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  • I doubt you're that bad. I mean seriously stupid ****. The kind that you look at and wonder "how in the whole wider world the stupidest parents possible even meet. Thousand of chances and this kid was born". This is the kind of stupid is the type that would come up to you, see you're eating a sandwich, and say, "are you eating a sandwich. If this is you, I'm truly sorry for insulting you. Please forgive me.

    I'll look over it. I have a link in return.

    PewDiePie does horror video LP's in the first few minutes of this one, an Amnesia Custom Story, he finds a somewhat creepy looking Twilight Sparkle doll in a house supposedly inhabited by clowns. D:
    FRICKING CLOWNS EVERYWHERE! - Amnesia: Custom Story - Part 1 - Laughing in the darkness - YouTube He starts interacting with it at about 3:00.
    No it's not that bad. It'll be super easy.

    Basically it's like this. Take AP, struggle through the year and be pissed of at the amount of work I have cuts into my time for robotics season, ZD, bike riding, and video games. OR take honors english 3 with tons of idiots who really belong in regular english 3 and be pissed off at the level of annoying/stupid/idiotic/holy ****, if you talk one more time I'm going to rip you ****ing throat out comments that I will have to hear through 90 minutes (my school is switching from a normal schedule to a bloc schedule) of class. Or secrete option C where it's done in about 2 months with very little work and a lot more one on one time with the teacher (the class size is 20 people). That's why I did secret option 3 and took it over the summer. That and I needed a free period in my schedule to take other required classes.
    It's Dual Enrollment so that my school doesn't force me into AP Lang next year. Basically just writing a bunch of fairly open topic essays. Typical lengths need to be 500-600 for journal essays and 800-1000 for big essays. But, like I said topics are fairly open. Anyway, do this and I still get my college credits and high school credits. And, like I said, not have to take AP Lang my Junior year. One less AP test :D
    Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm glad I have summer classes to keep me busy. If I didn't I'd eventually lose my mind. Or end up breathing a mixture of PewDiePie and ponies :lol:

    Damn the first anthology takes forever to buffer on my laptop :dry:
    Sorry I didn't reply right away. My notifications buried it I think.

    That was a beautiful song. I know it wasn't made for this video but it was great. I found the song mixed with the video had someone haunting effect, the same kind that's in Nightmare Before Christmas. The animation was very good.

    And then I found these

    Now Make the Movie! - My Little Brony

    Insanity Luna - My Little Brony

    X ALL the Ponies! - My Little Brony

    Hope you like em:D
    It was fantastic! I was waiting for it. Meet the Sniper is still my favorite but I was glad that Pyro finally got his. "The horrors behind that mask...." :lol:

    I didn't know that. It's not an MLP homage at all though. I can't be. It's pretty stupid that people throw things out of proportion with these things. But the haters are too funny. They don't do themselves a service by hating, they're just fueling the fire.
    I'd agree. Creepy mind **** o_O But those should be my first two :D

    It's good. I'm almost an Eagle which will really help with jobs and college. Mostly I just do it for summer camp with friends. We mess with the younger scouts :lol:
    That's cool. Just don't give up on it. It's great.

    The FFF got side tracked a bit by some other things. I've a got my Eagle Scout Board of review coming up on Tuesday so I don't think I'll have it out before then. But I'm gonna do it for sure. It may just become "Fan Fiction [insert day here]" :lol: And cupcakes is gonna be the first one. Then Paddy Cakes :lol:

    BTW why is PC considered a clop fic? I didn't find any thing that should have a sexual connotation in it.
    That's awesome! Not too surprising. I showed the SHED.MOV to friends who aren't brony's and they said that it was great.

    I've been continuing on one of my fan fictions that I've been reading. It's really good. It's basically all the episodes rehashed (sounds stupid but wait) with a new character named Alex added making them the mane 7, 6 mares and 1 colt. The author has changed up the episodes slightly just to be able to involve his character in them as possible (he's almost like the "camera" that follows the action). Ex- in "Read it and Weep" Dash crashes into him so he's in the hospital with Dash, both being injured.

    How's Future Diary been for you? Enjoying it still?
    SPRAY PAINT STYLE! It was so good. "Bring some beer and oxycotin" :lol:

    How'd you like the bass cannon? And here's another by the same guy. It's Epic Pie Time with Pinkie Pie
    PARTY.MOV made me laugh so freaking much. I was in trying to breath for a solid minute after so that I wouldn't pass out. I like how he included Cannibal Corpse (insane death metal) and Blood on the Dance Floor (sexually explicit rave duo) in there to add to his jokes. It was pretty funny for the idea of her father, a reverend, to play Blood on the Dance Floor.

    Swag move also seems like it'll be good.
    Oh god I didn't know! I'm gonna go watch it now.

    Epic Wub Time is hilarious. When Vinyl uses the Bass Cannon things get real.

    I liked Pinkie's Lie on my second listen. It was pretty catchy. I've also been listening to WoodenToaster's remix of She's a Pony. That one's pretty good.
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