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  • When I first played Majora's mask, I hated it because of the three day thing, I remember as a kid thinking to myself how fustrating it was to keep losing at the dumb game.
    The thought of TP being better has appealed to me but in retro spec, theres a reason why Ocarina is so famous, I would personally call OoT the Zelda's series headlining title. How does that fair for you?
    Well some argue that tp overhelmingly beat Oot, what are your thoughts on that?
    Oh and I just read this story. It's quite good. Quite good indeed. I'd definitely recommend it.

    Wings Of War Chapter 1: 03, a my little pony fanfic | FanFiction
    It's very well done. Basically you have a guy who's out for revenge on his wife and child's killer and he works as a consultant for the CBI (California Bureau of investigation) where he cracks cases because he understands the criminal mind.

    Memphis Beat is a standard cop show based on Memphis, Tennessee, but it's good.

    Grimm is cool. A cop is the last remaining descendant the brothers Grimm (like the fairy tails). It's really awesome and the second season is getting ready to start soon.

    Leverage is like Mission Impossible but less stressful conditions and the team is actually a group of bad guys stealing from other bad guys to take them down.

    And everyone knows the other two. Political humor at its best these days.
    Exactly. All in all Howard Sterns is greatly misinformed and overall trying to exploit the brony fandom. Not much new from other people.

    No I don't. The premise on the show seems interesting but I don't watch it. The shows I do watch, aside from the obvious, are The Mentalist, Memphis Beat, Grimm, Leverage, The Colbert Report (he mentioned bronies in one episode, but only briefly), and The Daily Show With John Stewart.
    "They're bronies. Like bros of ponies."
    Me: No **** Sherlock!

    Yes there is going to be the "darker side" of any fandom. It doesn't matter.
    Now him asking about "Clopping", "Fapping", and "Rule 34" means he knows about it so clearly he's trying to exploit the dark side of the fandom.
    As for girlfriends, I have no problem getting girlfriends (though as of late I've had some trouble). Celebrities, dude needs to do more research about the voice actors.
    Asking about the parents and friends, who gives a ****. My parents know. My dad doesn't give a ****. My mom, for some reason, wants to watch the show now that she knows I watch it. I've shown her the first two episodes and she finds it funny in the sense that it's a cartoon with some basic comedy that all ages can enjoy.

    Overall Howard Sterns is an *******. I wouldn't be surprised if he watched it and actually enjoyed it. He seriously needs a reality check. Get the **** over his ego and accept the fact that everyone has their own interests. I don't mind people who don't like the show. But people who actively go out of their way to make it look bad, make the fanbase look bad, and openly hate it under the pretense that everyone who watches is gay or a furry, those people piss me off.
    That's awesome for all of them I guess. Volunteer hours help, the job gets you money, and a new desktop is also better (I recently got a laptop myself)

    No I haven't. You have a link or something?
    :lol: That's not a creepy comment at all :right: My voice is so sexy (probably not :P)

    Yeah Drew, the one who was bashing it, is pretty stupid. He says he has tolerance but he doesn't. Daniel, the chick, she's a ***** quite often. Seth is the only non douchy one there really. He keeps them under control for the most part. Overall it was pretty funny. If they don't watch it, fine, it's them missing out. My only regret was not mentioning Cupcakes. That would've completely messed Drew up if he heard what it was and everything :P
    Okay so this morning the radio station that I listen to had their usual morning show. However this morning they got in contact with Jade Haybuck Aurora, PR guy for Bronycon. After talking with him they asked any brony listeners to call in. I did and I was the first one to do so. Here's a link to the website.

    When you get to this just look for the segment that says "BronyCon - Jade "Haybuck". It should be at the top or near it at least. Give it a listen. I'm the first caller after Jade's interview. It'll take some time but it's so funny. The one host, Drew, is such an idiot all the time but that's why I listen to them. Hope you enjoy :D
    It's a Half Life mod, with gorgeous graphics (not top notch but great for the engine). It's a really twisted horror game with amazing jump scares and great suspense areas. Plus navigating dark hallways with a flash light is always fun ;)

    I wouldn't be surprised if someone made a fanfic for it really.

    Here's the first vid in an LP series that PewDiePie did for it.

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