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  • Everything goes good enough for me, how about you? Ah, not quite yet for me, next Tuesday is my last day……hmmm, well feel free to PM me then I guess ^::^
    Ah-hah, it’s been awhile, old friend…..nice to see you again. Not too long ago, decided to follow my friend Atsuma back, and so the Digital God of Peace is here once more ^::^
    Actually I got it after reading this> Fan Fiction Friday: My Little Ponies in "A Class in Stress Relief" - Topless Robot

    That story is somewhat disturbing but at least it's not as bad as others that I've run across. But I liked the idea of doing this for grimdark and fapfics in general. I may end up focused on MLP but I'll try to diversify. I think the mods like the idea so I'll probably get a group for this up and running in no time.

    And you should read that story. The jokes the guy makes are hilarious.
    You'll get into the whole YunoXYukki thing later on. As for his power he's a clueless middle schooler. What do you expect.

    As for the FanFicFriday I was thinking of making a DA account for it since I want to focus on disturbing fapfics/clopfics/grimdarkfics. I can't exactly put those up or the mods'll get mad. I'll probably just make a blog series for it. At least it'll be Friday. Then I can keep it regular cause people will know when it comes out.
    Sorry. For some reason I missed your previous message. Probably cause my mobile access derped on me. I haven't been a desktop till today. Prior to that was Friday or Saturday. Well.....he wasn't much of a screamer. And he lasted for about 2 hours. A record really. He tastes pretty good to:lol:

    Yeah I figured you'd like it. It's got some annoying parts to the romance, mostly cause Yuno is a creepy stalker. But overall it's great.

    I finally read Pattycakes. While it was quite hilarious to read I did find it deeply disturbing. Too much mind break.

    And I'm planning on starting my own FanFictionFriday series soon. It'll be good I'm sure:P
    I suppose your right.....hang on....the oven just dinged. My friend is coming over and I made him cupcakes ;)
    I have found a few DJ Pon-3/Vinyl Scratch songs that were good. I found one for R Dash 5000 from the .MOV series. It's pretty good and Dashstep is good.
    I like Rainbow Factory for that solo and the theme of course:lol:

    I'll have to check out the New Lunar Republic theme. Any others?
    I added Rainbow Factory to my mp3 and I've been listening to more stuff. I like the Rainbow Dash version of You're Gonna Go Far Kid.
    Nice. :yes:

    I, myself, have been told that I'm good at drawing, but I think I'm decent at best. I may upload some of my works in the near future, but I'm indecisive. Also, you shouldn't be so hard on yourself; I'm sure you're good at something.
    Yeah, sux. It'd be neat if more teachers acknowledged its existence, and/or, at the very least, gave it a chance. Well, at least most art teachers consider anime to be an art form, rather than "annoying cartoons that distract students", so that's a start. lol
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