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  • You know now that you mention it it does....huh....that's pretty interesting.

    No I haven't. Good at all?
    :lol: Yeah. Keep those secrets.

    So I listened to My Little Amnesia. It wasn't scary, just mildly creepy. But the art was great.
    That was great. Troll Applebloom :P

    I dunno why I liked the Bass Cannon (well aside from the music) but it was just so good. Especially since the "Oh ****!" part is in the real video for the song and it completely fit Rarity in that episode.

    Actually now that I think about it, the Mane 6 reactions to gen 1 was pretty funny. Everyone is like "dafuq?!" and Dash is like "No must know I enjoy this"
    :lol: I've done it myself a couple times. Call it exuberance.

    Yeah I watched it the other night. It was amazing. I found a download for the first one. I'll link it here if you want it. Just right click on the link that says download link and do a save as because it's linked to the page directly as a MP4.

    I thought the whole thing was great but I'm probably gonna go back and re-watch it just to process it again :P
    You need to see more to get it. JD, the fantasizing one, he's actually a lot like Twilight in the sense that both are kinda nerdy/geeky. The character comparisons are near perfect (even luna and I felt bad for her having Ted's role). That's not the best representation of the show but it's one of the more iconic scenes.

    I watched Ponies Anthology 2. It was great. Like a full length movie of awesome:D
    That's so sad :kawaii:

    So how did you like the videos? How did the real one compare to the MLP version and based on the real version would you watch Scrubs?
    It's really funny. It's one of the better comedies that I've seen cause you can actually learn a bit from it. And even though it's a comedy it still has a few episodes designed to be sad. I was just wondering cause I found an MLP Scrubs vid that was pretty funny.

    Here's the original clip from the show Scrubs
    And here's the MLP version

    Can you link me that picture. I'm interested now :P
    Yeah I'll check around

    No I haven't though I've heard it's good.

    I liked the clip from Scrubs at the end of the first Anthology. Spike actually does seem like a good Dr. Cox. I love Scrubs:P I'm gonna see if I can find a parody for that too.
    Dear god. Those are links that I need. I used to be obsessed with Death Note and I still kinda am. It's one of the best manga I've read.
    Actually I could see this being a parody. Both are super smart, both are model characters, both are super meticulous, both have someone as a constant assistant of sorts, and both go insane (briefly for Twilight but still).

    Yeah same here. I also liked the shoop da whoop faces.
    Yeah they have. And yes it's an Amnesia mod. Tons of people mod the game to make their own custom stories. You should watch some other PewDiePie LP's if you like horror games (like me:P). He's pretty funny and the face cam is in every video he does so it sets him apart from other LP-ers. I just finished watching his LP for Cry of Fear, a gorgeous looking Half Life mod (I can't remember if it's 1 or 2. Either way it's amazing.

    I'm sitting here in bed, trying to stifle my laughter from the first anthology so I don't wake up anyone:lol: I loved the death note scene "I already got what I want...Dear Princess Celestia" :lol:
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