. Give me a moment to look over the script. Hmm, a tad confused on the plotline, but I'm sure things will come together with the following episodes. No offense, but the writing is a bit...."Simple", maybe?
  16. earlynovfan

    My Earliest Zelda Memories

    I believe my first Zelda was Legend of Zelda II. My grandma has an NES and when I was little, I'm sure I played it at one point. But the first Legend of Zelda game I REMEMBER is Ocarina of Time. I was trying to help my older cousins figure out what to do in Kokiri Forest, and we found the Kokiri...
  17. earlynovfan

    Theory on Why We Don't Ever See a Partner Twice

    I completely agree with the Official Timeline by Miyamoto. But I have always just seen the Zelda series as seperate timelines. LoZ and LoZ II I would think as being in the same timeline. Awakening, LTTP, Minish Cap, Spirit Tracks, Phantom Hourglass, Wind Waker, Twilight...
  18. earlynovfan

    How Would You Rate the Popularity of Each Zelda Game?

    Popularity: 1-10 1 being unknown. 10 being very popular. Legend of Zelda: I'd give it a 7/10. Because alot of kids nowadays find it too hard. Or "THE GRAPHICS SUCK!!!" (I enjoyed it though) Adventure of Link: Very Disliked indeed. 4/10. The jumping and side scrolling scared gamers who are...
  19. earlynovfan

    Who else Would Like to See Majoras Mask in Toon Shading?

    I think it would be very cool.
  20. earlynovfan

    Ocarina of Time I Kinda Like Navi...

    I actually really enjoy Navi as well. Tatl is pretty decent. But I don't really like King of the Red Lions or The Minish Cap.
  21. earlynovfan

    SNES B&W Problem!!!

    It may just be time to get a new SNES? If so, buy a Retro Duo. They're a bit fragile, but fantastic none the less.
  22. earlynovfan

    Intel Vs AMD

    From what I've gathered, intel is like Apple. You're more or less just paying for the brand. So AMD usually get's my vote :)
  23. earlynovfan

    Headphones Thread

    I use Skullcandy on the ear headphones. I think they are 'Hesh'..? I can't really remember. But they are fantastic! (And purple!)
  24. earlynovfan


    I usually use it for chatting with people I play games with. Or to talk to some friends from Germany.
  25. earlynovfan

    WW-Wii U How Old Was Link when He Got the Hero's Clothes?

    Well, Link as a 10 and 17 in Ocarina of Time. In Wind Waker, I always thought of him as 10 because that is when the Hero of Time started his journey. At least that is how I always thought of it. [:)]
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