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  • Thanks!

    I'll probably load up a couple instrumentals soon, just so that people who do follow me know that I'm not dead :lol:

    Honestly though, I'm gonna be taking time to work on some projects with other people right now cause that's more important. Got a big one coming in the future that will hopefully make it as far as EQD.
    Here's my channel:

    I don't have a ton right now and I've been meaning to upload some more things, but I haven't had the chance yet. Lot's of stuff gets in the way.
    It's all cool man. Honestly things have been hectic for me too, so no worries ^^

    I've been getting more collaboration offers and subs recently so I'm pretty excited! It's almost too much :lol:
    Thanks! So far I'm still in a bit of a starting phase so it's a bit of work and stuff. Nothing worth having comes without work. You gotta invest in order to get a return.
    It's okay man, I understand.

    Your artwork looks great! Seriously, it's really good! I can't really draw so I'm kinda stuck there you know.

    But my music has been coming along well. I've gotten really far on my project with Rhyme Flow, though right now, we're kinda stuck thinking up lyrics for the song. Still I'm working on some stuff for it so it should come through in a few days.

    My own music is good too. I'm working up ideas for a sort of Trancestep kinda song (cross between dubstep and trance).
    That's pretty cool. I'm personally not a military kind of person. I'm not real interested in it, but that'd be a really cool thing to do.
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