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    There Are "different" Link's. (further Explanation)

    Yes, the king is a big screw up, but that doesn't make him a liar. He doesn't know everything, but that doesn't prove that what he said was false. People who mess up aren't automatically perpetual liars.
  2. Random Person

    Skyward Sword - Impa and time travel

    Yeah, I'm with others here, this isn't really a paradox. There's no law of physics that says two of the same person can't exist in the same timeline. Shoot, we have twins who share the exact same DNA in real life. Not to mention that at this point, one is older than the other, meaning they're...
  3. Random Person

    There Are "different" Link's. (further Explanation)

    Clearly not all Links came from the one before as the fallen Hero of Time never reproduced. The error with this theory, however, is that it assumes every Link will only have one offspring. Imagine if the Hero of the Sky had 20 children. Then each of those children had 20 children. And so on and...
  4. Random Person

    Best Master Sword 'get scene'

    Not sure if I'd call it the best, but Twilight Princess is definitely my favorite. I'm not sure why, but during that moment it feels much more legendary. This was the only Link for which it wasn't planned for him to get the sword, all he wanted to do was remove the curse. The fact that he...
  5. Random Person

    One man born every 100 years is a myth?

    We can't assume something is false simply because it doesn't make sense in our reality because Hyrule doesn't exist in our reality. If we go by this logic, we must also assume that Deku Scrubs are really people disguised as plants because plants can't talk; or that Farore's wind must be some...
  6. Random Person

    General Zelda Who Was Your First Companion in Zelda?

    Tatl. Hated her. Of course, now that I know what "Personality" is, I can appreciate her for what she is.
  7. Random Person

    The Wind Waker Is It Considered An Old Shame?

    The notion of this thread is based on the concept that the fans do not like Wind Waker which hasn't been the case for a long time. While it's true that WW's release had negative results and it's, numerically speaking, one of the worst selling games in the Zelda series, the overwhelming love that...
  8. Random Person

    General Zelda Most Nostalgic Game (aside OOT)

    My most nostalgic game is Majora's Mask with Minish Cap being very close behind it. MM was my first 3D Zelda and MC was my first 2D Zelda. Both of these games introduced me to the concept of what Zelda games were about and what I was to expect from later games of the series. These are also both...
  9. Random Person

    Game Help How to Play Zelda Games?

    The choice is ultimately up to you but I recommend A Link to the Past and then Ocarina of Time simply because those are the basic building blocks of modern day Zelda games.
  10. Random Person

    MM-3DS Majora's Mask Time Travel Mistake?

    Even if this was a mistake, I must agree with others. The HMS is so mysterious that anything he does won't be considered impossible to his character. This is a moment where suspending disbelief is done correctly in Zelda games. The HMS's mysteriousness adds to his character.
  11. Random Person

    General Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 111!

    Yes, but keep it a side thing. Fishing in Zelda games always feels like something I can do when I want to relax. In both OoT and TP I would go to their respective fishing holes and just relax. I literally would turn the games on just to do that. If fishing becomes a major part of the game, it'll...
  12. Random Person

    Game Help How to Play Zelda Games?

    Zelda takes common sense and applies it to video games. My mistake when I first started playing was thinking "that can't be the answer, it's too obvious" or "that can't be the answer, they wouldn't put that in a game" yet sure enough, I was wrong. If you think something might work, no matter how...
  13. Random Person

    Skyward Sword The Sky, the Equivalent of the Great Sea? I Don't Think So.

    Actually, I think the point of the sea is being missed here. No one was supposed to sale for a long time without doing something unless they wanted to. In between destinations there are islands to explore, enemies to avoid or fight, treasure to gain, platforms and submarines to invade, and other...
  14. Random Person

    Skyward Sword The Sky, the Equivalent of the Great Sea? I Don't Think So.

    Points were said that I agree with. The only point I disagree with is that SS fixed the "traveling problem." Even with those small speed boosts, getting from point A to B is tedious without warp points especially considering the lack of distractions on the way. WW gave you enemies to defeat...
  15. Random Person

    General Zelda How Would You Feel About Financial Gaps Being a Theme in Zelda?

    Really, financial differences is already apparent in Zelda but no one draws attention to it. Wind Waker and TP have shown differences between certain classes and such. This, along with other mature subjects, if focused upon, would push the series away from that innocent adventure atmosphere that...
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